The 6 Best Jewelry Brands Online Right Now

Order your bling-bling in the comfort of your own home.

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Jewelry has the power to elevate an outfit – choosing the right accessories can transform your entire look. You can get cute jewelry from a lot of different fast fashion brands, but often the pieces tarnish quickly and easily. If you want jewelry in higher quality, fine jewelry available in department stores can also be quite expensive too.

In recent years, many jewelry retailers have since changed their physical locations to online. The change has allowed retailers to lower the cost of production and thus the price as well!

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Amongst the array of options that you can find online, here are the best jewelry brands that sell affordable, high-quality, and cute jewelry online:

1. Mejuri

This Canadian brand is one of my favorites – Mejuri‘s jewelry is dainty and simple, and will fit perfectly into your collection of everyday accessories. The brand believes in providing customers with high quality jewelry and affordable pricing, and they use 14k gold and sterling silver for all of their pieces. Their website also provides a thorough care guide for your jewelry to prolong its usage.

Price range: $20-$300

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2. Amanda Deer

Amanda Deer, one of our picks for the best affordable jewelry brands around, carries jewelry that is minimalistic and trendy. You can find the most popular styles here: the bar necklace with engraved initials, the evil eye pendant, gold choker…you name it. These coveted styles are mostly under $100, and they can also be personalized as well. Looking for a friendship bracelet or a special gift for your friends? Amanda Deer is the ultimate destination.

Price range: $16-250

3. Miranda Frye

Miranda Frye has a vast collection of jewelry in geometric shapes. When shopping here, expect interesting shapes and designs you’ve never seen before (like threaders – a new style of earrings that features a chain that goes through your piercing from front to back, creating a double dangle). If you’re looking for something edgy, trendy, and intriguing, this is the right place for you.

Price range: $24-$100

4. Baublebar

Compared to the rest of our best jewelry brands, Baublebar‘s colorful and eye-catching designs definitely stand out from the crowd. This brand is known for its statement jewelry, often featuring a range of bright colors and materials for their accessories. What I love most about this brand is they often have sales going on, which is always a bonus.

Price range: $20-$3000 (P.S. the high-end collection is quite pricey, but most items from the regular collection are still affordable.)

5. 8 Other Reasons

When I first discovered 8 Other Reasons, I was instantly attracted to the brand’s intricate details and dramatic designs. (Even Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles knows – she donned the brand’s earrings in her new music video ‘Babe’.) Their jewelry is individualistic and unique, with pieces that are sure to spice up any outfit for you.

Price range: $24-$100

6. Shashi

Shashi is your ~cool~ girl jewelry brand — their style of jewelry is classic with a twist and effortlessly stylish. Perfect for everyday wear, Shashi’s accessories will be the impeccable add-ons to your polished outfits. I love their Baby Warrior necklace — it dresses up any look!

Price range: $28-$157

What are your favorite online jewelry brands?

Do you have any other suggestions for affordable jewelry brands? What do you think the best jewelry brands are? I would love to know about them! Let me know which brand is your favorite in the comments.

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