17 Matcha Nail Ideas to Try this Spring

Matcha is more than just a drink, it’s an aesthetic 💚💅

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Are you searching for a fresh nail vibe to rock this Spring? Look no further than matcha nails!

If you’re unfamiliar with matcha nails, the concept is just what it sounds like, a nail color that draws inspo from the serene, light green hue of matcha drinks.

You’ll absolutely adore the versatility of matcha nails. This green palette is perfect for crafting beautiful nail art designs that will get you tons of compliments.

Feeling this might be your go-to nail trend for spring? Read on for some matcha nail ideas you’ve got to try!

1. Matcha Latte Nail Art

How To Latte Nail Art Using Soft Gel

One of my favorite matcha-inspired nail designs is matcha latte nail art!

To achieve this type of design, you can use the matcha green shade on your nails to create the look of a matcha latte by mixing it with a white shade.

If you are interested in how to get the matcha latte look on your nails, check this video, which will show you all of the details on how to get the look at home.

2. Sunflower Matcha Nails

If you are looking for something girly and fun for this Spring, you’ll love these sunflower matcha nails!

This look is so cute and is super easy to recreate at home.

To DIY it, just grab some white, yellow, and matcha green nail polish to create this adorable design with sunflowers and French tips!

Pro tip: Use our favorite nail dotting tool set — under $5! — for the detail work.

3. Swirl Matcha Nails

If you love subtle nails but want to get the matcha vibe, this swirl nail look is perfect.

You can totally use matcha green nail polish to create a swirl nail design, or you can invest in a set of press-on nails like these to get the look in seconds.

4. Green Ombre Matcha Nails

Green ombré matcha nails

Another fun way to add the matcha green shade to your nails is by doing an ombre nail look!

You can even make a super glam ombre nail look like this by adding gems and 3D designs to your nails.

The video above shows how this maximalist nail look is done.

5. Mini French Matcha Manicure

Simple Matcha Inspired Manicure

If you are looking for an easy matcha nail idea that anyone can do at home, I recommend this simple matcha-inspired manicure.

For this manicure, you will be using a matcha green nail polish shade to create a micro French nail look. This will make your French tips so much more colorful and fun for this Spring!

6. Abstract Matcha Nails

If you like to get creative with your nail designs, you can also try one like this one! This look will give you a more abstract nail design that incorporates matcha green.

For this design, you will add gems to your nails and matcha green nail polish to create an aura design on your nails.

For more on aura manicures, see our guide to the hottest nail trends of 2024.

7. Chrome Matcha Nails

Chrome is another fun way to add something different to your matcha green nail looks.

You can use gold chrome detailing, as seen above, to give your matcha green nails an abstract design. This would also look amazing if done with silver chrome.

Everyone will be complimenting you on these!

8. Strawberry Matcha Nails

🍓🍵strawberry matcha nails🍵🍓 | spring/summer 2023 inspo

If you like the look of matcha green nails but want to add another fun color to your design, then strawberry pink is the perfect choice for spring.

For example, try out these strawberry matcha nails. To achieve this look, you will be using a light pink and a matcha green shade to create a super cute design with swirls and flowers.

9. Trendy Matcha Nails

💚Trendy Matcha Latte Nail Compilation: Stunning Designs to Try 💚

You can also go the more trendy route and use matcha green nail polish to create simple nail art designs like these.

For example, leaves, daisies, and simple swirls look amazing when done with pastel matcha green. Again, a good dotting tool is key for DIYing these designs!

10. Heart Matcha Nails

cute matcha nails ♡🍵

This heart matcha nail look is another example of a girly design using matcha green.

For this look, you will be using matcha green nail polish to add adorable heart-shaped designs to your nails.

Pearl accents and glitter finish off the manicure for all those girly vibes.

11. Matcha Ombre French Tips

You can also use matcha green nail polish to create an ombre French tips look, as seen above.

So, if you like the look of ombre nails but want to incorporate some matcha green nail polish into your looks, this is the perfect design for you.

You can easily get this look at home by purchasing these press-on nails from Etsy.

12. Solid Green Matcha Nails

If you want a simple look using matcha green nail polish, you can also go for a look like this one that uses the matcha shade all over the nails.

This is perfect for those of us who are looking for a fun new color to try for our next manicure this Spring.

12. Matcha Crystal Manicure

If you want a sparkly matcha nail look, you should go for this type of manicure!

This cute mani features multicolored rhinestones added to matcha green nails.

The best part is, these nails are press-ons, so you can buy the whole set on Etsy and wear them over and over again.

13. 3D Matcha Nails

You can also create a 3D nail look using matcha green nail polish. This is perfect for those of us who want to achieve a more detailed look using matcha green.

This look uses matcha green nail polish with gold chrome flakes and white nail polish to create a 3D drip design on the nails.

To make this look easy to get at home, you can purchase these press-on nails from Etsy.

14. Matcha Marble Nails

Matcha Marble Acrylic Nails | Watch Me Do My Nails using Diamond Nail Supplies Acrylic! 🌿

Marble is another popular nail design that you may be considering for this spring.

If this is one of the looks you want to wear this season, I recommend making your marble nail look even more fun by using matcha green nail polish.

If you have never tried a marble nail look at home, check out this video tutorial, which will show you exactly how to get a matcha green marble nail look.

15. 3D Matcha Tips

If you want to do a French tips look for this spring but want something fun to try on your French tips, why not try a 3D French tips look like this one using matcha green?

This French tips look will give you a super cool abstract 3D design using matcha green, perfect for Spring.

16. Glazed Matcha Nails

If you love the glazed donut nail trend, then you will also love this nail look.

This nail design will give you the look of glazed nails. However, the only difference is you will be using matcha green nail polish instead of white.

So, if you are looking for a simpler matcha-inspired look for the spring but want something a bit more fun than just a regular nail polish look, try out this sparkly glazed matcha look!

17. Butterfly Nail Art

For another fun nail look that you can do using matcha green nail polish, you should definitely try out this butterfly nail art design!

This design uses matcha green nail polish to create French tips on the nails while also adding a gorgeous white butterfly design to complete the look.

Which matcha nails will you be trying this Spring?

Which is your favorite matcha nail look from this list? Have you tried matcha nails before?

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