Ready in 5: Sock Bun

Learn how to do a sock bun in 5 minutes - the perfect easy hairstyle idea for early mornings!
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Running late? Can't pick a good hairstyle? Having a bad hair day? No worries! I found the solution to your problem - the sock bun. This is an extremely easy and fast hairstyle idea. 

Learn how to do a sock bun here, plus see our tips on how to make your own sock bun, DIY-style at home. 

How to Do the Sock Bun Hairstyle:

Step 1: Cut off the toes of a relatively long sock (in a shade that's close to your hair color) and roll the sock into a ball, leaving a hole in the center!

Sock bun step 1
Sock bun close up

Step 2: Collect your hair into a ponytail and slide it through the sock!

Sock bun step 2
Sock bun step 3

Step 3: Put an elastic rubber band around the top of your hair (and over the bun) to secure it in place.

Sock bun step 4

Step 4: Begin wrapping individual pieces of your hair around the base of your bun and secure them with bobby pins!

Sock bun step 5
Sock bun step 6
Sock bun step 7

And that's it! It literally takes NO time at all to get this easy, fun, (and incredibly season appropriate) top knot/sock bun look! This hairstyle goes with any outfit on the planet- I personally like to rock fun earrings or wear a nice scarf when I wear mine.

Sock bun finished product

What do you think?

What are your thoughts on the sock bun hairstyle? Have you done it before? Do you have a go-to hairstyle idea for early mornings? Let me know in the comments below!

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