Channel Cool Girl Vibes with B&W Nails

Black and white nails are classy and timeless. Here are our favorite ways to rock this color combo.

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Black & white nails from amazon - long nails, nail art

Are you looking for a fun new nail design to try? Black and white nails are chic, timeless, and beautiful, so they may be the perfect style for you.

I am sure a lot of us love doing colorful nails, but sometimes you may want to switch up your designs and try something new.

That’s where black and white nails come in! They will give you a subtle nail look, but you can still do a bunch of super cute designs with these colors, so don’t worry — your nails won’t look boring.

Ready for some inspo? If black and white nails are the next kind of nail look you want to go for, check out this list of 15 gorgeous black and white nail designs that you will be obsessed with!

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Short Black & White Nails

1. Cow Print Nails

Cow Print DIY Nail Art

I am sure you have probably seen cow print nails before, but have you ever given them a try? This black and white nail design became very trendy a few seasons ago, but it is still a very cute design that will get you tons of compliments.

What I love about this nail look is it is actually pretty easy to do at home for those of us who are beginners at nail art. So, if you are curious about how to get the cow print nail look at home, check out this video tutorial for all the details.

And, don’t worry because this nail look is adorable on short nails or long — any nail length or shape works with these.

2. Multi-Design Nails

Nail Art in Black and White! Monochrome Nails with MissJenFabulous

Another great part about the black and white nail color combo is how neutral it is. It still looks classy even when you do lots of bold, crazy patterns. With this in mind, you can create multiple black and white designs on your nails for a super cute nail look!

As shown in this video tutorial, you can use flower nail designs, a yin-yang design, or even some other more abstract designs to create a super cool black and white nail look. These are also simple to DIY at home with a nail detail brush. (This set of brushes is our favorite.)

3. Black & White French

Black & White FRENCH MANICURE / Chevron NAIL ART For Everyday! - NAILS 2022

If you love the look of French nails, but you want to use black and white nail polish to create a cool design on the tips of your nails, this is the nail idea for you.

This eye catching black and white French nail design combines the v-shape French design with some black and white polka dots. Again, this would be an easy at-home DIY to achieve with some tape and a dotting tool. Watch the video above to see how it’s done.

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4. Black & White Flowers

BLACK & WHITE FLORAL NAIL ART / LifeWorldWomen Collab Mimzie / Monochrome Nails

If you love adding floral designs to your nails, you can also use black and white nail polish to achieve a floral nail look as shown in this video tutorial.

I think this nail design looks gorgeous with black and white nail art and you can even make the design more detailed by switching up the base colors as they did in the video. This one is a bit more advanced than the other tutorials on this list, so it may be one to get done at a salon.

5. Black & White Hearts

BLACK & WHITE HEART NAIL ART / Dry Marble Monochrome Nails

Swirly hearts is another adorable nail design that you can achieve with black and white nail polish!

This is a super cute design that looks great on people with shorter nails. It is also another nail design that you can totally do at home. Just watch this tutorial to see how to get this design — it’s a lot easier than you’d think and looks so professional!

Long Black & White Nails

6. Black & White Abstract Design

Hand Drawn Abstract Nail Art | Simple Black & White Gel Nail Design Tutorial w/ Swarovski Crystals

If you have longer nails or you want to create a black and white nail look with some acrylic nails, there are also so many different designs you can choose from!

For example, if you like glam or fancy nail looks that will make your nails stand out, I suggest trying out this black and white abstract design with some added rhinestones.

This look is gorgeous and will be a fun look for you to try at home if you love doing more detailed designs.

7. Black & White Marble Nails

How to do Easy MARBLE NAILS Design ?!!!!👌 | KMF Nails Design

I am sure you have probably seen marble nails before. They used to be a super popular nail look, so you likely have already tried the marble nail look.

However, I totally recommend trying out this nail look again, but with black and white nail colors. This will create a gorgeous, multi-dimensional nail look and will give you something different than the usual white and grey marble nails we see everywhere.

8. Black & White Flames

Flame nails. Black and white stars and moons nails. Black french nails

If you are looking for a more fun design to do with the black and white nail color combo, I recommend going for flame designs, as shown in this video tutorial!

Using black and white to create flame designs on the tips of your nails will give you a super cool nail look.

If you want to add to this nail design even more, you could also use some other designs on your nails on top of the flame design. For example, in this video tutorial, they use a moon and stars design along with the flames to create an even more detailed nail look!

9. Ilusion Ombre

Viral illusion ombré French tip nail art tutorial | trying TikTok nail designs

If you are on TikTok at all, you have probably seen the new nail trend of illusion ombre French tip nails.

I absolutely love this new trend because I think it creates such a cool nail look that will definitely make your nails stand out.

What I also love about this trend is that it looks very cool when you use black and white nails. So, if you are looking for a trendy nail look that you can do with black and white nail colors, I totally recommend trying out this look! Check out the video to see how it’s achieved.

10. Black & White Tips Design


Another nail look that has been trendy recently is doing fun designs on the tips of your nails. For example, this video shows a super cool swirl nail design that you can do on the tips of your nails if you are going for a longer nail look.

This look is also pretty simple to do at home, just watch this quick video tutorial to learn how!

Simple Black & White Nails

11. Minimal Black & White Tips

Minimal Black and White DIY Nail Art

If you love doing nail designs, but you like the look of more minimal nail looks, then you can still totally achieve these kinds of nails with black and white nail art polish!

For example, you could try out this nail look that creates a simple black and white nails for the tip.

And, if you want to add a little more to this look, you could add a little bit of gold sparkle, which looks gorgeous with this nail color combo. (It would also be really cute for the holiday season or any parties you have coming up.)

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12. Black & White Polka Dots

Easy Nail Art | Black and White Nail Designs without tools

Polka dot nails are super cute and they look great in black and white. If you love simple and minimal nail designs, this type of manicure is perfect for you, plus it’s easy to DIY at home.

I love this look because it is simple but also makes a statement. It also has a little bit of a retro feel, which I love.

13. Minimal Black & White Abstract Design


If you like nail designs that look more abstract, you could also try out this minimal matte black and white nail design.

This black and white nail design is simple to do but also will give off the look of trendy abstract nails. If you are interested in trying out this look, check out this video tutorial — you can absolutely do this one at home.

14. Black & White Swirl Nails

Black And White Swirl Nail Art Tutorial

Another great option for those of us who like more minimal nail designs is swirl nails using black and white nail polish. Again, this look will be easy for you to achieve at home and also looks super cute on any nail length!

Just check out this quick video tutorial to see how to get black and white swirl nails at home.

15. Black & White French

Black and white nail art, Basic french gel polish on natural nails by Dorota

If you are one of those people who is obsessed with doing French nails, don’t worry because you can also totally do French black and white nails with polish.

What I love about using these colors for French nails is that you can do a couple of different looks.

For example, you could follow along with this video tutorial and do a French manicure with black nail polish as your base color and white for the tips. Or, you could use clear nail polish as your base and use black for the tips with a white outline on the tips to create a more fun French design using these colors! The possibilities are endless.

Which of these black & white nail designs is your favorite?

What kind of eye catching black & white nail looks do you like? Which nail designs will you be trying on your nails?

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