The 24 Hottest Nail Trends for 2024

These are the nail looks we’ll see everywhere in 2024.

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2024 is almost here! That means there will be a bunch of new nail looks that you will want to try for the new year.

There were so many great nail trends in 2023, but I am sure you are wondering what kind of nails will be trendy in the upcoming year.

To help keep you in style, I have compiled a list of 24 different nail trends for 2024 that you should try this year. So, check out the list below to get some ideas and design inspo for your fresh nail looks!

1. Embellished Nails

One nail trend that you should try out in 2024 is embellished nails. Embellished nails usually will have gems or some kind of nail accessories added to make the nail look stand out!

For example, this super cool embellished nail look is a great example of a design that you could do in 2024 by adding gems and 3D designs. More is more!

2. Aura Nails

You may have seen aura nails before because they have recently become a trendy nail look. If not, they will be a perfect nail design to try in 2024 if you haven’t already!

For those of us who have never seen or heard of aura nails before, the above is an example of an aura nail design using a darker red nail polish shade.

To create the aura nail design above, you will want to use a darker shade of nail polish around your nails, and then in the center, add a lighter nail polish shade. You can also reverse the colors and do dark in the middle with light on the outside.

3. Holographic Nails

Holo Chrome - Unicorn Holographic Pigment

Holographic nails like these are also a fun type of nail that you can totally wear in 2024 to stay trendy!

Holographic nails will definitely make your nails stand out and will give you a shiny nail look that you will love. It’s very Y2K and so pretty.

Just check out this video tutorial to see how to get a holographic nail look for 2024!

4. Lavender Nails

Lavender nails art tutorial step by step

Hailey Bieber has definitely had a huge influence on nail trends, and she has done it again with lavender nails!

Lavender nails have become a popular nail trend after Hailey Bieber showed off her cute lavender nail look.

What’s great about this type of look is you can go the simple route and just paint your nails lavender, or you can add some design to it, as shown in this video, to make the look more fun!

5. Mirror Chrome Nails

ROSE GOLD Mirror Chrome Nails With GEL & REGULAR POLISH!

Chrome nails like these rose gold nails are also another shiny nail look that will be great to try in 2024. Chrome nails were super popular in 2023, and they will also be a fun type of nail look to wear in 2024!

And, to make your nails look slightly different from the usual silver or white chrome nails, you can go for a color like this gorgeous rose gold.

6. Negative Space Nail Art

Minimalist Negative Space Nail Art

One nail design you may not have seen before is this negative space nail art look! A negative space nail art look is a design that leaves part of your nails without any color.

For example, this is a negative space nail art design using dark blue nail polish and some gold glitter, which gives you a design on the ends of your nails.

This is just one example of the types of looks you can create with a negative space nail art design, but there are so many more, and you can get creative with your look!

7. Metallic Accent Nail Art

GelMoment: Metallic Accent Nail Art

Another fun nail trend for 2024 for those who love shiny or sparkly nail looks is a metallic accent nail art design like this one!

With this design, you will be getting a nail look with a base coat, and then some added metallic details to create a super cool design that you will love.

Just watch this video tutorial to see a great example of a nail look you can create at home with metallic accents!

8. Blue Nails


Not only will lavender nails be a great option for 2024, but you may also want to try blue nails!

Blue nails are definitely going to be trendy in 2024. What’s great about blue nails is that you can create different types of designs with blue nail polish, or you can go the simple route and just pick your favorite shade of blue!

For example, if you want a simple design with some sparkle, check out this royal blue nail look with silver sparkles.

9. Mismatched Nails

Mismatched Nails - Tutorial by Artsomenails

For those of us who like to do a bunch of different types of designs on our nails, you might want to try out a mismatched nail look for 2024!

A mismatched nail look basically means that you do different designs on each of your nails to create a nail look with multiple designs. For example, this nail look combines a checkered, polka dot, and rose design to create a fun nail look!

10. Chrome Detailing

If you love chrome nails but want to try something different than just a simple chrome nail look, you may want to consider trying out chrome details on your nails!

You can create a super cool design using chrome on your nails to create a look that will make your nails stand out in 2024.

You can even get really creative and use 3D chrome details to make a nail design like this one using gold chrome! (These nails are press-ons so you can buy them to get the exact look, too.)

11. Chrome French Nails

Chrome will definitely be a hot trend to try in 2024 if you haven’t already! And, for those of us who love French nails, you might want to add it to your usual nail look by using chrome on the tips of your nails.

So, the next time you go to get your nails done but you are looking to do a different type of French nail for something more trendy, definitely try out chrome on the tips of your nails.

12. 3D French Tip Designs

Another French Tip nail look that will be trending for 2024 is the 3D French tips nail look like this!

With 3D French tips, you can make your usual French nail look stand out more with some creative designs.

Check out these nails for some inspo on what you should do when creating a 3D French tip nail look!

13. Square French Nails

Square nails like these have become popular again, so you will definitely want to try some square nail looks in 2024!

For example, a great nail look for square nails is always the French nail look, and there are so many variations you can try. For instance, this black and white nail look with square-shaped nails looks so fresh and cool.

14. 3D Chrome French Tip Designs

If you want to get really creative with French tip nail looks in 2024, you may want to try out a 3D chrome french tip nail look like this one, seen at New York Fashion Week last season.

With this nail look, you will add 3D designs to your French tips to make this nail look even more fun.

For some inspo for some 3D designs that you can add to French tip nails, definitely check out this nail look with chrome tips and 3D detailing!

15. Artistic Nail Designs

For those of us who like to be more on the artsy side with our looks, you may be interested in doing a more artistic nail design like this one in 2024!

This will give you a trendy nail look and will also let you get really creative with how you want your nails to look.

For example, you can do multiple different designs as seen on these nails with super cool patterns!

16. Side Tip French Nails

Side-tip French nails is another cool, abstract variation on French tips that will be trending in 2024.

If you have never seen a side French tip nail look before, it is basically just like doing the French tip but only on half of the nail.

For example, this side French tip look uses white nail polish to create a simple and cute design that may be just what you want in 2024!

17. Abstract French Tips

You can also get super creative with your French tips by adding abstract designs! For example, this French tip look adds abstract designs to the tips of the nails to make them stand out.

And, to make the designs really pop, you can use some bright colors like this gorgeous shade of orange to create this abstract swirl design!

18. Mismatched French Tips

Yup, we have another French tip variation. 2024’s nail trends feature French nails quite heavily!

Here, we have an example of mismatched French tips, which combine abstract nails with side french tips.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this look, which uses gold glitter and white nail polish to create a gorgeous sparkly French tips design! It’s so glam and would be amazing for parties or formals.

19. Outlined French Tips

Another one of my favorite French tip looks that I definitely recommend you try in 2024 is the outlined French tips! With this look, you will be basically outlining where you would usually put your French tips with whatever nail polish color you would like.

And, to make the look even more fun, I recommend adding some color to your nails with some colorful nail polish to create the outline design. You can do this in any of your favorite shades so it’s super customizable to your aesthetic.

20. Gem Nails

Gem nails are another fun nail trend for 2024. To create a gem nail look, you add some pearls and/or or rhinestones to your nails to make them look super cute.

You can add as many as you like or even get creative with the designs that you create using gems, but to have a more trendy look in 2024, you should go for a look like this one!

With this look, you will be adding just a few gems to your nails to create a simple but super cute look.

21. Black & White Nail Designs

Black & white nail designs also will give you something fun and new to try in 2024, so if you have been looking for some black and white nail looks to try, I recommend checking out this nail look!

This look uses black and white nail polish to create some French tips as well as star designs on the nails to add more to the look.

You can also use a touch of color to make the look pop! For example, this light pink shade looks gorgeous when paired with black and white designs.

22. 3D Chrome Rainbow Nails

Easy 3D Rainbow Chrome Glitter Nails

If you love chrome nails and you are also interested in designs that you can do by adding some 3D detailing, you may want to try out these trendy 3D rainbow chrome nails in 2024!

This is definitely a complicated look but it incorporates quite a few 2024 nail trends into one. I’d recommend getting it done at a salon, but check out the video above to see how it’s achieved.

23. Ombre Nails

Ombre nails have been popular for years now and this will continue into 2024. As always, they are a great nail look to do if you want something simple but also trendy.

If you have never tried ombre nails before, I highly recommend trying something like the example above, with rhinestones on the bottoms of the nails, because it is perfect for basically any occasion. (It’s giving classy nails.)

24. Waterdrop Nails

sub)투명젤로만 완성하는 영롱한 물방울네일, 유리알네일, 셀프네일아트/ waterdrop nails, clear nails, nails tutorial

Another super cool nail look you should try in 2024 is the waterdrop nail look! If you have never heard of the waterdrop nail look before, it basically makes your nails resemble a waterdrop with clear nail polish and nail extensions!

This nail look would be best with the almond nail shape to really get that waterdrop to look. Just check out this video tutorial to see how the look is done.

What nail designs will you be trying in 2024?

Which nail designs from this list are you most excited about trying? Which nail look do you think will be the most popular in 2024?

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