These Last Minute Accessories Will Instantly Make Your Halloween Costume

Get a costume in five minutes, plus, you can wear these pieces long after the 31st.

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This post will show you the Halloween costume accessories that will make or break your costume.

While every college student knows Halloween is actually Halloweek, this time around it has felt more like Halloyear. But Halloween is one of the most fun times in college, yet we do tend to struggle with figuring out our costumes.

Leaving things to the last minute is every college student’s true field of expertise. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sociology paper or planning a dinner with your friends, procrastination is a way of life for students, especially so when it comes to Halloween.

Figuring out what to dress up as for Halloween is hard, most ideas are overdone, and the creative ones are so expensive. It’s like, am I going to Mu Beta or the Met Ball? And honestly, who has the time to plan so far in advance? I’m too busy binge-watching Black-ish on Prime to study for my Economics midterm; I don’t have time to pull together a Harley Quinn costume.

So no one is blaming you if it’s the day before real Halloween and you still don’t know what to wear to whatever socially distanced event you and your friends have arranged. The secret to pulling off a Halloween costume is a simple idea and effortless styling. While of course going big is always great, the opposite is also true.

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So here are some accessories you can quickly buy someplace near you that will instantly make a Halloween costume and that you can then wear long after this nightmare is over.

1. Peaky Blinders – Paper Boy Cap

Halloween accessories - paper boy cap

If you haven’t seen Peaky Blinders, that’s okay, neither have I. I mean of course, I’ve seen an episode here and there but that’s mostly on account of one Mr. Cillian Murphy and one Mr. Tom Hardy.

Anyhow, the show has the sort of sex appeal that only a paperboy cap and a smoldering look can account for. And let’s be honest — women pull off men’s clothes with a touch of sophistication they could never imagine.

Pair your paperboy cap with a long coat, black pants, and a button-down top for the full Shelby look. 

2. Top Gun – Aviator Sunglasses

Yes, your dad’s favorite movie. Every frat guy’s favorite Halloween costume.

As a fashion lover, I do have to say that Top Gun did wonders for the aviator trend. Every so often it becomes the trendiest sunglass look, and it’s always one of the few classic styles you can wear forever.

Luckily, aviator sunglasses are a Halloween costume accessory that you definitely already own. So bring them out this year.

Style your aviator glasses with a military-style jacket, the latter is easy to find at a Salvation Army store. Apply some red lipstick to complete the ultra-cool look.

3. Blair Waldorf- Headband

Movies are often credited for creating the most easily recognizable characters, but Blair Waldorf transcends the television screen. While her fashion choices were at times questionable and many should just remain in 2010, she was undeniably a fashion icon.

And nothing says Blair Waldorf like a headband. From pearls to satin, to crystals, to chiffon, she had them all. But all you need is one, one that you can then wear when you’re channeling the confidence of the woman who talked her way into Columbia.

Finish off your look with the peppiest clothes you have: knee-high socks, tweed, blouses, bows, blazers, tights, ballerina flats, etc…

4. Coachella – Fedora

No event evoked so much emotion due to its cancellation over the COVID pandemic as Coachella. And there is no better way to mourn every girl’s favorite weekend of the year than dressing up for it on Halloween.

While Coachella style is an ever-evolving wheel from boho chic to eclectic country, it seems the fedora hat never goes out of style. And that’s not only true for Coachella, it’s useful year-round, literally every season. So it’s one of the best Halloween costume accessories AND one of the best accessories, period.

Pair your fedora hat with an eclectic mix of the Coachella classics: something crochet, combat boots, a cropped top, cut-off jeans, and top it off with a flower crown. But make sure to ditch the cultural appropriation.

5. Rockstar – Tons of Jewelry

Halloween costume accessories - assorted jewelry

Have two Halloween parties? Well, reuse your fedora hat to bring out your inner Harry Styles rock star. No one has reinvented the Rockstar look quite like him. Side note: Have you seen the new Golden music video? Just wow. 

Nothing says Rockstar like an obscene amount of jewelry: rings covering every finger, layered necklaces, and of course one earring.

Style your outfit with leather clothes and some cool sunglasses. Do you really need any reason to buy more jewelry?

6. Mime – Beret

While we can only dream of going to Paris now, you can pretend you are. Even though I’ve actually never seen a mime in Paris, they’re just as classic an imagery as baguettes.

Hats in general are becoming a bigger part of everyday wear, so why not buy a beret that Emily will definitely be bringing back from Paris with her for 2021’s top trends? I love this one from H&M.

Nothing says French like a beret, horizontal stripes, and a red pout. Or you could say you’re dressed like Taylor Swift.

This year has felt like a very long Halloween movie, but Halloween is all about escape, about being someone else, and I think we could all use a little break.

Remember to think twice to three times about your outfits — cultural appropriation is never a good look. With these easy costume ideas, there are no excuses for not having the best time. Happy Halloween!

What will you be dressing up as for Halloween?

What Halloween costume accessory is your favorite? What are your Halloween plans? Let us know!

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