CF DIY Roundup: Halloween Edition

Our DIY costume tutorials include Daisy from The Great Gatsby, Beyonce, a Mermaid, and Mother Nature.

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DIY Halloween Roundup

It’s October, so you know what that means: Halloween (one of my absolute favorite holidays) is just around the corner! As a college student, I have neither the funds to buy an awesome Halloween costume nor the time to make one completely from scratch.

So, instead of my usual DIY tutorial post, I decided to compile a list of College Fashion DIYs that, when combined, can produce an easy-on-the-budget costume just in time for Halloween!

Idea 1: The Great Gatsby

Diy gatsby costume

The Roaring Twenties was not only a fun, jazz-filled time in US history, but is also filled with heavy visual impact. Start channeling a flapper by adding some fringe to any basic dress. Create an embellished hair brooch to jazz up your hair, then finish this 1920s-inspired costume with an amazing Art Deco manicure.

Idea 2: Beyoncé or Playboy Bunny

I made these cute bunny ears around Easter this year, but with a little extra oomph you can use them to complete a rocking Halloween costume!

DIY Beyoncé costume

Beyoncé Photo: Screenshot

To channel Beyoncé, simply create your own star print stamp and stamp black stars all over a white bodycon dress (this ruched one from Forever 21 is perfect!).

DIY Playboy Bunny costume

To channel a Playboy Bunny instead, simply create a bow tie and wear it over a black bodycon dress. The Charlotte Russe one pictured above works well, but if you’re feeling bold, try a black bodysuit (this lace one from H&M screams Playboy Bunny!).

Idea 3: Mermaid

Diy costume mermaid

What’s a mermaid without her seashells? For an under-the-sea-worthy look, wear this statement necklace with some obvious fashion choices (this mint green dress from ASOS features lace details that remind me of scales…). For a really beachy feel, any one of our many cover-ups also read very “mermaid.”

To seal the deal, make a little glass vial pendant. In the comments section of that post, reader Ann suggested filling one with very “beachy” objects: blue and white beads (bubbles), sea glass and tiny seashells, and rolled up parchment to look like a message in a bottle. Genius!

Idea 4: Elf/Mother Nature

We have a bunch of spring/nature-inspired tutorials, that, when worn together, can be a little bit overwhelming. But when they’re worn together to channel an elf, or even Mother Nature, then you have yourself a pretty amazing costume! Simply wear the DIY’d items below with a rather glamorous floral dress and you’re all set.

Diy costume fairy shoes

For shoes, you can either give your heels a butterfly makeover, or cover your flats with a gorgeous floral print.

DIY costume fairy necklaces

As far as jewelry goes, we have tutorials for a necklace featuring floating gem flowers, as well as one for layered gilded leaves.

Diy costume fairy hair accessories

For the finishing touch, add some sort of hair accessory. We have a wide variety of options: a floral crown, a floral headband, or go simple with a wire flower hair piece.

Diy costume fairy nails

Want to complete your costume with some nail art? We also have tons of spring/flower-inspired manicures! See here, here, or here to learn how to create the looks above.

Other DIY Tutorials:

Finale DIY Goddess Costume

Try this draped goddess gown if you’re looking for a full-on costume…

DIY skull cutout tee

…or this skull cutout tee for a more a subtly festive look.

Feedback please:

What are you going to be this Halloween? Are there any costume ideas you would love to see the tutorials for? Let me know in the comments (who knows… I might do a reader-suggested DIY costume post)!

6 thoughts on “CF DIY Roundup: Halloween Edition”

  1. PlayBoy Bunny? Really CollegeFashion? The 1970s called they wanted to let you know that Second Wave Feminism happened

  2. I mean, sometimes you really just want to look and feel hot for you. In the past year I’ve lost 40 pounds, and I just broke up with my boyfriend of two years, and I’m wearing something sexy. Because I want to look in the mirror and say, “Dayum I’m hot.”

    But that’s just me. Halloween is about fun. Getting to express your own style, or try something you’d never try before. Or not. Who cares.

  3. Amber I’m not saying that you can’t dress sexy during Halloween. I think it’s frustrating that there is an expectation that women should dress provocatively, and that as a result costume choices become limited to “sexy nurse”, “sexy teacher”, “sexy basketball player”. All I am trying to say is that costumes should be more diverse for young women. Try and be unique or scary or different.

  4. @Everyone else:

    Whoops! Didn’t mean to spark a feminism debate! I thought I provided a wide range of costumes, and I’m disappointed that the Playboy bunny was so offensive! I personally think that if a woman wants to be sexy for Halloween, she should, but there shouldn’t be that expectation that women have to be objectified for the male gaze! It’s only a costume for those who like a little irony 😉 Again, didn’t mean to be offensive (sorry!).

  5. Really was looking forward to the costume ideas but nothing creative or different this year. Nothing wrong with a playboy bunny unless you want a guarantee that someone else will be one to.
    I don’t want to be one of twenty bunnies when I could do something way more interesting.
    still crossing my fingers there will be a decent Halloween post because in the last year this blog has either been going downhill or 25 is just to old for it.
    I’m off to google to find something to make for my party tomorrow and maybe there will be a better fashion blog out there.
    from an authors point of view though this article was beyond lame. Pretty certain everyone has those ideas already in their head.

  6. Oh please.. get over it. What’s wrong with dressing sexy on Halloween?! It’s not like the costume is slutty. It’s bunny ears and a sexy dress….relax and have fun!


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