Fashion Accessories List: The 10 Essential Accessories You Need to Upgrade Your Style Game

Transform your favorite looks with these must-have fashion accessories.

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Top 5 essential fashion accessories

Over the past weeks I’ve been taking advantage of my extra free time to reinvent my style. If you read my last post, you know the last part of the process is finding new ways to style the outfits you wear frequently. So today I’m sharing a list of fashion accessories to instantly upgrade any outfit.

What are Accessories in Fashion?

I often get asked what exactly counts as an accessory, so here’s a quick breakdown.

Fashion accessories are anything you wear or carry other than clothes.
Men and women can both take advantage of the power that accessories have to enhance their outfits. There are so many options to choose from.

My favorite part of getting dressed is throwing on different types of accessories. It’s so much fun to experiment and transform a look!

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Think of the following pieces as a checklist to go through with each outfit. Try each of them individually and then level up by combining a few. Let’s get right to it.


Fashion accessories list: Cute socks in different prints and colors

Products: Blue shimmery socks – Urban Outfitters, Ombre socks – Nordstrom, Feel Better socks – Free People, Cheetah print socks – Calzedonia, Take is Easy socks – Free People, Red heart socks – Brandy Melville, Tie Dye socks – Pacsun

For the longest time, I adhered to the idea that socks shouldn’t be seen. I only wore those white socks that always slip off and give you blisters. (Do you know the ones I mean?)

Well recently I’ve not only been opting for normally sized socks, but for trendy socks. Socks that are in themselves a style piece.

And you should do this, too. Wearing pink glittery socks with your white t-shirt and skinny jeans instantly makes your outfit look trendy.

What if it’s not your style? No such thing! There are literally endless designs to pick from, and why only stick to your style? Try a new vibe out. For instance, if you’re into more preppy outfits, why not pair your tweed skirt and sweater with some fishnets? You’ll be surprised by the results.

Square scarves 

Roundup of cute square scarves for spring

Products: Plaid bandana – Free People, Pink bandana – Urban Outfitters, Cheetah print scarf – Pull & Bear, Yellow bandana – Madewell, Pink print scarf – H&M

There is nothing more versatile than a square scarf. You could wear it as a tube top, as a bracelet, as a belt, as a hair accessory, as a bag tassel, and in revolutionary fashion: as a scarf

Satin square scarves in particular are quite elegant, and will instantly bring a touch of class your outfit. The cotton ones, on the other hand, usually make for a great rave/festival look. You can’t go wrong with these in your wardrobe!

Hair accessories

Fashion accessories list: Cute hair accessories

Products: White pearl clips – Brandy Melville, Lilac scrunchy – Free People, Leopard print scrunchy – Brandy Melville, Mauve and orange scrunchies – Asos, Gold feather clips – Asos, Pink scrunchie – H&M, Earth toned scrunchies – Asos, Yellow beaded clips – Free People

Whenever a girl walks into an 8 am with her hair done either by styling or with an accessory, I instantly think “Wow, she has it together.” If your hair looks put together, you look put together. That is a fashion fact.

You especially win in this territory if you are using a hair accessory that is also fashionable.

If you are having a bad hair day, you can turn it absolutely around by wearing hair clips. Just combe your hair and pin clips to both sides, you will instantly look extremely elegant and put together.

As for scrunchies, not only do they make your ponytail or messy bun look trendy, they also add to your outfit when you have it around your wrist.

Personality belt

Products: Star chain belt – Brandy Melville, Gold chain belt – Topshop, Western belt – H&M, Brown leather belt – Madewell, Neon pink belt – H&M, Cow print belt – American Eagle Outfitters, Rhinestone belt – Nasty Gal

No fashion accessories list would be complete without belts!

Here is a style secret to make all your outfits look a little bit trendier and more put-together. Go online (stay home, stay safe) and look through different types of belts. Maybe one of these stands out to you. Whichever belt stands out to you the most, buy it and throw it on with all the outfits you love.

More often than not, any belt you choose will add style to your look. That’s because belts literally tie your outfit together and they are at the center of your ensemble.

Layer jewelry 

Products: Pearl necklace – Pacsun, Daisy necklace – American Eagle Outfitters, Chain necklace – Free People, Stone necklace – Free People, Triple strand necklace – H&M, Beaded necklace – ZARA, Charm necklace – Topshop

While I always encourage jewelry with any outfit, if you have gotten through all these accessories and there is still that one outfit you can’t seem to style differently, this is your answer:

Play with layering your necklaces or get an already layered set and wear it with anything.

Something I’ve found very useful, is to have a set of layered necklaces on deck. That way, even when I don’t have time to style my outfit, I can just throw it on and go.

Style isn’t static, so take risks and explore different vibes, you’ll be surprised at what you love. Take this time to explore what you like and what makes you feel confident!

Purses or Wallets

The ultimate accessory, a purse is the perfect way to carry all of your essentials. From satchels that can be worn across one shoulder or on the hips for easy access to tote bags that fit absolutely everything you owne, no woman can have too many purses.


The sun may be a source of life for us, but it’s also potentially damaging. UV rays can cause skin cancer and eye problems (not to mention wrinkles from squinting) so protective sunglasses are functional and stylish. There are so many sunglass styles out there, so try a few to find the perfect ones for your face shape.


Hats provide protection from the weather and can really take any look to the next level. Whether you opt for a baseball cap to throw on over dirty hair, or a cool fedora to add a boho-chic vibe to your look, you really can’t go wrong!


A watch may not be a necessity in the age of smartphones, but it’s a key piece for upgrading your style to the next level. A beautiful watch adds glamor and sophistication to any outfit, and will make any ensemble look a little more expensive. If you don’t have a watch, treat yourself and watch the compliments roll in.


Jewelry is its own broad category that’s beyond the scope of this post. (See our guide to the timeless jewelry every woman should own for more on this.) Suffice to say, one or two pieces of jewelry are almost always the answer when you want to spice up a look but aren’t sure what to add. We recommend every woman invest in a few pieces of signature jewelry in the same shade (silver or gold) for easy mixing and matching.

What do you think of my fashion accessories list?

Did I miss any key styling accessories? What is your favorite of these accessories? Let us know!

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