The 5 Pieces of Timeless Jewelry You Should Buy in Your Twenties

Invest your money for the future while looking amazing today.

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Welcome to Investing for Shopaholics 101! Today I’m going to show you the timeless jewelry that every woman should invest in.

As a business major, one would expect I would be quite the connoisseur of stocks and bonds and what not. But my knowledge of investing extends itself to that of the investment in must-have jewelry.

Some would argue I’m just using this as an excuse to buy more jewelry, some would be right. But to curb the negative effects of over consumption, all the brands used in this post are conscious of sustainable sourcing and ethical labor.

Now, back to class, jewelry really is an investment and that’s why real jewelry will cost more. If you buy gold it will cost more than if you buy a material that imitates gold. (See more on how to buy jewelry here!) That’s also why jewelry is a relatively safe investment. Unless we suddenly stumble upon the lost city of El Dorado, gold is a limited resource, therefore its price will only continue to increase as the resources are depleted.

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When it comes to making a pricier investment, it’s harder to choose — I mean, it took me 20 minutes today to decide if I wanted extra guac, so I get it.

The key to investing in jewelry is to choose pieces that seemingly transition from your casual daily wear to an evening look or a business meeting. They have to be pieces that are timeless, and no, colorful tassel earrings do not count as timeless jewelry.

Here are the 5 pieces of timeless jewelry that you can treasure for a lifetime. The best part is, their value will increase while you wear them.


Timeless jewelry - examples of hoop earrings of different sizes in gold and silver

Products: Swirly Gold Hoops, Silver Sleek Hoops, Chunky Hoops, Wavy Hoops, Square Hoops, Diamond Hoops

Hoop earrings are by nature more casual than fancy, and that’s why you should find a pair with a more evening-type aesthetic.

Keeping your earrings classy for the night means they will transition into a perfect elegant yet casual daily look. Don’t go too big here — a small or medium size hoop is best for a timeless look.

No matter what your style is, hoops will work with your wardrobe for years to come.


Timeless watches - wooden watches, gold watches, silver watches, and floral print watches with vegan leather bands

Products: Wood Watch, Gold Watch, Grey Leather Watch, Stainless Steel Watch, Pink Leather Watch, Brown Leather Watch

Unless you live in 1890, you don’t look at your watch to tell the time. My watches haven’t even told the time properly in like 2 years. In the age of the iPhone, watches are jewelry, they serve no purpose but to make you happy.

There is really no right or wrong occasion to wear a watch, but it is that accessory that can instantly make you look more fashionable because of its elegance.

Even if you think watches are too professional for your style, as you can see watches come in so many different styles, like the Olivia Burton florals that are made with vegan leather.


Timeless jewelry - stud earrings roundup with pearl studs, emerald studs, gold shape studs, x shaped studs

Products: Pearl Studs, Emerald Studs, Circle Studs, Evil Eye Studs, X Studs, Pearl Studs, Flower Studs

I would say you can sleep in these, but honestly I don’t know how people do that. Regardless, these are the easiest earrings to wear every day.

If you don’t like jewelry but want to dress up for a business meeting, stud earrings are perfect. They’re also for casual wear, they make you look more fashionable while not being over the top.

Pendant everyday necklace

Pendant necklaces for everyday - gold zodiac necklaces, initial necklaces, customized pendants

Products: Sol Pendant, Pearl Pendant, Square Pendant Necklace, Zodiac Necklace, Coin Necklace, Initial Necklace

You should have one necklace that is classy, yet speaks to your personality and can be worn every day. It’s your everyday pendant necklace! And it’s one of the most widely owned pieces of timeless jewelry.

Of course I had to have a name initial necklace here because how else would you remember that kind of information? But my personal favorite is the square pendant necklace from Able. Why? Because it’s customizable, and there’s nothing that makes a piece of jewelry more personal than it being made just for you.


Timeless jewelry - roundup of pearl earrings and necklaces

Products: Sleek Hoop Earring, Hoop Earring, Pearl Bracelet, Pearl Pendant Necklace, Knot Earring, Five Pearl Necklace

You could say I have an obsession with pearls. I mean, I just own a pearl barrette, a pearl jacket, pearl jeans, pearl earrings, and a pearl necklace, to name a few things — but if you want to put a label on it then sure, I like pearls.

But I mean, pearls are the definition of timeless jewelry.

I am particularly obsessed with the more modern take on pearls, that doesn’t refine the pearls therefore cutting down on carbon emissions in production.

Seriously, pearls are a perfect investment and I’m sure they’ll become a very treasured piece of jewelry in your collection.

I hope I was able to impart some of my knowledge on investment from my two business classes so far. But seriously, if you are interested in learning to invest during quarantine, look into one of the stock market simulation games, buy a book on economics, or take an online class. And maybe get some jewelry. Anyways, class dismissed.

What is your favorite piece of timeless jewelry?

Did we forget an essential jewelry that is perfect investment? What are you hoping to invest in? Let us know!

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  1. You chose some really pretty pieces but it would be nice to add some more silver items for those of us who don’t wear gold 🙂

  2. I love pearls. A young colleague of mine told me pearls were out of style. I politely told her, she was ignorant to make such a statement. Pearls will never go out of style.


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