How to Make Room for Fitness

Say hello to being active.
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Whenever I think of my apartment, I think about lying down on the couch and watching Netflix. It's become my little sanctuary. I tell myself that I deserve a break when I come home from work, but before I know it, the minutes have turned into hours and then all of a sudden it's time for bed. I find myself being lazier and lazier as I get sucked into the cocoon of my home.

A lot of times my excuse is that it's hot outside-- after all, I do live in Texas. It would be ridiculous to expect me to run around sweating, right? There's no way I would leave the cool AC of my shelter. But there really is no excuse for losing my motivation in the summer. In fact, with more free time it makes sense to get moving!

I realized that I was feeling too comfortable at home. I'm very visual, so I decided I needed some motivation to get me moving. Here are the things I did that helped remind me to stay active:

Make your running shoes visible.

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This one is so simple, but honestly changed my mindset. I put my running shoes in a place where I could see them (by the door, for me). Every time I pass by them, I think about going for a run or a bike ride. Some days I don't, but it's a reminder to be thinking about opportunities when I can.

Show off your yoga mat, dance shoes, etc.

Personally, I am in love with dance so I own ballet shoes. Rather than hide them away so I can forget I own them, I created a hook on my bulletin board for them. Now, whenever I look up and see them, I sign up for a class!

My roommate practices yoga and does something similar. She has a cute yoga mat slung around the edge of her bed. That way, when she wakes up, it's the first thing she's reminded of in the morning.

Create a workout calendar.

I have a calendar I use for other things, but this summer I made a special "fitness" calendar. It's fun and colorful and I can add active things that I'm excited about, like paddleboarding and biking with my friends.

I've also marked off things I've found in the community, including yoga in the park. Though I may not actually go to every event, I can use it as a guide on the days that I'm not too busy.

Invest in things you want to use.

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I'm one of those people who wants to use things if I find them aesthetically pleasing. So, I bought a new water bottle that feels sporty and fun. I've basically tricked my mind into wanting to take it everywhere. You can do the same thing with a cute sports bra that you see every time you open your closet, or even by investing in a Fitbit (my roommate walked a lot more after she got hers).

What do you think?

It doesn't matter how long or often you workout-- do what feels comfortable and keeps you healthy. The important thing is to not use summer as an excuse for laziness (like I was). Take proactive steps to stay active!

What do you do to keep on track fitness-wise? Any tips to share? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

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