What to Wear to a College Class

The ultimate guide to what to wear in college.

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What to wear in college - guide to what to wear to a college class
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One thing we get asked probably more than anything else is what you should wear to class in college.

So what do you wear to class, what don’t you wear, what constitutes “dressing up” and what doesn’t?

We have answers to these questions and more, as college students who love fashion but still have to roll out of bed and make it to class on time.

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The “Dressing Up For Class” Debate

If you haven’t heard about this before, here’s the basic argument:

college girl with backpack carrying books

Some people think that because you’re in college and no one is telling you what to wear, you should use the opportunity to dress sloppy and not care about what you wear.

They claim that baggy pajamas are easier to put on and more comfy than regular clothes. They will ask questions like: “Most college students are hungover every morning, so why should we bother to change out of our PJ’s to make it to class?”

From our personal observations, these are usually the people who drag themselves to class and immediately fall asleep, snoring loudly enough that they eventually wake themselves up. They generally have no idea what’s going on and believe that “just showing up” is good enough.

Here’s why their argument is ridiculous:

First of all, pajamas that really shouldn’t be worn in public aren’t any easier to put on than a clean pair of jeans and a cute top – or even athleisure joggers and a cropped hoodie.

Second of all, if you’re too hungover to function, you don’t belong in class and should really just stay home.

Third, these people are obviously insecure about how they look, and trying to make those who put effort into looking good feel bad about it.

Why You Should Get Dressed For Class

college girl looking through her closet

We’re not saying that you should spend 5 hours getting ready every morning or that fashion should be more important than anything else. But we do think that looking nice is important.

Here are some reasons why you SHOULD get “dressed up” for class – even if that just means jeans and a tee or some cute joggers and a fashion sneaker.

Showing respect for your professor

Showing up to class in your pajamas not only makes you look like you don’t care, but it’s also disrespectful to your professor. They dress nicely for class to show that they take their job seriously. When you dress like you’re ready to fall asleep, it says that you could not care less. This is disrespectful to your prof.

Making it easier to focus

We don’t know about all of you, but we don’t feel very productive when we’re wearing PJ’s. Pajamas are good for a few things – sleeping, watching TV, and lounging around. When you’re dressed a little nicer, you’re not going to be tempted to fall back asleep or space out during lecture. (We talked more about how well this works in our realistic college outfits blog post.)

Looking good

Okay, this is an obvious reason not to wear the clothes you slept in. PJ’s aren’t always the cutest. We love our oversized sorority graphic tees and sweat shorts for wearing around the dorm, to the gym, or even to a final if we’ve been up all night studying… but never for a day of classes.

If you love fashion, you should wear your fabulous clothes! Wear something unique and have fun with fashion. Why bother having amazing clothes if you aren’t going to wear them?

What to Wear to Class

Even if you only have a few minutes to get ready, it’s not difficult to wear something cute and comfortable to class. Below, we’ve created some super cute and comfy options.

Here are some examples of outfits to wear to class:

Note: Check out this post and this post for more tips on what to wear in college. For STEM majors, see What to Wear to Lab

Outfit #1 – Comfy & Cozy Outfit

What to wear in college: Comfy & cozy outfit for class with accessories | Gray joggers, comfy socks, cropped tank, chunky dad sneakers, scrunchie

Products: Top, Pants, Sneakers, Socks, Scrunchie

This outfit is perfect if you are looking for something comfy to wear to class while also making sure that you look super cute!

Joggers have become a very trendy fashion item recently, and they are ideal for wearing to class because they’re the comfiest pants you own while still looking stylish. And let’s be honest, in 2020, it’s all about comfort first.

Just grab some classic grey joggers and pair them with any colorful shirt or accessories you have on hand. This cute purple tank top and velvet scrunchie are ideal ways to add some color to your look.

Outfit #2 – Girly Skirt Outfit

What to wear to a college class: Girly skirt outfit with accessories including plaid skirt, button-front cardigan, air force 1s

Products: Top, Skirt, Cardigan, Sneakers, Hair Clips, Necklace

If you are looking for a more girly outfit to wear to class, this look is for you!

This outfit pairs a cute high-waisted blue skirt and white crop top with a matching cami. This tennis skirt look is very popular — we’re seeing ’90s throwbacks all over campus right now in a little nod to films like Clueless.

However, unlike Cher in Clueless, we’re pairing our outfit with classic Nike Air Force 1s instead of heels. They’re our favorite fashion sneaker right now — they’re all over every fashion Instagram account but they’re also insanely comfortable and can be paired with absolutely everything.

Also, you can spice up the look by adding fun accessories that are trendy as well as girly, such as a butterfly necklace and hair clips. I love these white ones to match the outfit.

Outfit #3 – Pink Sporty Outfit

Pink sporty outfit with accessories for college classes -- white leggings, pink crop top, sneakers, zip hoodie

Products: Tank, Leggings, Sneakers, Jacket, Headband

Being on campus all day or having to go to multiple classes, can make it seem like you are already getting a workout with all the walking you have to do.

So why not rock a sporty outfit for class? Often times, athletic outfits may not seem the most fashionable, but you can add color to your outfit to win some extra fashion girl points.

This outfit combines a cute pink tank top with white leggings and a matching athletic jacket. It is also paired with a wrap-around headband, which is a trendy hair accessory. We finished the look with matching sneakers to make your athletic outfit look cute for class.

What to Wear in College? It’s All About the Basics

At the end of the day, if you have most of the wardrobe essentials for college girls, then you’re basically good to go when it comes to getting dressed for class.

Most of the time, a cute pair of jeans with a great top or a little athletic look and some accessories are all you need. If you want to wear something more interesting, though, we say go for it! We’re all in favor of showing off the clothes you love and self-expression through fashion.

Have fun with it . . . and just say “no” to pajamas!

What do you think of our guide to what to wear in college?

What do you think about the “getting dressed for class” debate? Would you wear pajamas to class, or would you never even think of it? What would a typical college outfit be for you?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in 2008; it was completely updated and revamped in 2020 with new photos, outfit sets, and information.

81 thoughts on “What to Wear to a College Class”

  1. I believe this all depends on the school you attend. I also go to UC Berkeley and there is a wide range of fashion on campus. Plenty of people wear clothes similar to your two outfits but there are also lots of people in sweats and Uggs. Personally, I am not against the sweats look even though I love fashion. When it is cold and rainy, as it often is, I care about comfort first. Plus as an athlete it just doesn’t make sense to dress up constantly when I have to hit the gym and go to practice daily. Fashion is fun but when you’re a student practicality is key. Wear what suits your lifestyle and keep in mind the setting you will be in. The most ridiculous outfit I’ve ever seen was not pjs or sweats but a girl in an itty bitty skirt and thigh high stiletto boots. She looked good but completely out of place.

  2. Having read this article, and all the comments on it, I have a question for you all…
    Would it be appropriate for a girl to wear clean and colourful sweat pants on a day that they were almost too sick to concentrate? You know, those days where you can’t afford to miss a class but you’re so sick the world is spinning? Would it be okay to then wear sweats?

  3. Thank you! It is so refreshing to hear that someone actually believes in the ‘look good, feel good, do good’ philosophy. I don’t know about you, but I tend to feel gross and surprisingly uncomfortable when I wear my lounge apparel in public. When I feel clean and put together I am confident that I can take on anything.

  4. As a college student going to UC Berkeley (and from NorCal, no less!), I’d say that we have a very different idea of what’s appropriate and what’s not. I think here, it’s completely normal to see students in sweatpants, but it’s also completely normal to see truly grungy outfits. I know that most fashion experts advise against flip-flops, but as one person I knew commented about Cal students, “It’s flip-flop country here.” Much as the rest of the fashion world wouldn’t like it, I really believe that we have different aesthetics here with our “chill” atmosphere.

    That having been said, I believe that when showing up to class, you should be clean, presentable, and if you can manage it or have time, cute and updated. The outfits you posted here are great – not ostentatious, but cute and presentable. Personally, I don’t mind seeing people show to class in jeans, sneakers/Converse shoes (we do SO much walking here!!) and a jacket or blazer, so long as it’s neat. I really think that’s the most important part of dressing – but that holds true no matter where you are.

  5. haha i love the picture of the girl in the pink sweats, uggs, and north face. 95% of the girls who go to my school wear this identical outfit. they all look exactly the same. why would you wear clothes that make you look JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE? i just dont get it and personally when im walking behind one of them in their over sized uggs, dragging their feet, I’d like to punch them in the back of the head :))))

  6. Its really nice that there is someone who thinks just the way i do.As a young writer wanting to help my fellow nigerian student i say fashion is not all about clothings,nor what you are wearing but all about how you feel and where you are.
    Sweats is nice to wear but not to all places while Pajamas is not to be worn to class thats really absurd to do.
    I hope students start getting the clues to good fashion very soon

  7. I TOTALLY agree and sweat- pants are comfortable but save them for the times when you are just lounging around the dorm. I LOVE the sundress outfit you showed i think it is sofisticated, cute, and very presentable and its definetley what kinds of things i like to see people wearing on college campus’.

  8. I like to dress up, but definitely not for class. I think people look ridiculous when they come to class in a skirt or pumps, unless you’re giving a presentation, there’s no need to dress like that. You go to class for 2 hours to sit and take notes nobody cares what you’re wearing. And I don’t know what kind of sweats you wear but there are a lot of cute sweats out there, and I’m not talking about af, hollister, or anything like that. You can still look presentable dressing down, just make sure the rest of you is put together…hair, makeup, etc. I love fashion, but I think it’s unnecessary to dress up for class.

  9. This is ridiculous.

    My professors are going to respect me more for my $40 sunglasses made in Malaysia by 15 year olds? If so, then those professors need a reality check.

    Keep consuming, ladies!

  10. Hey, I dunno how relevant this is, but I’m an aussie college (Uni, here) student and I don’t see a problem with CLEAN sweatpants (or trackies, as we’d call em) to uni, if paired with a sporty-casual shoe and a tee with a cardi. That having been said, I wear jeans every single day of my life with white sports casuals and a colourful cardi.
    Though I absolutely detest those fluro trackies and Ugg boots. And girls who wear black tights and clingy little dresses with heeled boots to uni at 8am in hailstone weather. It’s a balance, I think πŸ˜€

  11. I don’t necessarily agree with dressing up for class however I certainly hate it when people stroll into 8 A.M classes wearing PJ’s. I’m 100% for comfort first, especially if it’s raining outside or you are sick, but anyone who I see wearing PJs to class I find to be dirty. And as far as Uggs go, I’d rather wear those and keep my feet warm then wear really cute boots and freeze.
    Don’t get me wrong- I like fashion and wearing cute outfits- but as long as people wear clean and presentable outfits (even if they wear sweats once in awhile) I don’t see a problem.

  12. You definetly have some good points. From my personal experience at USC (Los Angeles), you just go through the day with more confidence if you make yourself pulled-together and cute. If you’re wearing sweats it really does look like you didn’t care as much when you got up that morning, unless you pump it up with more formal pieces. For example, some people get away with sleek grey yoga pants and a very pretty lose cardigan, plus their hair looks cute and they sport accessories.


  13. Wow. I most certainly agree with not looking like a slob in class. When you’re just wearing wrinkled, fading sweats with a baggy T-shirt, your hair unbrushed and face unwashed, you just look lazy and ill-prepared for class. What kind of message is that sending to your professor and classmates?

    To be honest, I don’t even consider the first outfit getting “dressed up.” *lol* at people who don’t even have the 5 minutes to do that.

  14. I think that fashion is well when all person wil get happy and injoy.but it has a bad site. many persons are forgetting their proper mind ‘s decision. they giving in their mind for fashion and their habit change.I just wanted to everybody to keep their mind control.

  15. I’ve frequented the halls of my high school in sweatpants many times & looking back I realize that taking a few extra minutes in the morning to throw on a cute outfit once in a while really wasn’t that bad. This coming fall, I’m going off to college & I would really like to spice up my wardrobe, not to mention the fact that I will be a Theatre major, I would really like some cute outfit suggestions.

  16. I completely and utterly agree. Thank you for posting up this argument that I have been longing to talk about. I just don’t understand what the attraction of looking like a complete bum is. Can someone please explain? I swear that I see the majority of the people at school wear their sweatpants, Uggs, and Northface jackets everyday; Don’t forget the oh-so-chic messy side pony tails. COME ON! Most of the girls that I see wearing these crime outfits are so stunningly beautiful but don’t want to take the time to get ready in the morning, instead rolling out of bed is the easiest choice. Isn’t this a matter of personal hygiene? This awful epidemic has effected guys nearly as much as the girls. I hate seeing guys in sweats even more than I hate seeing girls in sweats. Please please please stop this nonsense and just attempt to look pretty!

  17. Allie –

    I think Zephyr is saying that there’s a fine line between dressing like you don’t care at all and dressing casually. Wearing a t-shirt and jeans is dressing casually…in my opinion, wearing sweats/pj bottoms in public is screaming to the world: I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE WAY I LOOK. It’s not about being fashion forward – it’s about showing an ounce of respect to yourself and others you engage with. It’s not that hard to put on a real pair of pants if you can throw on your sweats. And as for comfort level – there’s a time and place for that and it’s called home. When you go to class you’re not supposed to be alert, not comfortable (but at the same time not uncomfortable, like wearing a designer frock) and sweatpants just make it easier to fall asleep in your chair during a boring lecture.

    I doubt that many professors “look down” on students for expressing their sense of fashion…if some girl pops into office hours in a pair of stilettos and a shi shi dress, THEN that’s maybe overkill. But most girls don’t do that. And even if they did, I’m sure they’re polite enough to not judge students if they’re dressed in something they like to wear (MOST professors, I may note.)

    That is just my opinion, however.

    Anyway Zephyr, great article. I used to be one such girl who would wear sweatpants and uggs to class, but not anymore! I’m going to start dressing how I want to, even if my outfits are considered too “dressy” to other people (let the haters hate…) Here wearing anything MORE than jeans tucked into boots and a basic t-shirt is considered “dressy”…Good Lord I’m going to stick out like a sore thumb lol..oh well πŸ™‚ Channel Carrie B (from SATC) is what I always tell myself.

  18. Mandy – I definitely don’t think that dressing well is a substitute for being intelligent, and that’s not something I would ever claim! But this is a site for girls who like fashion and who enjoy having fun with their clothes. If you don’t care about fashion, then obviously what you wear won’t be important to you.

  19. Love this article.
    Its not about spending money, its about showing respect for yourself and the professor (not to mention I like looking good, I feel better and enjoy the process of getting ready as well).
    You don’t show up to work, or even dinner with your parents, in sweatpants, or (horrors of horrors) pajama pants. Everyone does it sometimes, its ok, and really people shouldnt be judged by it. At the same time I feel that the entire education system of College and the oppurtunity we have here should be respected. Don’t listen to headphone while the professor is lecturing, dont wear pajamas.

  20. The answer is cute college sweatshirts, jeans, a girl next door pony, a little makeup, and uggs/sneakers/flip flops. You look just as dumb dressing up as you do not caring and wearing orange pants with a pink hoodie. The professor is going to be more impressed by the girl who asks intelligent questions. He doesn’t give a crap about your black tights or big bag. Smart girls stand out in college classrooms. Save your cute outfits for parties/going places with friends.

  21. Courtney – If you read this site at all, you’d know that I do talk about buying things secondhand, and I’m not telling anyone go out and buy a whole new wardrobe in order to “feel good about their interactions.” In fact, I talk about saving money all the time too, so the whole consumerist-agenda idea is way off. I’d rather see people using what they have in new ways than buying everything new all the time.

    As for the stores I linked to, I don’t know about their third-world peddling policies, but regardless, I’m not telling anyone that they have to shop there. I just use them as examples of where to get inexpensive clothes that are flattering.

    And as far as respect for women goes, I’m trying to encourage more women to have respect for themselves and take care in their appearance, rather than giving off the impression “I give up.”

  22. I’m actually shocked that anyone would wear pajamas outside the house or sweats outside the gym or when they’re not jogging. I’ve never seen anyone at uni in Europe do that, it’s completely inappropriate. Clothes project an image – realizing that is not being shallow or consumerist, it’s a fact of life that people’s perception works this way.
    Looking at it that way, not taking advantage of this and projecting an image of a slob, a person who can’t be bothered to even change their underwear in the morning (if they show up in pajamas -eeeew) – is not really intelligent.
    Again, it takes me twenty minutes to get ready in the morning – that includes showering, breakfast, dressing up (I lay out my clothes the night before) and doing my hair and makeup. And because I send out a visual message that I take myself seriously, for the rest of the day, I’m taken seriously at classes and internship. This is not shallow. This is giving yourself the edge in a small aspect of your life without wasting a lot of time and effort. Welcome to the real world.

    The consumerist argument that Courtney brought up completely misses the point, I think. I sew my own clothes, which takes me just a couple of hours of my spare time on the weekends and I’ve built a wardrobe of high quality staples that fit perfectly and last years. I’m not a consumerist. But I do realize aesthetics is an important part of life. Big difference.

  23. I think you’re missing the point. The article is shallow; it has faulty logic, and also encourages consumption via the prominent links to Am Eagle, etc. (It’s not like they posted some patterns and asked us to sew with fairly traded or self-grown material, or even to buy second hand. And yeah, you could do that yourself– and I hope everyone does.)

    Ok, I’m a programmer, so here comes the pseudocode.

    If _student_ wears _fashion_,
    then _student_ is serious.
    Else _student_ wears Uggs,
    is lazy, sleeps in class.

    There would be a whole lot of women who wouldn’t get caught in this “if” statement, which makes the logic faulty.

    The Else portion is part of a negative stereotype that needs to be combated, not mindlessly agreed to. If you need to have a certain outfit to feel good about your interactions, then cool. I personally want to encourage women to be as natural as they please (not necessarily in the style of hippies, but w/e). I’m really not into this stereotype, or into limiting what my sisters feel comfortable doing. Also, the combination of 1) the stereotyping of female students with 2) the advertisement of third world merch peddlers makes it clear that this article completely misses ANY point at all about strengthening women by giving them the respect and solidarity they deserve.


    cosmeticsdatabse.org — Do YOU know what’s in that makeup? Neither does Revlon.

  24. I definitely think that being well dressed is not a mark of either intelligence or shallowness, but caring. Courtney, I pride myself in looking good when I show to class in the morning, but that doesn’t mean I wear 40 dollar sunglasses that I bought brand new. Actually, I lost my only pair of sunglasses ages ago, but that’s beside the point. I would say somewhere between 50 and 80 percent of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores, and the rest comes from inexpensive stores like target. Last year I spent two dollars on a dress for a semiformal occassion (which I found, of all places, at a costume sale: an adorable strapless dress that looked like it came straight out of a boutique!). I then spent less than 10 dollars on a sexy, chique little black dress from goodwill. I also own a dress by a spanish designer, also for probably 10 or 15 dollars used, that would have been between 100-200 dollars new. I enjoy finding vintage pieces, and basic tees and skirts from brands like abercrombie or h&m that would be 30 dollars new but are five bucks at amvets. I spend the most money on new, sturdy shoes, and everything else I buy as cheap as possible. I have a stylish closet with a few timeless, versatile pieces, plus some hand-me-downs from my mom that have come back in style!!

    So, fashion is not necessarily about mindless consumerism. It can be an art form, it can be fun, and I love when it when I have three or more people compliment me on a special outfit. And I can safely say that I am intelligent, I have a high GPA, love reading, and enjoy debating current issues with my friends. I respect my teachers and have strong goals in life.

    I think that means I deserve even more fun with clothes!

  25. I think dressing good, is not a matter of being a showoff or consuerism, it in all matters boosts yuor confident, regardless of how confident you are naturally and earns youlots of respect, dressing good doesnt mean wearing your 100dollar gucci dress and 6inch pump, it just means looking descentand presentable in all manners, and wearing pjs to class just show a careless slobby, unserious student, on the other side its not all about what people think about yo…but as i said its all about earning yourself a little respect, and dressing for the right place…try earning yourself respect, it always feels good πŸ™‚

    Anyway the first outfit, is totally beat up and right, the second looks good on those very hot andhumid summer days :-), save your pjs for bed and slobby trackies for the gym, or anight watching the notebook with your girlfriends
    cute sweats look good though

  26. if someones gonna say I don’t care about my education just because the way I LOOK in the morning? Give me a break!

  27. This is the article that I found via a Google search during my first year of university (10 years ago – ah!) that ultimately led me to follow this blog, find the world of blogging, and start my own blog! I love seeing it again, sort of coming full circle. Thanks for revamping it!

  28. Wow i find this article bogus. im in medical school and i wear sweats everyday..at least im getting the grades! isnt that what matters?

  29. Obviously a lot of controversy over this article.. in my opinion this one’s a little unrealistic. For one thing, sweats and Uggs or tennis shoes are much more comfortable than jeans and flats and when you’re walking a mile or so to get to class that matters! Almost all of my flats give me blisters if I walk as much as I have to to get from one side of campus to another. I’d like to argue you can look just as cute in some Juicy or Victoria secret sweats.

  30. I go to school in Maine, so in the winter you’ll see girls with sweatpants, wanna-be uggs and like 3 sweatshirts/fleeces. Obviously no one ever introduced them to this amazing thing called a coat….

    Personally, I love winter because I can add more to an outfit with a coat. Though peep-toes and snow don’t go together πŸ™‚

  31. I’m a rising senior and all my friends know by now that if I have on sweats in class I’m either deathly ill or heading to the gym immediately after LOL. I love dressing up for class because it makes dreary mornings a little bit better and lets you have some fun with the beginning of the day πŸ™‚

  32. Couldn’t agree more. Casual little dresses are ALWAYS the way to go when you’re feeling too lazy to put together a whole outfit – hence the reason I own like a billion πŸ™‚
    Sweats are never, ever NOT a no-no. With the exception of the gym and being sick of course.

  33. I really enjoyed this post, but I had to open up an Internet Explorer Window to view it. The images in the posts never work in Firefox. I just wanted you to be aware of that because though I love your blog, I prefer Firefox browser. Keep up the good work anywho. πŸ™‚

  34. You know, my french teacher told my class “You do better on exams when you’re dressed up” and it is true. I have never ever worn sweatpants or a baggy sweatshirt to class (cute fitted ones, occasionally.) Coincidentally, I once had a dream that I wore the gigantic school sweats/sweatshirt combo to school – and in my dream I felt so gross!

  35. I am in complete agreement with you! UGH I study fashion merchandising and it makes me so mad when FASHION majors don’t put effort into getting dressed. Clearly no commitment to their studies.

  36. Question:

    I see alot of girls around campuses in pajamas or sweats but they also have on a ton of makeup.

    How can they have time to put on makeup but not clothes?

  37. Thank you so much for showing women that you do NOT have to spend a fortune to look great, feel confident, and show your campus that you are serious about yourself and your classes. Thanks for all of the fabulous tips! πŸ™‚

  38. I think it kinda stinks that people really what others wear to class! It should be about the learning! However, I digress, I think you should wear something comfortable that shows you care about how you look! I like the suggestion you gave in your post! I’d appreciate it if you can check out my winter class post! This is what I wear to class, stop by and give a thought on what you think!



  39. Definitely directed solely towards women. I never heard of a guy wearing sweats to class as a big deal, in fact I see many guys wearing sweats, elastic shorts, etc to class. I always wore a dress, or attempted to dress nice when I went to college, but the fact remains that many students cannot afford nice clothing. When it came down to me not even having enough change in my pocket to do laundry, I did smell bad, I did wear everything I owned (including leggings, sweats, etc). Most students cannot just go and buy a new Kate Spade bag to match their designer clothing. The expectations, especially for those coming straight from high school, is almost absurd in a sense of driving students away from class, their work, studying, and just feeling comfortable enough to make friends, and have the normal college experience. Normal 18 year olds cannot just go pick up a nice, new outfit or two. College is definitely not a “blue-collar”-family-background-friendly-environment…

  40. So you make a bunch of absurd assumptions about the types of people who wear sweats to class and then counter what you say is their argument, but in fact is a bunch of malarkey you just made up. I give you an F.

  41. Hey does it look sloppy to wear like a cute hoodie with skinny jeans and some boots? (bearpaws or something) …. πŸ™‚

  42. Bangles to class? Banging (pun intended :p) into the desk? No thank you! Same with long necklasses! You will annoy the what out of your neighbour :p

    (This article is ages old, I know that, but still πŸ˜‰ )

  43. The only time I had ever been in my pj’s at school was for the get up and go day in high school won almost every year. I don’t know if I should be terribly excited about this or a little worried. Hahahaha.

    But I took pride in my looks and smell making sure that my flaws were hidden inside though I have never really had a style of my own I have always been in hand me downs my whole life.

    Not again though I am now a college girl and I will avenge my non stylish years in high school “Look out world new and improved girl coming through!” With a rocking new look. No one back home in my little unknown town will recognize me I’m changing everything my hair, style, atmosphere.

  44. Just doing some research for content for a website I’m helping with. I loved this post and completely agree! Sweatpants are just an excuse to cover up the damage that too much drinking has done. Cut back on the every night drinking so you can slip into a cute outfit that makes you presentable- am I right? Great post!

  45. Jess, idk if you will see this haha.. but i think that you can wear simple ballet flats and a cute shirt or blouse with black yoga pants! when you dress them up, you can even look classy, since a lot of people won’t notice they are actually yoga pants! try it!

  46. I sometimes wish I could wear my sweatpants to my early morning classes, because they’re so warm and I like the way they look, but I’m always afraid of looking like a slob, haha.

    I do have a question though – are yoga pants okay? I’m on dance team, and sometimes I have to go straight from class to practice, so I just wear black yoga pants with some sneakers and a fleece jacket or a hoodie. It’s not super classy, but I don’t think it looks slobbish, just sporty-casual.

  47. What type of style do you recommend for a non-traditional student? I am a 46 year old Junior and struggle with my findin g my place. I don’t want to look like a professor, but I don’t want to look like I’m trying to behave like I’m 19 or 20 either.

  48. I’m going off to college in September I really wanted to get out of my high school fashion looks and go into college prep looks. I’m pretty much working hard all summer long to get into good habits fashion wise like instead of wearing just a shirt and shoes and make up I can play around with some fashion ideas and look more presentable in class. It’s really disrepectful to show up to school and class like you just rolled out of bed. And I’m planning to actually learn how to use a curling iron this summer instead of letting my hair nautrally curl up. WISH ME LUCK! and this site really really did help lol

  49. Thank you so much. I agree with what you said. I also love that first outfit you put up! I really don’t think that people should go to their classes looking as if it’s Kindergarten Pajama Day all over again, as you said.

  50. i personaly would never wear sweatpant only because back in HS we would get our picture taken out of nowhere or news camers so i would dress nice just in case something unexpected happened and i think wearing sweats is very unprofessional but is okay if your like sick or something

  51. I believe that a stylish girl is always stylish no matter what she wears.I like dressing up but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear sweatpants.This is 2010. Sweatpants are not grey or black and baggy to make you look like a boy or a sweaty basketball player.I wear velvet sweatpants, in bright girly colours, with gem stones or fur.It depends on my mood and I like variety.One day I wear skinny jeans and heels and the other Juicy Couture sweatpants.Look at Eva Longoria, she has the ability to wear sweatpants and look sexy, athletic, casual chic and stylish. IT depends on you and how you wear it.remember : ‘the dress doesn’t make the girl, the girl makes the dress”

  52. While I agree that sweats are sloppy and should not be worn to class on a regular basis, there are certain instances in which they are acceptable, such as when you’re sick but don’t want to miss out on an important class, so you just throw something on, go to class, and come back and take a nap. Or if you’ve been up studying, and it’s exam week. Other than that, yeah, sweats are ultramessy. I also agree that jeans are the most-weared item in my wardrobe!

    I’m definitely all about sweaters, too. I’m more of a pullover girl than a cardigan girl myself. I tend to find them cozier. I have a really cute grey and white striped one on right now.

  53. i love the clothes that you have picked out, they’re not dressy but they look really nice too. i was just thinking….. do you have any other outfit ideas? just so that i could have a look to give me some thoughts in what to wear. i love the fact you pointed out the thing about sweatpants! i so agree! i think they try and do the ‘bed-head’ lazy look, but everyday it just looks like you’re a lazy slob and that’s the only dress sense that you have ..

  54. Zephyr, I love your website and follow most of your fashion advice, however this is something I must say I disagree on you with.

    I think wearing sweatpants in public, including class, is perfectly acceptable. The thing is, when you are walking around all day, to and from class, the library, lunch, clubs meetings, etc., sweatpants are soooo much more practical! Jeans are ok, but nothing beats a good pair or sweats.

    Sweatpants can be cute, if they are fashionable (like PINK) and fit properly, and are worn with matching colors. I also believe in doing your laundry aka don’t wear dirty pants, or the same ones everyday, or the PJ’s you slept in!

    I haven’t noticed much difference compared to the days I wear sweatpants vs. the days I wear a skirt and nice top regarding the professor.. all of my professors like me if I am attentive and participate.

    I get the point of the article, and I agree with the underlying idea, but personally I am one to dress fashionable for parties, going out with friends, and dates – not class. No one even notices what you are wearing at 8:30am.

  55. “These are usually the people who drag themselves to class and immediately fall asleep, snoring loudly enough that they eventually wake themselves up. They also smell bad, yawn a lot, and generally have no idea what’s going on. They think that β€œjust showing up” is good enough.”
    oh really? they why do I, and most of my good friends who also dress casually in class have excellent grades? and when I say class I don’t mean public relations or english 101 i mean actual class like organic chemistry and molecular biology. many of my professors (not saying that this i right either) look down on the girls who come to lab in designer clothing

  56. I’m heading back to college after being out of high school for about 10 years, I’ve learned in everyday life that dressing the part can get you the part!! I agree that you shouldn’t over due it to the point that it looks like you are obsessed with your appearance but spending some time on your self in the morning and putting some thought into your outfit can do a world of difference for you mood and self esteem πŸ™‚
    I’m loving outift #1 it is going to be my inspiration when out shopping for some key back to school outfits!!

    * and if by chance I am having one of those icky days you will be sure that my sweats will be clean and my hair will be done!!

  57. I think some people are misinterpreting the spirit of that facebook group. There is a big difference between looking neat and tidy for class versus looking like you’re ready for a photo shoot. One thing to keep in mind when getting ready is the context of the environment. While sweatpants and pajamas don’t belong in the classroom, neither do cocktail dresses and heels.

  58. oh may i add to my previous post, i feel that sweats/pj bottoms and uggs look VERY untidy in my opinion. I make an effort to look good or even decent, even though i may only be there for a few hours…. clothes can express yourself πŸ™‚

  59. Also, I dress up for everything. I always walk out of the house in a skirt or dress and heels. Anthropologie is my lifeline for clothes.

  60. I think its always important to look your best. One of my friends went to Clemson for a year and left because of the way the other girls treated her. She is a huge fan of the sundresses and delicate sandals and would spend a reasonable (but not insane) amount of time getting ready. Well when the other girls showed up to class they all had sweatpants on and they made fun of her. So she actually LEFT CLEMSON to go to the College of Charleston. I mean, we both love Charleston because we’ve lived there our whole lives, but to leave a top southern school to go somewhere else just because of fashion zombies making fun of you…that’s dumb. Girls should be proud of their clothes and take pride in how they walk out of their dorm!

  61. Sweat pants or Pj bottoms and uggs dont cut it for me. .And getting too dressed up (like going to a party etc, is a no-no either)

    Why have to buy clothes if all you want to wear to college is sweats/Pajamas and ugg boots? In college, it is our turn to experiment what goes well and what doesn’t, that’s why there is no excuse to go shopping!

    So on top of that, dress and leggings are the norm for me, or jeans, shirt and cardigan as well, or a casual skirt instead, but presentation wise, its good to dress a little professionally or neatly. πŸ™‚

  62. My school is seriously called the fashion college r professors even say it how sad is that. I love my sweats pants maybe its just me I went to private school for 4yrs and I’m use to a uniform in the morning I change my mind at least 5 times and sometimes I really wanna stand out I know school is place to get an education but I’m at the fashion capital of the world ny

  63. Oh yes, I hate to see girls dressed from head to toe in A&F AE or Hollister sweats. It’s so unoriginal.

    There are so many pretty clothes out there that it’s a waste not to use them.

  64. Sweatpants are for sick days, thanks. Not for going to class.

    My idea of bumming it is a hoodie, jeans, and funky sneakers. No way in hell am I walking out of my apartment in sweatpants, sorry!

    And I must say, I LOVE that first outfit! Skirts aren’t very practical for me (campus is SUPER windy), but that first one, LOVE!

  65. Kayla: that’s funny, because I use Firefox and the images work just fine. Maybe it’s a reloading thing or…I’m really not quite sure what!

    Ugh! We had so many girls wearing sweats to school in HS, and they thought they were so cool, with their cup of Dunkin’, chewing gum, a huge sweatshirt on.

    See, I think the roll-out-of-bed look doesn’t mean sweats. It’s more, if I may refer to “Gossip Girl,” the Serena type of look. Just the effortless casualness look.

    I’d be interested to see what the general consensus is on hair, though, whether it really is okay to come in with wet hair, because I never would in HS, although many girls did. #1 it makes you sick (at least it creates a higher risk) and #2 it’s messy, at least for me.

  66. I believe that if we are going to pay the amount of money that we do to go to university, we have the right to wear whatever we want to class, be it haut couture or yoga pants and a hoodie. I think that wearing pajamas to class is inappropriate, but I see nothing wrong with sweats, especially at 8:30 on a Monday morning in a class you really didn’t want to go to. I had mono this year and just didn’t have the energy to plan out an outfit like I did the year before. I lived out of my sweats. There is nothing wrong with being extra-comfortable on days that you really need it.

    That having been said, I agree that *always* dressing down for class shows a lack of respect for the professor and for the other students. On presentation days or to a meeting with your professor, you should always dress up. And one should make as much of an effort as possible to look presentable no matter where they go, if for no other reason than because it’s fun.

  67. It’s okay to wear wear sweatpants to class, but of course, it depends on how you will carry it during class hours.

    Skinny jeans would do for me. I always wear that style since high school.
    And it looks good to me because I’m not so tall and not so petite.

    Confidence is the answer to everything.

  68. Wow, those facebook groups are extremely judgemental. I think people should generally wear whatever they want to class, as long as they don’t smell bad or look like a 5 cent hooker. For me personally though, I do like to take the extra effort to look cute for class- and you’re right, it really doesn’t take that much extra time!! It helps me to resist the urge to take daytime naps or feel like I just crawled out of bed, and more importantly, it makes me feel BETTER about myself. I have to say though, that facebook hate group is pretty discouraging, but I will try to ignore it and keep looking fabulous πŸ˜‰

  69. Business casual is dress code at my college. I’m at a loss on how to make it pop, though. I would probably wear the first outfit sans skinny jeans, I just can’t find jeans that don’t make my hips looks HUGE. I love wearing sweaters, especially when I’m studying at the library or tutoring some kids. Too bad it’s always hot and humid here in Miami.lol.

    I don’t wear sweats unless I’m home playing DDR for 3 straight hours. Sweats and PJs make me feel like a slob and I usually end up watching Gilmore Girls rather than studying while wearing them.

  70. I agree with you 100%. the outfits you showed that are acceptable are basically what I woe everyday to class in highschool and will continue wearing in college. I think the people who wear sweats everyday don’t care at all. For me being comfortable is wearing skinny jeans and a cute top because then I know I look good and feel good, sweats just make me feel gross and want to go to bed and I have never worn them in public except for a final or regents.

  71. Finally! Someone else who realizes that sweatpants are things that don’t ever make it out of the house! I am so sick and tired of watching people come to class in sweatpants and pajamas and lord knows what else.

    I’m glad to know there are other people out there who think dressing up a little for class is something that should always be done.

  72. Haha the “not” picture of the girl walking to class on her phone looks like it could have been taken at my campus. Is that a North Face? Oh this is the typical outfit. I detest it.


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