How to Transform Your Room Into the Vanilla Girl Aesthetic

Create your dream bedroom with these vanilla girl decor ideas.

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Bedroom photo from Dormify

If you are into fashion, you may have heard of the vanilla girl aesthetic that’s everywhere this year. However, you might not have known that vanilla girl translates to home decor, too.

Vanilla girl aesthetic room decor is about combining neutral tones, vintage wall art, greenery, and plenty of creamy whites to create a simple, calming, and cute bedroom aesthetic.

So, if you have been looking for ways to change your bedroom decor or if you are trying to achieve the vanilla girl aesthetic, keep reading.

Here’s my ultimate guide to vanilla girl aesthetic room decor!

Neutral Color Palette

Neutral Rug

A key part of creating a vanilla girl aesthetic bedroom is choosing neutral colors, specifically — you guessed it — lots of creamy white and beige tones.

So, when putting together your bedroom, you should be looking for items in more neutral or subtle colors. For example, if you want to get a rug for your room, I recommend this woven textured swirl rug in white.

Neutral Comforter

A crisp, comfy, calming bed is key to achieving the vanilla girl aesthetic in your room. And it all starts with white bedding.

This white plush comforter and sham set will be exactly the kind of bedding that you will need to help you achieve a vanilla girl aesthetic bedroom. It will add to the simple, comfy vibes of your new room.

Pro tip: Stock up on stain remover if you tend to snack in bed!

Neutral Pillows

Of course, you will also want to add some cute pillows to your bed for some bedding decor!

For example, if you want something that will go along with the vanilla girl aesthetic, I recommend this white heart-shaped pillow.

This faux fur pillow will add a pop of texture to your bed while still staying in the white and cream color scheme.

Wall Decor

Ripple Mirror

Wall art is also another must-have for creating a vanilla girl bedroom! You will want to add the right subtle yet cool wall art to your room to complete your decor.

For example, you could opt for a ripple mirror like this one that comes in white to go along with the aesthetic.

Mirrors are also a fantastic choice for making small rooms feel larger. Hang yours facing a window for even more light and airy vanilla girl vibes!

Neutral Wall Art

The minimalistic vibes of a vanilla girl bedroom pair perfectly with textured white wall art like this.

The piece above is from Etsy, but if you’re crafty, this type of art is actually an easy DIY! Here’s a great video on how to do it at home.

Vintage Posters

If you want to have more fun with your wall art when creating your vanilla girl aesthetic room, you should totally opt for some vintage posters!

Vintage posters are a fun way to add personality to a vanilla girl room. For example, this super cute New Yorker poster will definitely add to the look of your bedroom thanks to its vintage, girly vibe.

What I love about vintage posters is you can even use these as a way to add a bit of color and personality to your room.

Furniture & Textures

Tufted Headboard

Furniture and textiles are also key parts of putting together a bedroom, and there are some ways that you can use your furniture to help you achieve the vanilla girl aesthetic.

For example, buying furniture that is neutral or has subtle designs on it, like this tufted headboard, can help you achieve the vanilla girl aesthetic look.

I love this headboard in particular because you can use it in your dorm room or at home. It attaches to any bed for those luxurious vibes.

Neutral Furniture

If you want some neutral furniture to add to your room, you should check out this cute white bedside table with a glass top.

This table will not only go along with the look of a vanilla girl bedroom, but you can use it to add more cute decor items to your room!

Knit Blanket

Vanilla girl is a cozy aesthetic, so comfy knit materials will definitely add to the vibe of a vanilla girl bedroom.

For example, a chunky beige knit blanket like this one is a great choice for accessorizing an all-white bed. It adds texture and a different neutral tone to the mix, providing needed contrast for your bed setup.


String Lights

Another fun part about putting together a vanilla girl bedroom is the lighting!

Since a vanilla girl bedroom gives off a comfy, cozy, and simple vibe, you should take advantage of your lighting to help you achieve this aesthetic.

For example, white fairy lights are a great addition to your room since they’re subtle, fun, and cozy. Plus, they’re always super affordable and can act as wall decor!

Neutral Lamp Shades

You can also use a cute lamp as a way to decorate your room to help you achieve this kind of bedroom like this one!

This adorable white ceramic lamp may be just what you need to add to your bedroom for some cute decor as well as subtle lighting.

Neon Sign

If you want to add even more fun lighting to your bedroom, then you may be considering adding a neon sign!

While lots of neon signs come in bright colors, to go with your vanilla girl aesthetic room decor, you’ll want a simple white neon sign like the one above.

I love these because they give you something cute and fun to decorate your walls with that will match the aesthetic and show a bit of your personality.



If you are looking for ways to add a bit of color to your vanilla girl bedroom, you should definitely consider adding some greenery to your room!

For instance, these adorable (faux) flower pots may be just the right amount of color you need to add to your new bedroom. Plus, since they’re faux, you don’t have to worry about watering.


If you are looking for some other ways to add some subtle greenery to your bedroom, you should also consider adding succulents!

Succulents are an adorable addition to your vanilla girl bedroom, and they’re generally harder to kill than other plants. (See our list of dorm-friendly plants for more on this.)

Note that the succulents linked above are faux, but you can also buy real succulents on Amazon here.

Hanging Plant

You can also get more creative with the greenery that you add to your bedroom with a hanging plant like this one!

This hanging plant will not only give you something to decorate your walls with, but it will also add to the look of your new aesthetic.

How to Personalize Your Vanilla Girl Room

Make it Cozy

You may also be looking for some other ways to add bits of your personality or style to your new bedroom decor to make it more you.

One of the ways that you can personalize your bedroom is to make it feel comfy and cozy with some of your favorite scents!

For example, you can use simple white candles like these to give your bedroom a cozy vibe.

Pops of Color

Another fun way to add to your bedroom decor to make it feel more like your style is with some pops of color!

As mentioned before, there are some subtle ways that you can add some pops of color using some vanilla girl aesthetic decor like greenery or vintage posters.

But also, you might love adding some pops of color by purchasing a couple of pieces of colorful bedding decor like this adorable flower pillow.

Add Unique Decor

You can also make your bedroom feel more personalized by adding some unique decor!

For example, these abstract vases will go along with the look of the vanilla girl aesthetic.

Also, you can use them to add some greenery to your bedroom to help you achieve the look of a vanilla girl bedroom.

What vanilla girl aesthetic room decor items will you be adding to your bedroom?

What is your favorite decor item from this list? How will you transform your room into the vanilla girl aesthetic?

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