18 Holiday Gifts Under $50 That Everyone Will Love

These gifts under $50 are so good, you’ll want to keep them for yourself.

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Holiday gifts under  that everyone will love

This post will show you the best gifts under $50 for everyone on your list.

Now that the pumpkins, witches, and ghouls have come and gone, it’s time to switch them out for peppermint, ornaments and gingerbread!

Although the holiday season is still a few weeks away, we highly recommend that you start shopping for gifts early this year. You don’t want your sentimental gift getting stuck in the mail and arriving after the holidays have wrapped up!

To give you some inspiration for what to get your friends, boyfriend (or girlfriend), roommates, and family, we compiled a list of the best gifts under $50. This way, you’ll be able to make everyone smile without breaking the bank.

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From quirky knick-knacks to personalized baskets, here are the best gifts under $50 that are so good, you’ll want to keep them for yourself.

Gifts Under $50: $15 and Under

Disposable Camera

UO disposable camera

Disposable cameras are the gift under $50 that keeps on giving.

For all the sentimental people, this cherry-printed camera can document the holidays. Although the camera won’t last forever, the candid pictures will. Plus, you can even plan out a fun photoshoot when gifting this cam to someone!

Reading Light

Smoko book light

With everything being virtual these days, its nice to take up hobbies away from the screen as much as possible.

Over holiday break, there is more time to cuddle up with a nice book. Gift someone this super cute clip-on light to prompt some cozy reading time.

Mini Microphone

Best gifts under  - mini microphone

Plug this mini microphone into your computer and bam! You are now a karaoke star, or even a podcaster.

This cute knick-knack is a fun way to make some content and even be silly. Something about mini-items makes them so lovable!

Hand Soap

Holiday bar soap

Washing our hands has always been customary, but it is even more of a priority than ever this year.

Keep your friends and family safe from germs with this beautifully packaged bar soap. Available in 14 different designs, you’ll be able to give everyone a unique design that fits their personality best!

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos

Nothing is more fun than playing around with a bunch of temporary tattoos! This is an easy DIY and an easy way to test the waters before you get a real tattoo.

Gift this to someone who is thinking about getting a tattoo or just someone who wants to feel like a kid for a minute. Who didn’t play with these when they were younger?

Mini Sweater Ornaments

Mini sweater ornaments

Urban Outfitters really provided the cutest ornaments with these miniature sweater and hat ornaments!

These will look so cute any Christmas tree or even as bag accessories. The cuteness will win over your gift recipient, for sure!

Gifts Under $50: $30 and Under

Shimmer + Shine Beauty Set

Shimmer and shine set

All about sparkles, this beauty set will leave your receiver shimmering all holiday season!

Featuring a nail polish, glitter spray, and lavender lipgloss, your gift is sure to ~shine~.

Floral Diffuser

Gifts under $50 - Floral diffuser

Talk about room decor!

A floral bouquet diffuser will bring so much life to any room and makes a great gift. This is different from the all too common candle (plus it’s dorm-approved!), and the receiver will appreciate receiving something much less conventional.


Gardenia Blanc fragrance

With marks of gardenia blanc, honey rose, and orchid vanille, this luxe scent is perfect for anyone who enjoys all things sweet!

This floral fragrance is a perfect pick-me-up for the winter months and the receiver will think of you whenever they wear it.

Lava Lamp

Best gift ideas under  - lava lamp

Having cool lighting in your room is one thing. Having cool lighting from a lava lamp is next level.

Gift this space-inspired, glitter lava lamp to your roommate, your BFF or anyone who enjoys a little ’60s flare.

Heart-Shaped Tea

Best gifts under  - heart shaped tea bags

During the cold winter, nothing beats a hot cup of tea. Adding to that sentiment, nothing beats a hot cup of heart-shaped tea.

Effortlessly adorable, these tea bags will warm both the heart and soul!

Advent Calendar

What gets a girl more excited than scrunchies, nowadays?

Well, this calendar is full of them! Advent calendars are such an exciting way to get excited for Christmas. Get this for your girlfriends to get in the holiday spirit in style.

Gifts Under $50: $50 and Under

Jewelry Box

Keaton jewelry box from Kate Spade

Minimalist and gorgeous, this Kate Spade jewelry box is the perfect addition to any vanity! It’s a must-have gift under $50.

Coming in cream, pink, and aqua, this jewelry box can hold small jewelry, such as rings. This gift is both practical and luxurious and you simply cannot go wrong buying this for someone.

Facial Roller

Gifts under  - Solaris facial roller

This opal facial roller is both aesthetically pleasing and amazing for the skin.

Meant for ridding your face of puffiness, this massage roller is a great addition to any skincare routine.

This is the perfect gift under $50 to give to someone when you don’t know exactly what they like, but still want to get them something nice. Gift this to your roommate, coworker, or even professor.

Spa Box

Gifts under $50 - Spa box

Give the gift of self-care!

Gift baskets are the best, but this one in particular is awesome. This spa box is made up of soap, candles and a lip scrub. You can personalize the name on the box and give your friend the ultimate day of relaxation.

The hand-made items and custom packaging captures what the holidays are all about!


Free People slippers

The holidays are all about getting cozy and relaxing. These fluffy snow leopard slippers are the best for chilling at home and staying warm.

These are so cute, you may even want to get matching ones for you and your BFF!

Lipstick Gift Set

YSL lipstick set

Nothing says “Christmas is here” like a bold, red lip does. This Yves Saint Laurent travel size lipstick trio is glamorous and timely for the holiday season.

Crystal Wireless Charger

Gifts under $50 - Crystal wireless charger

Compatible with Apple and Samsung Wireless Devices, this crystal, wireless charging dock is chic and useful.

Your gift receiver can simply lay the phone on the crystal and get some charge! This is perfect for anyone who loves crystals and home decor.

What’s your favorite gift under 50 dollars?

Shopping for the holidays can be both stressful and exciting. We want to take away the stressful part by providing perfect gifts that will make any receiver smile.

Let us know which gift you can’t wait to wrap and send in the comments below! And for more gift ideas, be sure to see our guide to the best gifts for nerds.

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