17 Sorority Rush Essentials Every Girl Needs

If you are going to rush a sorority, these are all of the must-have items!

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Sorority rush essentials every girl needs: Kate Spade New York tote

Today I’m going to share the sorority rush essentials every college woman needs for recruitment season.

Fall is just around the corner, so if you want to rush a sorority, it is time to start preparing! (Even if it’s just for virtual recruitment.)

Sorority rush is a very exciting time, however, you may be feeling anxious about making sure that you have everything you need for rush.

It is important to ensure that you have all the must-have items so that you can look and feel your best while rushing and be able to focus all your energy on finding the perfect sorority for you.

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Don’t worry though because this post will tell you all the sorority rush essentials that you need for when it comes time to rush.

1. Stylish and Sizable Bag

The most important thing that you will need for sorority rush is a good bag to keep all of your belongings in.

Often times, sorority rush can last for many hours, so you need to make sure that you have a large bag that is also stylish to go with all of your cute outfits that you will be wearing.

This Kate Spade New York tote bag is perfect because it is large enough and it is a tote bag, so it will make it easier for you to grab your belongings from your bag while on the go.

Many times large bags may not be as stylish, but this bag will definitely look cute with your outfits for rush!

2. Portable Charger

Another extremely important sorority rush essential is a portable charger.

Since there are usually a lot of girls that go through rush, you may have some extra time on your hands while you are waiting to visit the sororities.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your phone battery lasts throughout the day, which is why a portable charger is so important.

This lipstick portable charger will work perfectly and it also is a really cute way to disguise a phone charger.

3. Two-pocket Folder

A two-pocket folder is also a must-have item because you may get some of the information from the sororities given to you on paper.

To ensure that you don’t lose these papers, you will want to have a folder with you.

This two-pocket folder is great because the pockets will prevent you from losing anything and you can fit it in your bag while you are rushing.

4. Notepad with Pen

There may be several sororities that you need to visit or there may be a lot of details that you want to remember about the sororities.

That is why it is so important to have a notepad and pen with you, so you can jot down notes about the sororities to help you find the one for you.

This notepad and pen set will be perfect because it is a good enough size for you to be able to write down multiple details and it also has a cute inspirational design.

5. Flip Flops

Since sorority rush can last for hours, it is important to make sure you bring comfortable shoes.

This is especially true if you are planning on wearing heels because they can become painful after wearing them for awhile.

Also, you do not want to ruin your nice shoes from wearing them all day long during rush.

These simple and chic flip flops are a sorority rush essential because they are a good price and they can easily be placed in your bag, so if your feet start to hurt, you don’t need to worry!

6. Hair Elastics

Your sorority rush may be outside and depending on what college you go to, it may be hot outside as well.

This is something you need to prepare for because in order to look your best for rush, your hair and makeup needs to last throughout the day.

Therefore, you should purchase hair elastics, so if you get too hot you can put your hair into a cute updo.

These multicolored hair elastics are great because they come in different shades so you can find the elastics to match your hair color to make the perfect updo hairstyle during rush.

7. Small Hairbrush

Seashell hairbrush from Amazon
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Another important item to keep your hair looking nice throughout the day is a hairbrush.

You will want to have a small hairbrush to place in your bag because you will a lot of other items, so you won’t want a hairbrush to take up unnecessary space.

This seashell hairbrush is perfect because it is small enough to fit in your bag while also being able to detangle your hair to keep it smooth.

It also is a super cute seashell design with sparkles on the inside that come in multiple colors!

8. Compact Mirror

Compact mirror from Amazon
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To make sure that your hair and makeup stay intact during rush, you should purchase a compact mirror.

This compact mirror will fit perfectly in your bag and also has lights on the inside so that you will always have great lighting to check how you look throughout the day.

9. Travel Makeup Bag

Makeup bag from Amazon
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Bringing some of your makeup products along with you during rush is a good idea, so you can do quick touch-ups to your makeup throughout the day.

This small makeup bag will make that very easy for you because it will not only allow you to bring makeup products with you but also brushes so you can make sure your makeup will stay perfect!

10. Face Blotting Sheets

Clean & Clear face blotting sheets from Target
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Since sorority rush is a long process and it may be outside, having face blotting sheets with you is a great idea, especially if you have oily skin.

These Clean & Clear face blotting sheets will make sure that your skin stays looking flawless and that your makeup stays intact all day.

It comes with 50 blotting sheets, so you won’t have to worry about running out of them while you are rushing.

11. Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline Lash Sensational waterproof mascara
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Another essential for rush is waterproof mascara because it will make sure that you have mascara that lasts throughout the day even if you sweat or if it rains.

This Maybelline waterproof mascara has great ratings and is a quality waterproof mascara, so you will not have to worry about your makeup getting ruined.

12. Pretty Lip Gloss

You will want to reapply makeup throughout the day, especially to your lips because all of the talking during rush will definitely make sure lip gloss fade.

Also, a pretty lip gloss is a great thing to add to your makeup look for rush.

Therefore, you should purchase the Dior lip gloss because it comes in a variety of gorgeous pink and nude shades that will look perfect with any rush outfit.

Also, you can also choose to get it with sparkles!

13. Pocket Fan

Pocket fan from Amazon
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It can be hot outside, so you should definitely purchase a fan to keep you cool during rush.

This pocket fan is perfect because it is small enough to fit inside your bag with all your other belongings while also making sure that you do not sweat and ruin your makeup or hair for rush.

It also has a key chain, so if you want to make it even easier for yourself you can attach it to your bag.

14. Travel Size Deodorant

Another very important item for rush is a good deodorant because you want to make sure that you stay smelling fresh the whole day.

You should purchase a small deodorant to bring with you, so you won’t have to worry.

This Secret travel size deodorant is great for rush because it will fit in your bag, so you can freshen up throughout the day if you need to, and it is a long-lasting deodorant.

It also has an invisible application so you won’t have to worry about getting deodorant stains.

15. Breath Mints

You will be talking a lot during rush, so you want to make sure that your breath stays fresh throughout the day.

The Breath Savers breath mints are great because they will keep your breath fresh and they have long-lasting effects.

16. Bandages

Bandages are definitely a sorority rush essential because walking all day in shoes, especially if you wear heels, can lead to blisters.

Therefore, you should bring bandages with you just to be safe. These clear and waterproof bandages are perfect because they be able to cover any blisters that you may get while blending into your skin.

The waterproof feature will also make sure that they are strong enough to stay on all day.

17. Mini Umbrella

Mini umbrella from Amazon
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Just in case it rains while you are going through sorority rush, you should bring an umbrella with you so you can stay dry.

This mini umbrella is great for rush because it is small enough to bring with you in your bag and it comes with a case, so that you can enclose your umbrella to make sure it doesn’t get any of your other belongings wet.

It also comes in a lot of fun colors for you to choose from!

What products are you going to purchase for sorority rush?

For more on sorority life, see our list of the items every sorority girl owns (or should!).

Which of these products do you need? Why do you think they will be helpful for you during rush?

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  1. We didn’t let anyone bring anything during recruitment and many schools are like that. It has to do with monitoring whether sororities are giving girls gifts (which is against Panhellenic rules). Just FYI.


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