Would You Wear... Feather Shoes?

Feather lovers unite: this trend is going to seriously step up your footwear game.
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Photo Credit: Stylebop, Net-a-Porter, Moda Operandi

Just when you think you've seen it all, fashion trends have a way of throwing you major curveballs. Fur-covered shoes were rad for a hot second and now feather-emblazoned footwear is the coolest thing you can wear. 

We do have to admit, some styles are piquing our interest, but this look has a tendency to cheapen an outfit if not done properly. We don't suggest investing in this style, because who knows when this trend could go out again? Plus, who wants to leave trail of stray feather fluff everywhere you go? 


Product Information: Amazon, Nordstrom, Nasty Gal

Would you wear feather shoes? 

Is this trend going to die as quickly as it sprang to life? What do you think about these shoes? Comment below and let's chat about it!

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