10 Cute Plus Size Outfits for Daily Life Scenarios

How to look fashionable even on your daily detour for coffee.

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Let’s face it: Even though plus size fashion has come a long way, it can be hard to find plus size outfits that are fashionable, modern and trendy. However, there are pieces out there. It just requires some searching — and for some people, finding the confidence to wear trendy clothing. (Just know that you can wear whatever you want!)

And sometimes the question pops up, what am I going to wear? You may have to go grocery shopping, meet a friend, or go to work but need outfit inspiration as you stare at your closet.

So today I’ve put together ten plus size outfit ideas for different life scenarios. Now here are some comfortable and stylish plus size outfits in time for spring to help you get your day started.

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1. Plus Size Outfit for Dentist Appointment

Dentist Appointment Outfit: cream striped sweater, beige headband, medium wash jeans, and taupe cutout heels.

Products: Sweater – Old Navy, Jeans – Macy’s, Shoes – Torrid, Headband – Gap

If you want to look stylish while heading to an appointment, this outfit will be perfect!

Throw on this comfy sweater since some dentist offices can be chilly. A pair of jeans adds to the casual look. This cream colored headband and tan shoes complement the cream color in the sweater, giving this outfit a neutral feel.

If heels aren’t your thing to wear to a dentist appointment, that’s okay! Swap them out for a pair of white sneakers and you’ll be good to go.

2. Outfit for Grocery Shopping/Errands

Grocery Shopping and Errands Outfit: blue denim shacket, white strawberry graphic sweatshirt, black jeans, ombre sunglasses, and black chelsea boots.

Products: Sweatshirt – Levi’s, Shacket – Forever 21, Jeans – Old Navy, Boots – Target, Reusable Bag – Amazon, Sunglasses – Boohoo

Sometimes we have to make a quick run somewhere, but we want to look good too. So if you are heading to the grocery store or for a quick errand run, try this cute plus size outfit idea.

Start with a sweatshirt with a strawberry graphic on it and throw on this denim shacket over top. Layer on a pair of black jeans and black chelsea boots, then grab a reusable bag like this one which has mini strawberries – a nod back to the sweatshirt. If it’s sunny out, put on some sunglasses and go strut down the store aisle.

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3. Plus Size Outfit Idea for Lounging at Home

Lounging at Home Outfit: grey button cardigan, grey joggers, pinkish nude crop tee, white keds champion original sneakers, and small gold hoop earrings.

Products: Cardigan – Boohoo, Crop Top – Girlfriend Collective, Joggers – Macy’s, Sneakers – Keds, Earrings – Boohoo

Since so many of us are working from home, doing online classes, or just spending more time at home than usual, I felt a plus size loungewear look was in order.

This outfit has a gray cardigan to throw over this crop top from Girlfriend Collective (which goes up to 6XL!). I added some gray joggers to match the cardigan. Throw on some white Keds sneakers if you want to go out in this outfit. Finally, some gold hoop earrings add some extra style to the look.

4. Plus Size Date Night Outfit

Date Night Outfit: blue sleeveless midi dress, chocolate brown shoulder bag, bronze strap heels, and brown and gold heart dangle earrings.

Products: Dress – Forever 21, Bag – Missguided, Shoes – DSW, Earrings – Forever 21

Any spring dates coming up? If so, give this outfit a try for your next date night!

Whether you’re going to dinner or a comedy club, a nice bodycon dress like this light blue one would look great. I decided to go for neutral accessories to let the dress shine. Grab a chocolate shoulder bag, then put on some bronze heels. Use some dangle earrings like these to tie the look up perfectly.

If it is cold, you can add a cream cardigan or cream cropped jacket to the outfit. So go forth and have a great night!

5. Outfit to Wear for Thrifting

Thrifting Outfit: pastel green crop top, black biker shorts, white converse sneakers, and yellow twisted headband.

Products: Top – Forever 21, Bike Shorts – Girlfriend Collective, Sneakers – Converse, Headband – Forever 21

If you have been keeping up with the Spring/Summer 2022 trends, you know that bold as well as pastel colors are in right now. So I picked out this pastel green top that not only is trendy, but adds a pop of color as you go out thrifting. 

Keep the bottom pieces of the outfit muted to let the top shine. Some black bike shorts are a great choice for warm days, but this outfit would also look good with black jeans. Slide into some white Converse All Stars (with some comfy no-show socks) and wear a yellow headband to finish the look.

6. Coffee Shop Outfit

Coffee Shop Outfit: brown balloon sleeve cardigan, nude shoulder bag, black tailored shorts, nude corset style tied sleeveless top, black chain loafer heels, and gold double tier necklace.

Products: Cardigan – Boohoo, Corset Top – ASOS, Shorts – Macy’s, Shoes – ASOS, Bag – Boohoo, Necklace – Target

If you want to grab a quick cup of coffee, have a coffee date, or work on assignments at a coffee shop, this is a super cute outfit idea to try.

Wear a pair of black shorts, or black trousers if you prefer. Then, put on this corset style top and throw on a cardigan. I kept the neutral tones of the look with black loafers and a nude shoulder bag to match the cardigan and to carry your stuff. Add a necklace for a little sparkle.

7. Plus Size Outfit for Office Job

Office Job Outfit: black and white plaid pants, blue ruffle mock neck sheer sleeve blouse mascara tube, gold flower earrings, black strap sandals, and white shoulder bag.

Products: Blouse – Nordstrom, Pants – Forever 21, Shoes – Target, Bag – Target, Earrings – Target, Mascara – Sephora

Some people are back at the office for work, while others are doing hybrid models — part remote and part in an office. So when you do go into the office, here is a stylish plus size outfit idea for work.

Start with a light blue top that has long sleeves since offices can be chilly. Add some fun pants like these plaid ones for interest. Keep everything else simple — gold flower earrings, black heels and a cream shoulder bag are great choices for work. Put on some mascara or minimal makeup if you want and get ready to look fashionable.

8. Farmer’s/Flea Market Outfit

Farmer's Market and Flea Market Outfit: multi color crop top, light wash jeans, pink satin headband, white nike sneakers, and brown reusable tote bag.

Products: Crop Top – Nordstrom, Jeans – Pretty Little Thing, Sneakers – Nike, Reusable Bag – Madewell, Headband – ASOS

I live near a farmer’s market and some flea markets, and if you do too, here’s a perfect outfit to wear for your next shopping trip.

For those spring days, I started with a plaid crop top. Next, throw on some jeans or even swap them out for a flowy white midi skirt. For shoes, opt for a pair of Nike low court visions since you will probably do a lot of walking. Add a cute headband like this pink one and take a reusable tote bag with you to carry your items.

9. Plus Size Outfit Idea for Going to the Movies

Movies Outfit: black sweater, light wash jeans, blue shoulder bag, and black slip on sneakers.

Products: Sweater – Forever 21, Jeans – Levi’s, Sneakers – Torrid, Bag – Boohoo

Going to the movies involves being in a dark room watching a screen, so you might as well be comfy while you’re there.

Put on a sweater to keep some of the cool air off since movie theaters can be chilly. Some jeans would work (I love this light wash pair), and then slide into some slip on sneakers. I threw in this blue bag to add some color to the look. Now enjoy your movie night!

10. Plus Size Night Out Outfit Idea

Night Out Outfit: ruffle pink blouse, black tie-dye flare pants, black strap heels, and pink glitter envelope bag.

Products: Top – Nasty Gal, Flare Pants – ASOS, Shoes – Torrid, Clutch – DSW

With more people out again, you might find you want to head out at night this spring – safely, of course. Maybe you want a night out grabbing dinner with friends? Well try this outfit out!

This cute look starts with a lovely pink blouse. Grab a matching pink clutch, as well as a pair of chunky black heels like these. Add these tie-dye flared pants as a statement piece to complete the outfit.

What do you think of these plus size outfit ideas for daily life scenarios?

Where do you usually get your outfit inspiration? Any tips for finding the best pieces when you are plus-size? Which outfit was your fave? 

Let me know in the comments!

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    Thank you for your comment and for sharing a bit about yourself! I’m glad you like the outfits and found ones that match your style too!

  2. I am not plus-sized but I’m also not what you picture when you see “regular” clothes, and I really like these outfits! The first three are especially close to my style, as I like to be comfy.


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