35 Perfect Gifts for Best Friends That They Will Absolutely Love

Holiday gifts for your best friend, BFF, or bestie!

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Matching xmas sweaters: She Is Boutique

This post will show you our favorite best friend gift ideas that they’re guaranteed to love.

Christmas is almost here, and one of the best things about this time of year is definitely holiday shopping!

One of my favorite types of gifts to shop for is gifts for my best friends. You might have heard them mention something that they really want or you can make it even more fun by surprising them with other gifts that you know they will love.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared the best gifts for college girls, gifts under $50, gifts for women under $30, the best stocking stuffers, the best gifts for nerds, Christmas gifts for boyfriend, gifts for roommates, and gift ideas for parents.

Now it’s time to proceed with our gift guide by giving you holiday gift ideas for your best friend. Here are our fave affordable best friend gifts she’s guaranteed to love.

1. Ouai Chill Pills

If you have ever tried products from Ouai, you know how amazing they are. Their bath bombs are the perfect gift to get for one of your besties that loves spa treatments.

Not only will your best friend feel pampered, but they will also have a built-in excuse to indulge in some self care. Plus, these smell incredible and the container will look so cute in her bathroom!

2. Vanity Mirror

Another great gift to get for one of your besties is a mirror. Some people don’t have a good mirror to put on their makeup or for getting ready.

This makes it the perfect gift to give to one of your friends. In particular, this heart vanity mirror is my favorite because it comes in a really cute heart shape, and it has a light to make getting ready even easier!

3. Makeup Gift Set

If your friends love makeup, they will adore a makeup gift set for Christmas like this Charlotte Tilbury lip set.

This lip set comes in beautiful colors with all the products that your friend will need to get the perfect lip look.

Also, Charlotte Tilbury products are known for being high-quality makeup, so you know that you will be giving your friend a great gift!

4. Butterfly Necklace

Hearts and pearls are very trendy in fashion right now, so you can use these trends as part of the gifts that you give to your best friends this year.

For instance, I’m loving this pearl necklace with a heart charm, which incorporates both trends. This necklace will be a great accessory that your friends can add to any outfit, and it will definitely complete the look!

Also, it’s available in both silver and gold so you can choose which metal your friend wears more.

5. Neon Sign

Another great gift idea for your best friends is room decor! So many people love decorating their rooms with super cute items, so you know they will adore a gift like this lips pink neon sign.

Neon signs are a popular trend right now for room decor, so your friend will have a trendy room and be able to have a girly theme with this pink neon sign shaped like lips!

Also, this gift is less than $10, a total steal for something she’ll love.

6. Cute Mini Purse

You can never go wrong with getting a purse for one of your best friends. If you ask me, you can never have too many purse options.

So, get your best friend one of the trendy purses in fashion right now, which is the mini bag.

This green baguette bag is adorable because it will not only be the perfect accessory your bestie can carry around but also the green color makes it super cute and on-trend!

7. Face Mask Set

So many people love self-care items or are really into skincare, so you can incorporate this into the gifts you give your best friends by giving them face masks.

You can purchase this superfood face mask set, which comes with six face masks that give different benefits to the skin, and each smell like different foods to make it even more fun!

8. Lashes Mug

If your friend is obsessed with coffee, one of the best gifts you can give them is a coffee mug.

Get them this girly eyelashes mug, and they will be so excited to use it for their coffee!

9. BFFs Christmas Ornament

You have probably seen the heart necklaces that come in a pair that you can give to your bestie, so you both can have matching necklaces.

Why not switch it up a bit and make things extra festive by purchasing BFF Christmas ornaments like this BFF heart Christmas ornament set?

Now every Christmas, you and your bestie will have super cute matching ornaments for your Christmas trees!

10. Nail Kit

Doing your nails at home can always be a challenge, especially if you want to give yourself a gel manicure.

You can make this so much easier for your bestie who loves doing her nails by getting her this gel manicure kit.

It comes with everything she will need to get the perfect nail look in this girly pink color!

11. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are very popular right now and are perfect for celebrations or if you are hanging out with your besties.

This makes it a great gift for Christmas! Purchase this polaroid camera bundle, and your best friend will have all she needs to capture all the fun moments you have together with this cute lavender camera!

12. Galaxy Light

If you have a TikTok, you have probably seen how popular galaxy lights are. Not only are they a great item for room decor, but also this is an awesome gift to give to your bestie for Christmas.

This light comes with so many features like different colors and lights that your best friend will adore for her room. It also can play music, which makes it even more fun!

13. Beauty Washing Machine

This is probably one of the cutest gifts you can get for your best friend. It is a beauty washing machine, which cleans your beauty blenders!

Trust me, if your friend does her makeup often, she will adore this gift. It will make cleaning her beauty blenders so much easier, and it is mini and comes in pink, which makes it absolutely adorable.

14. Sugarfina Candy

Candy is always a great gift for Christmas, especially because holiday candy is always so delicious!

If you want to get candy for your bestie for Christmas, you should definitely get candy from Sugarfina like this Sugarfina three-piece candy box.

It not only comes in a super cute holiday-themed box but also Sugarfina candy always tastes amazing.

15. Cute & Cozy Slippers

Slippers are such a great item to have and are perfect if you want to be comfy.

This makes them a great gift for almost any occasion, but these smiley face slippers will be the perfect gift for your besties for the holidays.

Not only are these slippers super cute, but the smiley face design gives them a trendy Y2K vibe that’s very in fashion right now.

16. Makeup Bag

Makeup bags are always a must to keep all your makeup items organized and make it much easier to travel with your makeup.

If you know your besties love makeup, they will really appreciate this gift, which is a makeup bag and organizer.

This makeup bag is spacious, so they will be able to fit all of their items, and it also comes with two sections to keep everything super organized!

17. Facial Ice Roller

This is another skincare item that you can get for your best friends for the holidays that they will love.

You may have seen this item before because it’s becoming very popular on TikTok.

It is an ice facial roller, and your besties can use it to massage their face and de-puff after a late night out. It’s honestly life-changing and they will love it!

18. Fenty Beauty Gift Set

Why not gift your BFF this luxurious gift set by everyone’s favorite “it” brand, Fenty? If she already loves the brand or is just a beauty fan, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

This set includes “a full-size, limited-edition Gloss Bomb trio in shades Fenty Glow, Cupcakin’, and Fuchsia Flex.” Lip gloss is huge right now and Fenty’s are amazing, so this is a must-have gift set.

19. Why You’re My Bestie Book

Your best friend has been with you through thick and thin. This cute “Why You’re My Bestie” book is a perfect choice to reminisce on all of the times you’ve spent together.

If your bestie is sentimental, this is the perfect gift! Just fill it out with your favorite memories and things you love about your friend, and watch them tear up with joy.

20. Water Bottle with Time Markers

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, and this water bottle is the solution to make this 10x easier.

This cute ombré bottle (available in a ton of different colors) comes with time markers to show you how much water you should drink by a certain hour of the day, so it’s the perfect way to motivate your bestie to stay hydrated and healthy.

21. Waterproof Speaker

Sing your heart out with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker! It’s great for singing in the shower but it will work in any room of their home or anywhere in their dorm room. 

22. Mirror/Alarm Clock Wireless Charger

This one is perfect for anyone who lives in a dorm or small apartment that’s limited on space.

Sometimes we just need to check our makeup, and other times we just need a quick charge for our smartphones. This handy device will meet both needs with ease! Plus, it has amazing reviews and is so cute.

23. “Friends” Mug

This cute mug is great for your best friend’s coffee for the morning, or night if they’re studying for exams. It will remind your friend how much you love them, and will also reference everyone’s favorite sitcom to binge-watch, Friends.

24. Aromatherapy Diffuser

A lot of people have been into the essential oils craze. If your bestie happens to be intrigued by them too, this aromatherapy diffuser is excellent for their needs! Its neutral color will work with any decor and it has over 50,000 positive reviews so you know this one is a winner.

25. Astrology/Personality Type Book

The Astrology of You and Me is a great book with a calming blue-and-white color scheme, detailed drawings, and of course, some great advice on how to improve every relationship in your life. Whether it’s your work, personal, or love life that you want to focus on, this book has advice for you!

If your best friend loves reading her daily horoscope, this book will take it to the next level. 

26. Self-Care Guided Journal

This self-care guided journal is a must for any friend who wants to prioritize themselves this year. (And let’s be honest, we all need to do that!)

If your friend is starting a new self-care routine, while staying true to their type-A schedule, this journal is a great gift. It will help them learn to put themselves first, while also offering tons of exercises to relax, unwind, and feel amazing!

27. Yoga Dice

These Yoga Dice are a steal at just over $15. These dice include a different yoga position on each side. If your friend is trying to unplug from technology and focus on mindfulness, these dice are a fun option! They’re also way less expensive than a yoga studio membership.

28. Mochi Ice Cream Kit

This DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit is perfect for your friend who is always spending too much on ice cream mochi.

Pro tip: many of your typical Western grocery stores overcharge for ice cream mochi. Try going to H-Mart or another Asian grocery store if you have one in your area. If you don’t have that option, Trader Joe’s also offers ice cream mochi at a more reasonable price. 

29. A Cute Backpack with Charging Feature

Your friend probably already has a backpack, but does she have one that will charge her devices?

This super cute laptop backpack has room for a 15″ laptop, plus it has a USB charging port so she can charge her device while she walks around campus. So cool!

30. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Dorm rooms are never the quietest places to study. A set of noise-canceling headphones will ensure she can shut out distractions and focus on her studies in peace.

These wireless, rechargeable earphones are among the top-selling headphones on all of Amazon, with tons and tons of 5-star ratings.

31. Laptop Cooling Pad

This is a gift your friend probably wouldn’t expect — but would definitely use! It’s a laptop cooling fan, perfect for keeping her laptop running at top speed. I don’t know about you, but my old laptop definitely gets hot when it’s been running for a while.

The cooling fan is thin and lightweight, making it easy to take anywhere. She’ll wonder how she lived without it!

32. Bedside Caddy

A bedside caddy is a great way to keep all of their important items within reach. The compartments are specially designed for phones, laptops, or tablets, as well as books and magazines so they can easily find what they need with ease!

This one is so cute; it comes in a ton of colors so you can match it to their room decor.

33. Bedshelfie

A portable table for when you’re in bed but want easy access to your beverages and reading materials? This is an amazing gift that any college student would love to receive!

The BedShelfie is perfect because it can be attached to any bed and doesn’t require any tools. It comes in four colors as well as five different size options so there’s something that’ll work no matter how much space your giftee has available.

34. WiFi Range Extender

This is another one that you might not expect, but that your giftee will absolutely use!

A WiFi range extender is a great tool to have on campus. In many dorms and apartments, WiFi coverage can be spotty, but with this device, their connection will be strong all day long.

35. Narwhal Sweatshirt

Everyone loves an iconic movie moment, and the narwhal from Elf will never get old. This Bye Buddy Sweatshirt is cute, funny, and perfect to snuggle up in on a chilly winter day. 

Bye Buddy Hope you find your dad

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  1. I bought a star from the kingdom of universe to my friend and called it my name. This is to symbolize that we will always be friends. It was important to us because she was going abroad for a longer. We did not know when we would see each other again. The most important thing is to give presents from the heart 🙂 We’ll see each other this Christmas and I want to buy her something really special.


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