19 Pumpkin Nail Looks You’ll Love This Fall

Get some manicure inspo for fall with these pumpkin nail looks! 🎃

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Photo of a woman in a burnt orange sweater modeling a fall manicure consisting of nude nails with orange french tips and a pumpkin accent nail on the ring finger
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If you, like me, are one of those people who loves fall, then you may be thinking of all the different ways you can get in the fall mood this year.

For me, doing my nails for the autumn season is one of my favorite ways to get in a cozy fall mood. And the best part is that the season has so many fun colors you can use to create cute fall nail designs.

We’ve already shared our favorite fall nail ideas, as well as our favorite Halloween nails and gothic nail ideas for spooky szn, but today we’re focusing on the cozy fall vibes with a roundup of adorable pumpkin nail ideas.

I’ve made sure to compile a variety of looks that will work for all different kinds of nails. So whether you have long or short nails, there’s something for you.

Read on for all the inspiration you need to rock some cute pumpkin nails!

Pumpkin Nail Ideas

1. Embossed Pumpkin Nails

Embossed Pumpkin Nails | Madam Glam | Nail Sugar

First up, we’re diving right in with a bright, bold, and blinged-out pumpkin nail look.

These embossed pumpkin nails will make it seem as though you have 3D pumpkins on your nails — so cute and unique. The rhinestones add just the right amount of sparkle to this shimmery look.

And don’t forget to spice this look up a bit with different shades of yellow and orange to make it look even more fall-inspired.

2. Fall Pumpkin Nails

If you like nail looks with multiple different designs, you will really love this pumpkin nail idea. This look combines a couple of different designs to make your nails really stand out.

This cute, varied manicure includes a pumpkin design, a fall leaves design, and even a marble nail design, all using fall colors!

And to add a bit more to the look, you can add some gold glitter to your nails, too.

Of course, the easiest way to get this manicure for yourself is to purchase the set of press-ons shown above. That way, you can reapply them and wear them all season.

3. Pumpkin Patch Nails

🎃 PUMPKIN PATCH | HALLOWEEN | Easy gel polish nail art design & tutorial | Autumn/Fall/Thanksgiving

If you love classic fall decor and all things cozy, you may want to try out this pumpkin patch-themed nail look!

For this look, you will be getting a super cute pumpkin design on your nails with some added glitter and rhinestones to make the look really sparkle.

Just watch this video tutorial to see how it’s done!

4. Orange & White Pumpkin Nails

If you want a simpler fall nail look or just want something for short nails, you will love this orange and white pumpkin nail idea. This look uses orange nail polish to create a mini pumpkin design and some stripes, as well as gold glitter for the accent nails.

If you are interested in getting this look, purchase these press-on nails to get this exact manicure at home.

5. Bloody Pumpkin Nails

On the other side of the spectrum, you might be feeling a more spooky nail look to help you get in the mood for Halloween. That’s where this spooky jack-o-lantern manicure comes in.

Featuring a mix of orange pumpkins and faux blood detailing, these nails are anything but cutesy. They definitely bring the scary vibes!

Again, all you need to do is purchase these spooky pumpkin press-on nails that will really get you feeling the Halloween vibes since they’re a gorgeous set of press-ons.

6. Pumpkin Tips

Easy Autumn Pumpkin Nail Art Tutorial || KELLI MARISSA

For a simple but also super cute look, definitely check out these pumpkin tip nails. These nails have a nude base coat with some orange and brown nail polish used to create little pumpkins at the tips of the nails.

This look is also perfect for those looking for something to fit shorter nails. So, if you want to achieve this look yourself, check out this video tutorial to learn how it’s done.

7. Cute Halloween Pumpkin Nails

If you are looking for a cute pumpkin nail look that is Halloween-inspired, I would totally recommend you try this one!

This cute manicure includes a couple of different Halloween nail designs, such as a super cute ghost and pumpkin, as well as some shiny black glitter nails for a witchy feel. And we can’t forget the sequins for some extra bling.

Be sure to buy this set of press-ons to get this look at home the easy way.

8. Plaid Pumpkin Nails

Easy Pumpkin and Autumn Plaid Nail Art

A design that you may be considering adding to your pumpkin nails is plaid! Plaid is always a trendy fall print, so it’s an excellent pick for your fall nail looks.

This plaid pumpkin nail look combines some orange and black nail polish with some gold glitter to create a super cute manicure that will make sure to give you all of the fall vibes.

Just check out this video tutorial to see how to get this look at home.

9. Sparkly Pumpkin Nails

HOLOWEEN Nail Art Pumpkins ft. Zyler

Jack-o-lantern designs are another fun way to add something Halloween-themed to a pumpkin manicure.

So, if you are considering adding a Jack-o-lantern design to your looks, I recommend this sparkly pumpkin nail look.

To achieve this mani, you will be using sparkly gold glitter with black nail polish to create the illusion that you have jack-o-lanterns on your nails.

You can also add a spooky black cat design to this look — so cute!

10. Neon Halloween Nails

For a spooky but also colorful Fall/Halloween-themed nail look, I definitely recommend purchasing these press-on neon pumpkin nails.

This look will give you super cool neon Halloween designs in multiple different colors, so you can be sure your nails will stand out!

11. Purple Pumpkin Nails

Pumpkin Nail Art! | Nail Sugar | MEMBER SHOUT OUTS!

If you are looking for a pumpkin nail look that actually has some colors other than orange, I recommend this funky pumpkin nail tutorial!

This look uses multiple different shades of blue and purple nail polish with some gold glitter to create a pumpkin design that’s very reminiscent of Cinderella.

If this look is your vibe, watch this video tutorial to get all the details on how to get this manicure yourself.

12. Orange & Black Pumpkin Nails

Pumpkin Nail Art | Black and Orange October Nails! | Watch Me Work Gel Nail Art

You may love all of the colorful fall shades, but you might also be looking for a pumpkin nail look that is on the darker side.

If this is the kind of look you are going for, you will definitely love this orange and black pumpkin manicure.

This nail idea features glittery orange and black nail polish, as well as holographic sequins and even matte black accent nails. It’s so dimensional and fun — definitely a great option to get at the salon or attempt at home.

13. Cartoon Pumpkin Nails

Pumpkin Love Cartoon Pop Art Nails | Madam Glam | Nail Sugar

If you want a super cool and unique design for your nails, I am obsessed with this cartoon-style fall nail look! This manicure features a pumpkin and a heart for a cool fall take on cartoon nails.

If you have never seen this kind of look before, I highly recommend checking out this video tutorial to see how cartoon nails are done. As a bonus, it’s just so soothing to watch.

14. Pumpkin Spice Burnt Orange Nails

Okay, so this isn’t literal pumpkin nail art — but to me, pumpkin spice nail polish totally belongs in the “pumpkin nails” realm. If you love everything pumpkin spice this time of year, why not rock a pumpkin spice mani?

This look uses a matte burnt orange shade to create a stunning but simple effect. As a bonus, these nails are a set of press-ons that can be worn over and over again this fall. They’d also be perfect for Thanksgiving!

15. Gold Pumpkin Nails

DIY Pumpkin Nails Art

Gold is also a great nail polish color to consider when creating fall nail looks, so if you are considering adding some gold to your pumpkin nails, check out this video!

This tutorial will show you how to get this gold pumpkin look, giving you a pumpkin design and a gold leaves design on top of some gorgeous red and gold nail polish shades.

16. Multicolored Classic Harvest Nails

Simple Dip Powder Nails | Fall Nails | Decal Application | Gel Method | Press Ons | DIY Nails

If you love all of the festive fall colors and want to use all of these shades for your next manicure, definitely check out this multicolored fall nail look!

This nail idea uses green, orange, and yellow nail polish with a plaid design and a plaid pumpkin accent for all those classic fall vibes.

17. Glam Pumpkin Nails

Autumn Pumpkin Nails | Nail Sugar | Madam Glam

For a more glam take on fall nails, definitely check out this Autumn pumpkin nail look with rhinestones! This look will give you some super cute pumpkin designs with some gorgeous orange rhinestones to make the look really glam.

You can also add to the look with stunning marble designs using orange shades.

18. Orange & Purple Pumpkin Nail Art

Cute Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art

You can also add some purple to your next manicure with this orange and purple Halloween pumpkin nail art idea!

This look will give you some cute jack-o-lantern designs done with orange nail polish atop a purple base coat with some added star designs.

19. Pumpkin Carving Nail Art

Halloween Carved Pumpkin Face Nail Tutorial For Beginners #3

For those of us who really love the look of spooky jack-o-lanterns, you can’t go wrong with this pumpkin carving nail look!

This look will give you multiple different jack-o-lantern designs to make your nails look really spooky this year. It’s such a classic and fun fall manicure that will never go out of style.

Which of these pumpkin nail looks will you be trying?

Have you tried pumpkin nail art before? What kind of nail looks do you like to wear during the Fall season?

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