30 Little Things That Can Always Make You Smile

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As a new week begins, everyone can use some inspiration to get through the long days of class, work and homework ahead. It is always nice to have something to smile about... which is why I'm writing this post!

I think life is all about those simple pleasures that we often overlook. In reality, they can be the best part of your day. So, with that in mind, I present you mylist of the 30 little things that can always make you smile:

  1. A long conversation with a good friend
  2. The sun shining (especially on a 10 degree winter day!)
  3. Finding the perfect tee shirt
  4. ...and nabbing the last one left, in your size!
  5. Having mail in the mailbox (that is not an advertisement or a bill)
  6. A steamy shower after a long, stressful day
  7. Getting an extension on a big paper
  8. Waking up to the smell of coffee brewing
  9. Washing your sheets and then crawling into a freshly made bed
  10. Finding a new "cute animal" article on Buzzfeed (Like this- ahhhh!)
  11. A stroke of sudden inspiration for the essay due tomorrow
  12. Falling asleep to the sound of a rainstorm
  13. When your delivery food arrives sooner than expected
  14. The "class tomorrow is cancelled" e-mail
  15. A sale at your favorite online store
  16. Going to sleep without having to set an alarm
  17. Reaching into your pocket and resurfacing with a five dollar bill
  18. The feeling you get walking out of your last final exam
  19. Someone waiting an extra second to hold the door for you
  20. Finding something that you swore you lost a month ago
  21. Hitting every green light on the way to work
  22. Downloading a new favorite song to your iPod
  23. Putting on a sweater right out of the dryer
  24. When it's time for the new episode of your favorite show
  25. A day in spent lounging in bed, clearing your entire Netflix queue
  26. The first sip of ice cold water after a long workout
  27. Your apartment after "cleaning day"
  28. A pan of freshly baked cookies
  29. The feeling you get when you finally finish something
  30. Seeing someone else's smile... and knowing you put it there

Of course, we all have different little moments that we appreciate most. Whether or not you identify with those listed above, I hope my personal list can inspire you to take a moment and think of your own simple pleasures. It's important to remind yourself of these things that we sometimes take for granted.

If nothing else, I hope this post put a smile on your face, and has put you in a good mood to start the week!

Your Thoughts?

What little things bring you joy? Do you find yourself thinking of moments that you normally overlook? Did this post brighten your day? :) I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

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