10 Most Popular Gifts Under $20 for Everyone on Your List

These are the most popular gifts under 20 in my social circle — they’re easy go-tos that everyone can afford!

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Taking the time to pick out the perfect gift for someone can be fun. But the holidays can also quickly drain your bank account, especially as a college student.

The costs start to add up when you have to buy gifts not only for your friends and family, but also for various gift exchanges. The more clubs and organizations you are involved in, the more events there are that involve gift-giving.

Gift-giving can be pricey, but never fear! Read on for some extremely cute gifts under 20 dollars that the people in your life will love!

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You don’t have to spend a ton to get a great gift — these popular gifts are easy go-tos and are sure to impress.

1. A Comfy & Practical Beanie

Beanies are easy to find in most stores at under twenty dollars. (The one above is currently priced at $14.99.) They come in endless different designs, and the recipient will love the opportunity to switch up their winter look.

2. The Cutest Fuzzy Socks

Two words: fuzzy socks. Who doesn’t love a new pair of cozy, colorful socks?

These ones are only $7.97, and you could also gift them with an inexpensive lotion or face mask for a cute self care gift.

3. Indulgent (Vegan!) Bath Products

If the person you’re shopping for loves self-care and beauty supplies, you can’t go wrong treating them to a gift set.

This holiday-themed set from Lush is under twenty dollars, certified vegan, and comes with a scrub and a shower gel.

4. Unexpected But Always Appreciated Gifts Under 20: Snacks

If you want to get someone a gift they’ll love without having to spend a lot, giving food is a great choice. You can get a few different snacks for under ten dollars and give them as a gift basket.

If you already have the supplies, you could also bake homemade cookies.

If you don’t know the person very well, try to pick something with as few allergens as possible.

5. A Snuggly Fleece Blanket

Who doesn’t love a warm blanket for snuggling up by the fire?

Fleece blankets are practical, inexpensive, and come in a wide variety of cute patterns and colors. A classic red plaid one like this find from TJMaxx is an easy go-to if you aren’t sure which shade is your giftee’s fave.

6. Self Care-Ready Face Masks

Face masks tend to be only a few dollars so they’re one of the best gifts under 20 dollars around.

Gift your recipient a bottle of product that will last for months, or pick out a few different sheet masks.

7. A Trendy Headband (or Two!)

Accessories can be fairly inexpensive, and headbands are a great option — they’re extremely trendy right now so any fashionista in your circle will love this gift.

A cute headband would surely be appreciated by the recipient the next time they need something to wear to a holiday party!

BTW, this set comes with six headbands for just $13.99 — so you can gift your friends a few and save a couple for yourself!

8. A Go-To Mug

A cute mug is an inexpensive and fun gift — so our gifts under 20 guide wouldn’t be complete without this item. There’s a mug out there for every personality.

To make the gift extra special, you could package it with a few hot cocoa packets and some marshmallows.

9. Gifts Under 20 for Girly Girls: Hair Clips

Hair clips, like headbands, are everywhere right now, and you can easily find some that are under twenty dollars.

If the person you’re shopping for likes to stay on trend, they’ll love some fun new hair clips. These ones from Anthropologie are surprisingly cheap and simple enough to work with anyone’s aesthetic.

10. A Pretty Nail Polish Set

If the person you’re shopping for always has impeccable nails, why not gift them some new nail polish?

Pick out several colors of affordable nail polish or just go for a cute set like this $12.99 Essie pack from Target. You could also include nail stickers, a glass file, or a new top coat to complete the gift.

Which of these gifts under 20 is your favorite?

Want even more gift ideas? See our guide to cheap gift ideas for friends for even more cute go-tos under $20!

Do you have any go-to gifts? Let us know in the comments!

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