20 Cheap Gift Ideas for Friends (All $20 and Under)

Win the gift giving game with these insanely cute and cheap gift ideas for friends.

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Cheap gift ideas for friends 2019 - friends exchanging gifts

I have to admit, I am a pretttttty good gift giver. But between birthdays and graduations and anniversaries and other gift-giving occasions, it’s quite easy to burn myself out and burn a hole in my wallet.

By the time it gets to holiday Pollyanna’s I find myself scratching my head over what to do and how I will even afford it all!

Sound like you?

Check out the gift guide below to find the perfect cheap gift ideas for friends. It’s sure to help make the gifting that much easier (and cheaper!):

1. A Cute Portable Diffuser

Cheap gift ideas for friends - Travel essential oil diffuser

Is she traveling this season? She won’t have to leave her essential oils home with this cute mini diffuser. Perfect for diffusing panic attacks or making hotel rooms smell like home.

Find it for $19.90 on Amazon.

2. The Best Waterproof Speaker

Shower bluetooth speaker

Sing it loud, sing it proud, but most importantly sing it in the shower!

Find it on Amazon for $17.99.

3. A Fabulous Silk Pillow Case

Silk pillow case

Gives great second day hair and makes you feel like you’re sleeping as only a queen should!

Find it at Lily Silk for $20 even.

4. A Trendy (& Stress-Reducing) Weighted Blanket

Because after all this gift giving we all need a nap (and a hug.)

Find it at Sears for $19.99.

5. The Fuzziest Winter Slippers

Cheap gift ideas for friends - Fuzzy slippers from Aeropostale

I don’t care what they say. It’s the winter. It’s cold. You need slippers.

Get them at Aeropostale for $11.80.

6. The ‘Anthropologie’ Candle (That Just Looks & Smells Like It’s From Anthro)

This candle is the perfect way to make your giftee’s home look and smell like an Anthro store — without actually setting foot in one.

Find it at Capri Blue for $9.00.

7. Tarte ‘Beauties on the Run’ Gift Set

Cheap gift ideas for friends - Tarte beauties on the run gift set

It’s the holidays! None of us have time to stand still, so an on the run gift set is a must.

Snag it for just $15.00 at Tarte.

8. A Cute (& Lifesaving) Portable Charger

Pink portable charger

For when you fall asleep before juicing up.

Find it for $7.99 at Best Buy.

9. An Of-the-Moment Teddy Coat

Beige teddy coat

It quickly became a fashion girl style staple … and for good reason!

Get it for $20.00 at Shein.

10. A Migraine Relief Roller

Migraine relief roller

For when you feel the holiday stress coming on.

Get it for $10.99 at Migrastil.

11. Philosophy Amazing Grace 3-Piece Beauty Set

Amazing Grace beauty set

She really is amazing, isn’t she?

Find this three piece set for $20.00 at Macy’s.

12. An Air Plant in a Crystal Holder

Air plants in crystal holders

Perfect for the friend without a green thumb! Air plants are very hard to kill and I love these ones in cute little crystal holders.

Buy on Etsy for $16.00.

13. New Phone, Who Dis? Party Game

Cheap gift ideas for friends - New phone who dis game

This hilarious party game, from the makers of What Do You Meme?, is all about coming up with the best replies to funny text messages. Perfect for your wittiest, most fun friends.

Buy it for $19.99 on Amazon.

14. The Most Adorable Charging Cable of All Time

Cable biter charging cable

Pretty sure it does not get any cuter than these little animal themed charging cables. (Wonder what the phone tastes like?) This is one of my favorite cheap gift ideas for friends since there are so many different animals available.

Snag one of these at UO for just $6.00 each (or two for $10).

15. An Extremely Chic Gilded Trinket Dish

For all their cutest trinkety items!

Grab it at Anthropologie for just $10.00 right now.

16. The Most Beautiful Lace Holiday Dress

Blue lace off the shoulder dress

For only $20, this looks-good-on-everyone midnight blue lace dress is sure to stun at winter parties or on NYE! Gift it to a friend or just buy it for yourself because it is that cute.

Buy at Speechless for $20.30.

17. A Set of Revitalizing Face Masks

Cheap gift ideas for friends - Lapcos mask set

Honestly nothing better than a face mask and a bubble bath! This set comes with five different luxury masks so your giftee can pick and choose.

Buy for just $15.00 at Revolve.

18. A Super Cute Facial Spray & Lip Balm Duo

Mario Badescu facial spray and lip balm

Mario Badescu .. yet another man I love who loves me back. (Lol just kidding, he sure does love my skin though!) This little duo is the perfect intro to the brand for anyone on your list.

Get it for $15.00 at Nordstrom.

19. The World’s Most Flattering Selfie Ring Light

Cheap gift ideas for friends - Selfie ring light from Urban Outfitters

Because we all need help being a catfish every once in a while.

Buy at Urban Outfitters for $12.00.

20. When in Doubt… Wine Not?

When in doubt, instead of feeling the spirit, drink the spirits (if you are of legal drinking age). Arguably the best gift a gal can receive! Find at any liquor store near you.

I want to hear from you in the comments below! What do you think of our cheap gift ideas for friends?

For more gift ideas, be sure to see our guide to the best gifts under $20 this year.

Which of these cheap gift ideas for friends would you love to receive? What’s your go-to gift for giving? What would you add to this list?

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