3 Outfits Inspired by Things You Never Have Time to Do

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You know when you see TV or movie characters looking all Oprah-lighting glowy, whiling the day away at some dreamy corner cafe, or wandering the streets in a glamorous, yet effortless ensemble?

Yeah, those girls are not me.

The last time I strolled outside (excluding booking it to class!) I was on my way to my residence's convenience store. I'm reasonably certain the last time I was able to sit down with a hot drink and read a book uninterrupted for hours was when I had the flu. (Yipee!) There are so many lovely little indulgent things that I'd love to have time to do, but somehow never get around to- my three big ones are listed down below, with outfits to match.

At least I know I'll be dressed perfectly for each occasion - should I ever find time to do any of them!

1. Go for a stroll downtown

Stroll downtown outfit

Blazer, Jeans, Scarf, Tank, Purse, Flats

After moving to a city with a vibrant downtown full of eclectic eateries and quirky boutiques, I thought I'd spend my weekends ambling aimlessly, window shopping on the city streets. What I've really found that is my schedule is so packed (mostly with laundry - never-ending laundry) that even on the weekends, I often don't leave campus. I may not have time to wander the shops à la Blair Waldorf in Paris, but I can still dress like I do!

To get this look, create a neutral base by layering a cream colored tank and scarf, then add a gorgeous floral boyfriend blazer. Add a pair of skinnies and finish the look with coordinating flats, a simple cross-body bag and little gold hoop earrings. This outfit would be great paired with a high topknot and winged liner for a look that's trendy, but comfy enough to spend the day downtown.

2) Relax at a coffeehouse

Coffeehouse outfit

Cape, Disco Pants, Tank, Necklace, Flats

During those dreadfully long Econ lectures, I fantasize about taking the bus to a little cafe off campus and sipping fragrant tea while curling up with my favorite Fitzgerald novel. There, they will have varieties of teas I can't pronounce and mismatched cutlery and the waitress probably has, like, a degree in Advanced Study of the Spoken Comma or something. Pretentious? Maybe. Intoxicating? Most definitely.

Prep for your relaxing afternoon with trendy disco leggings and a long, soft tank. Drape yourself with this gorgeous print cape (which is long enough to give you plenty of coverage), then add a simple layered necklace and comfy flats for an outfit that feels both simple and luxurious- perfect for a day spent curling up with your favorite book and a hot drink!

3) DIY up a storm

Outfit for a spa day

Tank, Jeans, Cardigan, Moccasins, Ring

As a self-professed Pinterest-aholic, I have endless bookmarks of projects I want to start, from home decor to spa-at-home ideas. One day, I'd love to find time to actually sit down and create that DIY magnetic makeup board I've been fawning over, but, alas, time never seems to work in my favor.

If I were to find the time to realize my Martha Stewart ambitions, I would dress for the day by slipping on some boyfriend jeans and a concert tank, along with this super snuggly oversized cardigan. Paired with fuzzy moccasins and a cool ring, this outfit is the ultimate in casual cute.

What do you think?

Do you guys find time to do any of these things? (If so, teach me your ways!) What's your favorite 'day-off' activity? Would you wear any of these outfits? What's your favorite Hollywood cliche of how women spend their days?

Leave me your thoughts, opinions, suggestions or horrendously bad junior high poetry in the comments below!

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