20 Cute Planners for Students (And How to Make the Most of Them)

Ready for a successful school year?
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It's finally that time of year again! The greatly anticipated back-to-school season is upon us once more -- in fact, some of us are already back on campus.

We want to make sure that your new year back is as organized, successful, and of course, stylish, as possible by featuring the best college school supplies.

The first step? A great planner, one that'll take you through the busiest days and the most ambitious plans, the frantic class shopping period, and all those midterms and finals. . . oops, way, way too early for that!

Browse through our selection of the 20 cutest planners out there, and read 'til the end for some tried-and-true tips for using your planner to the max.

1. Mochi Things: Ardium Premium Flowery Journal

These floral patterns are what dreams are made of. . . bring your own garden of 'em to class.

2. Mochi Things: MYO A5 Planner

This style actually comes in 7 types of ruled paper: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly schedules, plus Lined, Grid, Sectioned, or Free paper for note-taking. You can mix and match to compile 'em just how you like.

3. Ban.do: Medium 13-Month Planner

We love the holographic, opalescent cover and the plant decals within. . . this one is sure to be a mood-lifter.

4. Rifle Paper Co.: Everyday Pocket Agenda 2019

Brighten up your schedule with these vibrant florals.

5. Poppin: Aqua Large 18 Month Pocket Book Planner, 2018-2019

A Poppin planner in a poppin' shade of blue!

6. Paperchase: 2018-19 Mid Year Planner

Lovin' this soothing sea foam green. . . brings us right back to the beach!

7. Paperchase: Slim Watercolor Garden 2019 Diary

Full of life is how we'd describe this cover. The abstract, bold flower details just pop right out.

8. Anthropologie: WTF 2018-2019 Planner

Sometimes the middle of the week just makes you go WTF. . . remind yourself of these cute lil coincidences with this planner, available in peach pink, powder blue, or off-white.

9. Anthropologie: Sisters Gulassa 2018-2019 Planner

A cute agenda with tons of personality -- each page is full of fun and fresh patterns.

10. Present & Correct: Grid Planner

Appeal to your more minimalist side with this baby blue stunner.

11. Urban Outfitters: Patterned Daily Planner Journal

Keep the best of summer with you with these fun palm leaves and a bright yellow sun!

12. Urban Outfitters: Moleskine 18 Month Weekly Planner

Lime green has been trending lately, so bring today's style right to the forefront of your school supplies with this classic Moleskine.

13. Bloom Daily Planners: 2019 Monthly Planner, Blue Floral

Wake up and smell the roses! These florals will always have you on your A-game.

14. JetPens: Stalogy Editor's Series 365Days Notebook

Striking colors and a simple sensibility? Count us right in.

15. JetPens: Mark's HiBi Weekly Notebook

A fun spin on the classic planner, this HiBi Weekly Notebook is self-standing and can double as a calendar.

16. Kate Spade: Floral Medium Planner - August 2018-August 2019

Forever channeling Kate Spade's gorgeous pops of color and lovely style in this design.

17. Muji: HQ Paper Daily Schedule Notebook

Go back to the basics with Muji - uniquely unadorned, yet always effortless.

18. Paper Source: Ban.do 2018-2019 Moonstone Orange Planner

The cover design is so funky and bold, we'd ask it to throw our parties.

19. Fallindesign: Ardium 2019 Small Planner Scheduler

A classic, respectable choice -- hardcover for a hard worker!

20. HappyCute: Colorful Macaron Planner

And lastly, an fun design that's a victory for macarons everywhere.

Now that you're well-equipped with a brand new planner, read through our share of tips on how to best use it.

How to Make the Most of Your Planner

  • Color-code the day's events based on class subject, level of importance, due date, time -- your choice! Having a visual representation can do wonders for better organization. Use the same color codes for your calendar so everything's connected and easier to interpret.
  • Try making a to-do list and then giving each task a value based on urgency, so that altogether they add up to 100. For example, any large projects you'd like to get done that day, label them 25 or even 30 (depending on how many other tasks you have lined up), then break the remaining into 15s, 10s, 5s, etc. That way, you'll know exactly what to prioritize.
  • You may have heard of this one -- make a not-to-do list in addition to your regular agenda. If you have trouble staying focused, write that reminder to stay off social media, as well as to leave behind any other bad habits. Sometimes we just need to see it written down.
  • Highlight, doodle, underline, circle! Do anything you want that makes your planner feel more personal. A cute, decorated schedule may get you more in the mood to go out there and be productive.
  • A lot of planners have other features in addition to the built-in calendar -- look for any included stickers, address log, note-taking space, or infographics.
  • Enjoy! This is your personal space and we hope you have lots of fun staying on top of your scheduling game and rocking out these fun, fresh styles. 

What do you think?

Excited to get back on campus? We know we are. Let us know in the comments what you think of our picks, and if our tips were helpful to you. We love knowing that y'all are doing your best in school, not just fashion-wise but academically too!

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