20 Cute & Fun Halloween Nail Designs to Die For

Get your claws ready for Halloween with these adorable nail ideas! 💅👻

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Photo of three sets of Halloween manicures with the text 20 Gorgeous Halloween Nail Trends for Spooky Season

Are you excited for this spooky season? Halloween is right around the corner, so you should be thinking of all the ways that you will be getting into the Halloween spirit this year!

One super way to make sure you look extra festive for Halloween this year is by incorporating some spooky nail designs into your look.

There are so many fun Halloween nail looks to choose from to help you in your search for some super cute or even super spooky Halloween nail designs!

If you are curious about some of the nail designs that you should be trying out this season, check out this list of 22 Halloween nail designs that you will love this spooky season!

Cute Halloween Nails

1. Drip Halloween Nails

Drip Halloween Nails | Gel-X Nails

Drip nail designs have been a popular nail trend for a while and if you like this type of nail design, you can totally wear it this spooky season!

All you need to do is to make sure you incorporate some Halloween-themed colors into your look. For example, use orange and black nail polish to create this look, as shown in this video tutorial. You could also do it with orange and white, or even black and white for a more subtle look.

2. Red Chrome Halloween Nails


Red is also a popular Halloween color for all those creepy vibes. So, if you like the look of red nails, you may want to check out this red chrome Halloween nail design.

This look incorporates French nails with red tips and a super cool spiderweb design in red chrome!

3. Mummy Halloween Nails


If you’re a nail art fan and want something neutral yet cute, this is the mani for you. You can add more detail to your Halloween-themed nails and go for these mummy nails!

This nail look will give you a super cute mummy-inspired nail look for Halloween with some other featured art, such as skeletons and spiderwebs.

4. Pumpkin Halloween Nails

Grant and Suzie Hand-Paint Pumpkin Halloween Nail Art

Of course, you may have thought of doing a pumpkin design for Halloween because this is such a popular Halloween-themed design.

If this is the kind of design that you want to go for this Halloween, I recommend checking out this pumpkin nail tutorial. For this look, you will be creating some adorable pumpkin nail designs on your nails with a colorful base coat. If you love to try nail art designs, this is such a fun and unique one to attempt.

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5. Spooky Scream Nails

EASY Halloween scream nails! | spooky scream nails tutorial | How to make Halloween nails

If you want to go the super spooky route for your nail design this Halloween, you could try these scream-inspired nails!

This nail look will give you a French tip nail design with the illusion of blood splattered on your nails for a super spooky look.

6. Cute Halloween Nail Art

Cute Nail Art 2023 | Fun & Easy Halloween Nail Design Compilation!

If you are looking for some simple and cute nail art for your Halloween looks, then I definitely recommend trying out these adorable Halloween-inspired nail ideas!

As shown in this video, there are so many different nail art ideas for you to choose from. For example, you could totally do some super cute ghost or skeleton-inspired designs.

7. Pink Halloween Ghost Nail Art


For those looking for a more girly Halloween-inspired nail look, I recommend this pink Halloween ghost nail art!

This nail look will give you an adorable ghost design on your nails with some added pink nail polish to make the design feel more girly.

8. Glow in the Dark Ghost Nails

Ghost nails from Etsy

Glow-in-the-dark nails are also a really fun option for Halloween. And, if you are considering doing glow-in-the-dark nails for your Halloween nail look, why not add some cute designs?

For example, you should totally be trying out this adorable mini ghost design on your nails. And, to save you the time and effort of doing your own nails at home, you can get this exact look by simply purchasing these press-on nails.

9. LED Light Nail Art

Easy LED Light Nail Art | Halloween Nail Art | Nail Tutorial

You may have never seen a nail art look like this one before! It is LED nail art, which gives the illusion that you have LED light-style designs on your nails.

This would be a really cool Halloween look to try, especially if you added on something Halloween-themed, as shown in this video tutorial where they added “Boo” to the nail look with a letter on each nail.

10. Pink Ghostface Nails

Ghostface Nail Art | Gel X Dupe Method | Halloween Nail Tutorial

Another fun way to create a more girly Halloween nail look, if that is what you are going for, is to incorporate pink into your drip designs!

This will give your Halloween-inspired nail design a more girly look while still making sure that you have a spooky design to show off this Halloween. This look is kind of a combo of drip nails and the cute ghost look above — it’s the perfect mix of edgy and baddie.

11. Rhinestone Mummy Nails

Mummy nails from Etsy

You can also add a bit of sparkle to your Halloween-inspired nail looks by incorporating some rhinestones or glitter.

For example, this mummy nail look with rhinestones will give you a glam look for this Halloween!

Just purchase these Halloween-inspired press-on nails to get the look.

12. 3D Halloween Nails

Acrylic nails Halloween Nail Art Design Spooky 3d Eyeball

If you want an extra spooky look this Halloween, I recommend trying out this 3D Halloween nail look!

For this look, you will add an extra spooky 3D art detail to your nails in the form of a super creepy and realistic eyeball. This will give you a super spooky look that will definitely make your nails stand out this Halloween.

Just check out this video tutorial to see exactly how to get a 3D design like this one!

13. Glam Halloween Nails

Spiderweb nails from Etsy

If you want a more glam look for Halloween, you can also go for one that incorporates sparkles and rhinestones with some intricate Halloween-themed designs.

And, don’t worry because if you are new to nail designs, you can get this look just by purchasing these gorgeous press-on nails!

14. Glow in the Dark Spooky Nails

Easy Hand Painted Halloween Nails | Nail Sugar

If you are obsessed with the glow-in-the-dark nail idea for this Halloween, you should totally try out this spooky glow-in-the-dark graveyard nail look!

For this glow-in-the-dark look, you will use black and grey nail polish to create some fun Halloween-inspired designs while adding details with glow-in-the-dark nail polish.

15. Blood Splatter Halloween Nails

My Client Left Her Appt Bleeding 💉 Easy Blood Splatter Halloween Nails

Another super spooky look option that is less detailed is this blood-splattered nail look. This will give you a Halloween-inspired nail look for this spooky season without having to do an intricate design!

You can totally achieve this Halloween look easily at home by using some red nail polish. Just be ready for some serious reactions to your creepy nails!

16. Black & Purple Nails

Black & purple nails from Etsy

Another nail look you may not have thought of for Halloween is a black & purple nail look! Purple may not have been the first color that came to mind when you thought of Halloween nails, but it is another great option for creating your Halloween nail looks.

So, if you are considering adding purple to your Halloween nail looks this year, I recommend checking out this black and purple manicure with bat designs.

Even better, the nails above are actually press-ons, so no need to hit the salon or DIY.

17. Monster High Nails


One other girly Halloween nail look that I recommend you check out for this Halloween is this Monster High Halloween nails look!

This will give you a girly, Halloween-themed nail look that you will be obsessed with this Halloween.

If you want to recreate this look at home, this video will show you exactly how it’s done.

18. Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

How To : Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Art | Handpainted Nails | Halloween Nails

Another popular Halloween-themed design you may be obsessed with this year is this Nightmare Before Christmas nail look!

This is a very popular Halloween movie, so if you are a fan of this movie, you will adore this nail look.

Watch this video tutorial to see exactly how you can get this look at home for this spooky season.

19. Mickey Mouse Halloween Nails


If you want a more cute and fun Halloween nail look this year, check out this Mickey Mouse-inspired Halloween nail look.

For this look, add adorable Halloween Mickey designs like this adorable ghost and pumpkin to a nude mani. Or just buy these pretty press-ons from Etsy and re-use them all spooky season.

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20. Orange, Black & White Nails

Orange black & white Halloween nails from Etsy

If you are looking for a more simple but obviously Halloween-themed nail look, I recommend purchasing these press-on nails!

These press-on nails feature orange, black, and white to create a simple, Halloween-themed nail look that will be perfect to wear throughout October.

21. Halloween Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs 2022 🎃 Halloween Makeup Nails #halloween

You can also go for more intricate Halloween nail designs like this Halloween nail look that uses multiple Halloween colors, or even this nail design that features a spider web design on the tips of the nails!

Check out this video tutorial for some eye-catching Halloween nail art designs you will love if you want something more detailed for your nail looks this Halloween.

22. Polka Dot Halloween Nails

Halloween Nail Art! 12 Nail Designs for Beginners!

Another simple, but also super cute Halloween nail design that you can totally go for is this polka dot Halloween-themed design!

With this look, you will use black, white, and orange to create an adorable polka dot design in Halloween colors. You can add some extra designs to this look, like these super cute ghost or spider designs.

Which Halloween nail designs will you be trying this spooky season?

Which Halloween nail design is your favorite? What costume will you be wearing this Halloween?

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