36 Best Gifts for Roommates That They’ll Absolutely Love

Your roommates will be obsessed with these gifts!

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This post will show you the best gifts for roommates, with awesome roommate gift ideas that your roomie is sure to love.

Christmas is approaching fast, which means you are probably well into the process of doing all of your holiday shopping.

You may have already found the perfect gifts for your friends and family (if not, see our guides to gifts for college girls, boyfriends, best friends, and parents), but you may not have thought of what you are going to get your roommates.

If you and your roommate are best friends, getting a gift for them may be really easy, but if you are not as close, it can be difficult.

But don’t worry because this post will show you 36 great gifts that you can get your roommate that they can use in your apartment or just for fun!

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Best Gifts for Roommates

1. Jewelry Box

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Every girl that wears jewelry knows how tough it can be to keep it organized. So, why not make your roommate’s life much easier and purchase this heart jewelry box?

Not only is this jewelry box designed in a super cute box shape, but also it will make sure your roommate can keep track of all the jewelry they have. Being more organized is always a plus!

2. Picture Frames

If you and your roommates are close, you most likely have already taken cute pictures together. But they may not have any picture frames to show them off.

So, you can take advantage of this and purchase this mini glitter picture frame set! This will allow them to decorate their room with your adorable photos or other photos while also having really cute glitter frames to make it even more special.

3. Wall Mirror

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Most people probably already have a mirror in their apartment to use, but you could spice it up a bit and get your roommate a decorative mirror.

These wall mirror stickers will do the trick because your roommate can place them anywhere in their room for decoration while also being able to use them as a mirror for their bedroom!

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4. Magic Bullet

Shopping for gifts for your roommate is also the perfect time to think about what they may use in the apartment.

For example, this Magic Bullet single-serve blender will be a great gift for your roommate if you know they love making smoothies! It’s an awesome roommate gift idea for any health and fitness enthusiast.

5. Speaker

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If your roommate loves music or if they often like to play music in your apartment, you could get them a speaker for the holidays.

This color-changing speaker will be the perfect gift even if they already have another speaker because the color-changing effect will really make it stand out as a gift! It’s also great for socially distancing get-togethers because you can bring it outside.

6. Skincare Set

It is always important to practice self-care and a great way to do this is with skin products!

You may have heard of Brazilian Bum Bum Cream before because it is a very popular skin product due to its amazing smell. Body care is always a safe gift since facial skincare can be difficult to shop for.

So, you could gift your roommate this Brazilian Bum Bum Cream set, which they will definitely adore if they love pampering their skin!

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7. Strip Lights

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Smart LED strip lights like in this set have become very popular for room decor (which many of you may have seen on TikTok). These lights have so many amazing colors to choose from, and they can be placed just about anywhere.

Therefore, you should consider buying this set for your roommate for Christmas because they will be obsessed with these lights!

8. Candle Set

If you know that your roommate likes candles, you can use this opportunity to buy them some cute candles for their room for Christmas.

This candle sampler set will be perfect because even if you don’t know the exact scent that they like, they will have plenty of great scents to choose from.

9. Pillow

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Another amazing gift idea for your roommate is a cute decorative pillow for their bedroom.

For example, you could get them this lash-out pillow, which is super cute, especially for those who are into girly decor!

10. Butterfly Wall Stickers

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Butterfly wall stickers are another decorative item that has become very popular recently like these pink butterfly wall stickers.

They will be the perfect gift for your roommate because they can use them to decorate all around their room or even to create a fun design on their wall!

11. Spa Set

Who doesn’t love going to the spa? So, why not bring the spa to your roommate with this spa gift set as their gift for Christmas?

It includes all the products that your roommate will need to pamper themselves and get relaxed.

And it also comes in a super cute box!

12. Waffle Maker

If your roommate is into breakfast food, you should consider getting them this mini waffle maker.

Not only is it an adorable kitchen item to have, but also your roommate will be able to make themselves a great waffle breakfast whenever they want!

13. Robe

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For roommates that love lounging around the apartment in comfy clothes, you should get them a robe for Christmas.

This cozy printed robe will do the trick because it is not only super soft and comfy but also it comes in 19 different colors!

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14. Mug Set

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You have probably been able to tell if your roommate loves coffee if you have seen them make a cup of coffee every morning. Therefore, you should get them a cute mug to go with their morning coffee routine.

This boss lady mug set is absolutely adorable, and your roommate will be excited to use it!

15. LED Neon Sign

Another great gift that you can get for your roommate is a decorative neon sign.

Your roommate will love decorating their room with this cute cloud LED neon sign! It comes in three different colors so you can get them one that matches their room the best.

16. Tea Gift Set

If your roommate likes tea, you should get them this gourmet tea gift set.

This is perfect because even if you don’t know what tea they like, this gift set will give them many options to choose from!

This is also a great way for them to find other tea flavors that they love.

17. Vine Garland

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One other decorative item that you can use as a gift for your roommate for the holidays is a vine garland like this one.

This is a popular decor item for bedrooms, so your roommate will have fun making their room look trendy with this gift!

18. Best Roomie Ever Mug

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We had to include another mug on this list as it’s such a classic gift!

This is a simple gift for roommates that is sure to be appreciated. Show your roommate how you feel about them with a “best roomie ever” mug. Every day, they’ll use it and think of you.

19. Cozy Blanket

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In winter, there’s no better gift than a super cozy blanket. I love this cozy blanket from Amazon because it’s extra fuzzy and warm, plus it’s guaranteed to match any decor with its black and white check print.

20. Stasher Silicone Food Bags

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If your roommate is eco-conscious, they will absolutely love these reusable silicone snack bags.

Great for storing everything from leftovers to packed lunches, these bags can go right in the dishwasher after use, saving hundreds of plastic bags from landfills.

21. Microwave Popcorn Popper

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This is a great roommate gift idea if you guys like to have movie nights together. This cute little popcorn popper helps you make your own popcorn with just kernels — just add them to the pot and microwave.

You can add butter if you want, or not if you want to make the popcorn even healthier. It’s totally up to you!

22. Lap Desk with Smartphone Holder

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If your roommate is also a college student, get them a lap desk and they’re sure to thank you!

Lap desks are game-changers for working from home, online classes, or even just studying from the comfort of your bed or the couch.

This lap desk is awesome because it has a ledge for your smartphone and even has a built-in mousepad! Plus, it’s super padded so it’s comfy if you want to use it on your lap.

23. Artificial Plant

Bring a touch of nature into your living space with an artificial plant. If your roommate doesn’t have a green thumb, a realistic fake plant can also add a cozy vibe without the maintenance.

24. Fujifilm Instax Camera

Capture and cherish moments together instantly with a fujifilm instax camera. It’s a fun and creative way to document your time as roommates.

25. Sweatshirt or Hoodie

All Too Well Aesthetic Hoodie, Hoodie Word On Back For Teen Girls

Give the gift of comfort with a cozy sweatshirt or hoodie. It’s perfect for lounging around the dorm or apartment, and your roommate will appreciate the warmth and style it provides. If she’s a Swiftie (and who isn’t these days), she will definitely love this “All Too Well” one.

26. Upside Down Umbrella

Inverted Reverse Umbrella with C-shaped Handle Windproof Upside Down

A sturdy umbrella is a practical gift, especially if your roommate commutes or walks to class. It’ll keep them dry on rainy days.

27. Headphones

AILIHEN C8 Girls Wired Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control

Whether your roommate loves music, gaming, or just needs some peace and quiet, a good pair of headphones is a versatile and much-appreciated gift.

28. LED Window Curtain

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Lights

Add some enchanting ambiance to your shared space with this LED window curtain. It’s a great way to make your room feel cozy and inviting, perfect for movie nights or late-night chats.

29. Winter Gloves

Winter Touch Screen Gloves Warm Knit Texting Mittens

Keep your roommate warm during chilly days with a stylish pair of winter gloves. They’ll thank you when winter arrives.

30. Neck Massage Pillow Shiatsu

Neck Massage Pillow Shiatsu

Surprise your roommate with the gift of relaxation. This neck massage pillow shiatsu will help them unwind after a long day and ease any tension in their neck and shoulders.

31. Gel Pens

Paper Mate® Gel Pens

Quality gel pens can be surprisingly valuable for a roommate. They come in handy for note-taking, studying, or simply adding a touch of style to their workspace.

32. Photo Album

Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album

Create lasting memories together and give your roommate a place to store them. A photo album filled with shared experiences is a sentimental and heartwarming gift.

33. Customizable Engraved Necklace

Customizable Engraved Necklaces

Show your roommate you care with a personalized name necklace. It’s a unique and thoughtful way to remind them of your friendship.

34. Eye Mask for Sleeping

Eye Mask for Sleeping

Ensure your roommate gets a restful night’s sleep with a comfortable sleep mask. It’s a considerate gift for anyone who values their beauty rest.

35. Jewelry Holder

Piudee Hand Ring Holder Dish Jewelry Holder

Help your roommate stay organized and stylish with a chic jewelry holder. They can keep their favorite accessories neatly displayed and easily accessible.

36. Toothbrush Storage Organizer

Toothbrush Storage Organizer

A Toothbrush Storage Organizer may seem simple, but it’s a practical and thoughtful gift for roommates. It keeps the bathroom tidy and ensures everyone’s toothbrushes are separate and clean.

What do you think of our list of gifts for roommates?

Which of these gift ideas are you going to use? What gifts do you think your roommates will love?

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