Gifts for College Girls 2020: The 22 Most Popular Items Topping Our Wishlist

Naughty or nice, this year we all deserve gifts!

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Best Christmas gifts for college girls 2020

Here’s our ultimate list of popular gifts for college girls in 2020.

You know it’s Christmas when Netflix starts premiering its series of unconventional holiday romantic comedies. It’s only November and I’ve already seen Holidate and Operation Christmas Drop, and of course I’ve already started rewatching some of my favorite classics like Love, Actually.

As we get closer to Christmas, it’s important we remember what Christmas is all about: getting things. This message has never been more important than this year. After a year of never ending Breaking News headlines, we all deserve a few or many gifts.

But honestly, regardless of what holiday you celebrate, a gift or two never hurt anyone. And with all this time at home, I’ve been able to compile the most wish list worthy Christmas gifts for college girls in 2020.

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At-Home Hobbies

Tie-Dye Kit

Tie dye kit

Tie-dye kits are one of the best gifts for college girls who want to be creative. Whether you’re still dyeing (pun intended) to try the trend or you’re a tie dye aficionado, here’s your chance to get some supplies to own the top trend of 2020.

Chocolate Cake Baking Set

Molten lava cake set

While I initially set out to learn how to cook this year, I have found a sort of natural pull towards baking and can’t wait to get more gifts that I can eat. This chocolate cake set is the perfect gift for any college girl with a sweet tooth.

Sewing Machine

Mini sewing machine

From upcycling old clothes, to one of my favorite 2021 trends, quilting, sewing machines have come in handy in 2020. Here’s your chance to add a personal touch to your style like never before.

Stay at Home Necessities

Luxe Eye Mask

Since I started sleeping with a silk eye mask, I barely have under eye circles, maybe it’s from the silk or maybe it’s from the endlessly better sleep. Either way, it’s amazing. I highly recommend this for any college girl in your life!

Wearable Blanket

While I have long mocked the snuggie and those who wear it, they had the last laugh this year, as this is the most useful item for staying at home indefinitely.

Cozy Slippers

Christmas gifts for college girls - ugg slippers

Uggs are increasingly more in style, and I mean, their slippers have always been superior. How cute is this pastel pair? They would be great for wearing around the dorms or just lounging at home in stylish comfort.

Luxe Matching Pajamas

ASOS purple and white stripe pajamas

Remember a few years back when pajamas became high fashion? Well with everyone living in pajamas, I’m glad this trend is making a comeback. Every college girl needs a matching set of pajamas in her wardrobe.

Photography and Film

35mm Camera

In the age of professional quality digital photography at our finger tips, our generation is going old school. If you’ve been hoping to become your group’s resident film photographer, here’s your chance. Pick up a 35mm camera and shoot old school shots.

Selfie Ring Light

Christmas gifts for college girls - 
 Selfie ring light

While some of us rely on film, some of us have been hoping to join the ranks of the Kardashian-Jenners and some TikTok stars in terms of their selfie quality. Ring lights seem to do just the trick. Get this gift for any college girl with a strong selfie game.

Tripod Phone Stand with Light & Remote

Let’s all be honest here — we all really want to get one of these so we can finally launch our TikTok career. Now you’ll be able to perfectly show off whatever talent you’re going viral for on TikTok.

Beauty Must-Haves

Glossier Dewy Look Gift Set

Glossier dewy look gift set

The dewy look was already huge this year, but with staying at home, it’s become even bigger, as everyone wants the perfect “natural” makeup look. Glossier’s kit has all the essentials for 2021.

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One-Step Hot Air Dryer Brush

This is one of the hottest gifts for college girls this year — everyone I know has one of these!

When you aren’t able to go to the hair salon, the hair salon can come to you. In a matter of minutes this hair dryer gives you a celebrity like blowout, trust me!

Benefit Mini Superstar Set

Christmas gifts for college girls - Benefit mini superstar set

This is one of those one-size-fits-all gifts for college girls because everyone will absolutely love this!

Benefit has so many cult classics and this kit has them all, from their Hoola bronzer to their Gimme Brow gel, you’ll be able to try out everything. Also, it comes in the most adorable packaging.

Clothes and Accessories

Faux Fur Bag

Topshop faux fur bag

Faux has finally taken center stage in 2020, and it’s meant much more fun and colorful fur. The faux fur bag is going to be the bag trend of 2021 — make sure it’s on your Santa wish list.

White Ankle Boots

White ankle boots

White boots took over 2020, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. That’s why white boots are one of the best Christmas gifts for college girls this year. They don’t only go with everything but they also make any outfit look stylish.

Cozy Shag Coat

Christmas gifts for college girls - Blue shag coat

Shag coats have made a comeback this year, and the more outrageous the color and the design, the better. We all deserve to have some fun with our clothes, even if we’re staying inside.

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots

I’ve had cowboy boots on my Christmas wish list since forever. Bonus points: they’re also in white.

Self Care

Day & Night Mask Duo

Christmas gifts for college girls - The body shop day and night mask duo

Can you do too many masks? The answer is obviously no.

With all this time at home, self care isn’t only easier but it’s essential. Treat yourself on Christmas to some day and night masks.

Plug-in Scent Diffuser

Christmas gifts for college girls - Scented oil diffuser

While essential oils have little evidence of having any medical benefits, they do make your room smell amazing and that’s relaxing in itself.

This diffuser has been all over Instagram lately and it will make your space smell like an Anthropologie store — always a good thing.

Mixology Kit

Mixology cocktail kit

If you’re over 21, you can indulge in a bit of self care with your friends, that frankly we all deserve this year. This kit will make you an expert mixologist as you watch the new season of The Bachelorette.

CBD Body Oil

Christmas gifts for college girls - CBD body oil

I’ve been wanting to try out CBD oil for a while now, I mean, everyone keeps talking about it. Christmas is a great excuse for me to find out what all the fuss is about.

Candy Bento Box

Gifts for college girls - Sugarfina candy bento box

Going into a Sugarfina store is a Christmas event in itself. The store has the most creative candy and chocolates, and it comes in a Tiffany like packaging. My favorites: Champagne bears and Sugar cookies.

Which of these gifts for college girls is at the top of your Santa wish list?

Christmas is finally relatively close and now you can start compiling your Santa wish list as you watch every new Netflix Christmas movie. With all these ideas of what to buy, you’ll soon join me in the difficult task of deciding between gifts. Don’t forget to get gifts for your loved ones too, because we all need a little something extra this year.

Which of these items do you suddenly need to have? Did we miss any Christmas gifts? Let us know!

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