20 Gothic Nail Looks to Channel Your Dark Side

Gothic beauty at your fingertips. 🖤

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Gothic nails from Etsy

Have you been looking for some nail designs to help you get into the Halloween spirit this year? Or do you just want to add some edge to your style? If so, gothic nails may be just what you are looking for!

When you think of gothic nails, you may just be thinking of all-black nails, but there are actually a ton of different designs that will still give you that gothic nail look — you don’t have to stick to a single color or theme.

If you have never tried gothic nails before, you may be wondering what kind of nail looks you can do. Below, I have found a ton of different gothic manicures that will get you in a spooky mood. (Also see our lists of black nail ideas and Halloween nail ideas!)

So, if you want to explore the dark side of nail art, check out these 20 gothic nail ideas for all the spooky vibes you need in your life.

Gothic Nail Ideas:

1. Goth Glass Nails

☠️ GOTH GLASS STILETTO NAILS Black to Clear Gel Ombre Design ☠️

If you want a gothic nail look but are also looking to make your nails look a bit girly, I suggest going for this goth glass nail look.

With this look, you will be getting a black-to-transparent ombre nail look that will give you the illusion of sparkly tinted glass.

You can also add some flare to this look with some cute pink heart rhinestones for a girly feel.

2. Vampire Nails

Après Dupe Method Vampire Nails; Falling in Reverse #fallinginreverse #vampire #gothic

For those of us looking for a super spooky nail look this Halloween season, I recommend this vampire nail look.

This nail design will give you a super goth look that will definitely make you feel all the spooky vibes.

This manicure is also really simple to recreate for those of us who like to do long stiletto-shaped nails. Just make sure to watch this quick video tutorial to see how vampire nails are done!

3. 3D Chrome & Green Nails

3D chrome and green nails from Etsy

If you are looking for a gothic nail design that incorporates colors other than the usual black or red goth nail colors, you should totally try out this 3D chrome and green nail look.

This nail look focuses on a green base with some super cool chrome 3D designs that you will love.

And, to make recreating this look even easier, you can purchase these press-on nails to get the look at home!

4. Gothic Transparent Lace

Gothic Stiletto Nails with Transparency and Lace Design

Another super cool gothic nail look I recommend trying if you want a black nail design with a fun vibe is this gothic transparent lace nail look.

This manicure is essentially an all-black stiletto nail look with a lace design overlayed on top.

Just check out this video tutorial to see how to get this nail design for yourself.

5. Red & Black Rose Design

Red and Black Blood Rose Gothic GRUNGE valentines Acrylic Nails Coffin Shape | Glitter planet

If you want a gothic nail design that incorporates red, this is the perfect look for you! For this design, you will be using red and black nail polish to create the effect of roses on your nails.

To make this look even more fun, add some sparkly red and black rhinestones to complete this beautiful dark manicure.

6. Purple & Black Glam Nails

Gothic Glamour | Hard Gel Nail Design

If you are looking for a more glam gothic nail look, this is definitely the idea for you! This design uses purple and black nail polish colors to create a sparkly French tip look you will love.

You can also use purple and black nail polish to create an ombre design on some of your nails to spice your mani up a little.

7. Red to Black Gradient Nails

Red to Black Gradient Tutorial || KELLI MARISSA

For those of us looking for a simple gothic nail look that will look perfect on shorter nails, you can also try out this red-to-black gradient nail design!

For this look, you will be creating an ombre design that goes from red to black. And this can easily be done at home by watching this quick video tutorial. Seriously, you can do this!

8. Bedazzled Gothic Nails

Goth •Special• Sculpted Acrylic Nails 🗡️

You can also get a bedazzled gothic nail look if you want to add some extra fun to your next manicure. This nail design would be perfect for a Halloween party or even Mardi Gras next year!

For this look, you’ll start with a dark purple nail polish shade for your base coat, adding a bunch of sparkly rhinestones and some nail art to complete the look!

9. Molten Chrome Nails

GOTHIC GRUNGE Cosmic Molten Crome Acrylic Nails | LONG Stiletto Nail | DARK Iridescent AURORA #nails

If you want to achieve a gothic nail look that is totally unexpected, you should totally try out this molten chrome nail look!

With this nail look, you will add 3D designs to your nails with some added holographic sparkle to make the look even more fun. It’s giving alien vibes in the best possible way.

Just check out this video tutorial to see how these incredible nails are done.

10. Gothic Lace Nail Art

Gothic Lace Nail Art

Want something simple yet spooky? This goth lace nail art look channels old Victorian gothic elegance with a hint of modern glam.

This look requires black nail polish, a nail art detail brush (here’s our favorite set), and some black rhinestones.

To make the design stand out, I highly suggest doing this design on a lighter base coat, as shown in this video.

11. Gold Flaming Glitter Nails

Gold flaming glitter nails from Etsy

Another fun way to get a gothic nail look without going too dark with your nail polish is by adding a chrome flame design to your nails.

To get this cool and fun design, I start with a sparkly base coat, then add flames in gold and black.

And if you are not talented at nail art and want to skip a salon visit, good news — you can purchase these gorgeous press-on nails from Etsy and re-wear them as many times as you’d like.

12. Molten Metal Nails

SO EASY Molten metal chrome nails 🛸| What she wanted vs what she got! | Gelx nail art | pressons

More of a silver girl than a gold girl? You need to try this gothic nail look with silver chrome.

These molten metal nails are perfect if you are looking for some 3D nail designs with a little bit of a creepy edge.

With this look, you will want to make sure you have a light base coat color to make the molten metal stand out more.

13. Purple & Black Lace Nails

Gothic Glam Inspired Nail Design

Another fun way to incorporate purple into your gothic nail looks is by doing a purple and black lace nail look like this one!

For this look, you will be adding purple nail polish to some of your nails while also adding lace detailing to others to get a more gothic effect.

Check out this video tutorial to see how this beautiful nail art is achieved.

14. Gothic Flame Nails

🔥Realistic Gel & Pigment Flame Nails🔥

If you like the look of the other flame designs featured in this list, I also recommend checking out this gothic flames nail look.

For this look, you will start with a black or dark-colored base coat, then add flame designs on top with some red and orange nail polish colors. This will give the nail look a more dark and gothic effect.

So, if you are interested in getting some flame nails of your own, make sure to check out this video tutorial to see how they’re done.

15. Pink Aura Chrome Nails

PINK AURA CHROME NAILS| Acrylic Nails| Necta Nails Tutorial | Beginner friendly

A gothic-inspired design that you may not have seen before is this aura nail design! The aura nail look is a trendy abstract-looking style that will give you the look of aura colors on your nails.

So, if you want to try something a bit trendier to give you a gothic nail look, this may be the design for you!

And, what’s great about this look is you can use many different colors to get this look, though I am partial to the pink used in this video tutorial.

16. 3D Gothic Nail Designs

Not for the faint of heart, these extreme goth nails incorporate 3D accessories added to the nails. We’re talking jewels, rings, studs, and even black bows!

This is definitely a nail look to have done at a salon, but if you want to see the whole process, watch this amazing French tip polygel tutorial!

17. Black Ombre Nails

Black ombre nails from Etsy

For those of us who like the look of classic ombre nails or French tips, here’s a gothic nail look for you. For this look, you will create an ombre nail look that will go from a nude base to black tips.

You can also even add some stickers to your nails, as shown on these press-on nails, if you want to add something more to the look!

18. 3D Black Gothic Nails

3D Gothic nails from Etsy

Another fun way to incorporate some cool 3D designs into a gothic nail look is by making your entire nail look 3D!

Basically, you will sculpt your nail into a grungy 3D nail look using a darker color to get that gothic effect.

And, for those of us who have never tried 3D nail looks before, don’t worry because you can totally buy these press-on nails to apply at home.

19. Sparkly Black Acrylic Nails

Black Acrylic Nails - Halloween - Gothic Nail Design

One other gothic nail look that I love is just doing a simple but sparkly black nail design like this one.

You will definitely be getting a dark and spooky but also sparkly nail look with this design if you use black nail polish and black glitter, as shown in this video!

20. Chrome French Tips

Recreating Kylie Jenner’s chrome french tip nails *EASY GEL-X NAILS*

This is another trendy nail look that can give you a more gothic vibe. It is the chrome French tip nails.

Kylie Jenner popularized this look and it has been trendy ever since, so I definitely recommend trying out this look if you want something trendy, but also a bit on the gothic side!

Which gothic nails will you be trying this Halloween season?

Have you ever tried a gothic nail look before? What gothic nail look is your favorite?

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