How to Decide if You Should Skip a Trend

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We've all been there: you suddenly notice an article of clothing, shoe, or piece of jewelry popping up everywhere. Friends are wearing it, we're covering it on CF, and even your mom has noticed it. Yet somehow, you can't seem to understand what all the hype is. Do you wear the piece anyway just because it's cool and trendy? Do you "learn to like it"? Or do you skip the trend all together?

If you can't decide, here are a few questions you can ask yourself before buying into a trend.

1. Will this trend accentuate my best features?

Just because a trend looks amazing on models and celebrities doesn't mean it's going to look as great on you! Everyone is different - we all look our best in different colors, and we all have unique body shapes that look best in different cuts and fabrics. So, obviously, no trend could ever be universally flattering.

If neon orange is the hot color for spring, but it makes you look like you ingested radioactive material, it's not the trend for you! Why wear something you know is unflattering? That said, you can still wear a trend that isn't the most flattering on you - just be creative and do it in a more minimal way. If you absolutely love orange, for example, you can still use accents of it in your style in a way that won't dull your shine. Or if a trend doesn't flatter your body, try investing in an accessory rather than an actual piece of clothing that may not fall right on you.

Every girl has something beautiful about her body that she especially loves to play up, whether it's her legs or simply her smile. A trend should help you do that! So think about your best features and what you want to show off to the world. If the trend doesn't do that, it might not be for you.

2. Is it my style?

Goth fashion trend

If you love bright, preppy clothing, the gothic-chic black clothing trend may not be the right fashion risk for you to take. Sure, it's always fun to incorporate new pieces that seem risky in comparison to the rest of your wardrobe, but certain pieces may just not be your style, now or ever. If they're not, then don't feel pressured to wear them. Stick to what's "you".

3. Would I wear this if it wasn't actually a trend?

Trends can help open our eyes to new fashion possibilities, but when you're deciding on whether or not to participate, you should think about whether or not you'll continue to wear the pieces you invest in after the trend is over. This ties in with point 4, regarding versatility. This question is most relevant when you like the trend (at the time), but may not like even the slightest hints of it appearing in your wardrobe next season!

A trend may be fashion-forward now, but in a short time, it may be a thing of the past and never appear again. So before you buy in, figure out if you'd be willing to continue to incorporate the trendy piece into your wardrobe past its prime.

4. Is it versatile?

Jessica Simpson Poncho on Newlyweds

The beginning of the poncho trend! (Photo Credit.)

There are many trends that come and go in the blink of an eye (remember the poncho circa Jessica Simpson on Newlyweds?), and there are many that stick with us for months, and even years (skinny jeans, anyone?).

Trends that last the longest tend to be the most functional and worth investing in. Although it's always nice to have a few fun, crazy pieces in your closet, you don't necessarily want to waste money on an expensive, trendy piece that you'll only wear once or twice. If you think buying into the trend would be a waste of money, either get a really cheap piece at Forever 21 or skip it.

5. Do I actually LIKE this trend, or do I just like it because everyone else does?

Sometimes, you just need to be honest with yourself.

Although one day everyone else might decide neon yellow spandex pants are in, will you ACTUALLY want to be caught walking around in them? Although that's an extreme example, there are certain times where you need to find your inner fashionista and decide whether wearing something you don't love is a sacrifice you're willing to make to look "trendy." (BTW, "trendy" doesn't equal stylish.)

6. Does it make me feel good?


This is probably the most important question of all to ask before you buy or wear anything, trendy or not! Clothes should make you feel good. Period. Don't waste your money on things that don't make you instantly feel gorgeous, comfortable, happy, and confident!

What do you think?

Has this checklist helped you decide whether you want to sit out on a trend that's out there right now? Has it reassured you that you made the right decision by purchasing a trendy piece? Do you have any other tips for figuring out whether or not to partake in a trend? Let us know in a comment!

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