The TikTok Fashion Influencers You Need to Follow for Style Advice

Trust me on this: TikTok is the absolute best social media platform for fashion tips.

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While dance and pov videos may still reign king on TikTok, the platform is growing an increasingly talented cohort of TikTok fashion influencers.

Guys, we are witnessing the early days of the new Chiara Ferragni and Camila Coelho. What a time to be alive. 

But seriously, TikTok brings together the best of Youtube and Instagram. And while the future of TikTok may seem bleak as it may soon be classified as enemy number 1, the future of these must-follow TikTok fashion influencers couldn’t be brighter.

While Pinterest and Instagram mostly satisfy the need for inspiration, these TikTok stars are answering the styling questions you ask as well as the ones you didn’t even know you had — it’s like Siri is listening into your brain.

Here are some of my go to fashion gurus on the app that have collectively made my screen time increase by 56% since last week.

Wisdom Kaye (@wisdm8)

Wisdom is the “best dressed guy on TikTok”, and if you don’t believe me, believe Vogue. 

This guy just has a keen eye for color, textiles and accessorizing, what I like to call the real triple threat. Not to mention he is made to be on the cover of Vogue — just look at his take on the Vogue Challenge. He gives both of the Hadid sisters a run for their money with each pose.

Follow him if you’re looking for style inspiration and how to videos focusing on hard trends to style like how to style green and orange. 

I also just want to say that I was following him before he was famous, so everyone else is a poser.

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Vi Luong (@viluong)

I first came across Vi Luong when her best colors to wear if you’re a brunette popped up on my For You Page, and I instantly became obsessed.

This multifaceted TikTok fashion influencer has the best styling hacks that will instantly answer the question “why does that always look good on so and so celebrity but not on me?” She also gives great tips on how everyone can be photogenic with some quick adjustments for your next photoshoot.

My personal favorite: styling your outfit based on the location you are going to. Hint: It’s not just about the outfit, it’s about the whole aesthetic shoot.

Brittany Xavier (@brittany.xavier)

If you’re looking for a mix of lighthearted TikToks and fashion, Brittany is your gal. Mixed in with some fun videos of her and her family are some of the best styling advice gems on TikTok.

One of my favorites is her video on making summer outfits look expensive, where she just gives easy tricks you can do with the clothes you already have at home rather than having to spend more money.

But my absolute favorite is her super inventive and chic ways to revolutionize how you wear a button down shirt.

Jess Keogh (@jesskeo)

Jess is the cool artsy girl I always wish I was — but since I am neither artsy nor cool, I’ll just settle for being in awe of her style.

Her aesthetic is pretty vintage and thrifty, and it’s definitely inspired me to go thrift shopping more often because she gets the cutest things for so cheap. It’s rare to find TikTok fashion influencers who are just about real, affordable finds.

My personal favorite videos of hers are her outfits inspired by paintings. Not only do I feel the culture soaking in with every video loop, but she really manages to capture the feelings evoked by those paintings, making you want to jump into another world.

Billie Newland (@billiexnewland)

I’m going to bet that Billie is a Pinterest girl, and I’m all here for it! I mean her Instagram page looks like any one of my Pinterest boards, in the best possible way.

Billie first stood out on TikTok for her on-trend DIY’s, and as a die-hard fan of Juicy Couture (don’t judge me) I was instantly intrigued. She will teach you how to bedazzle your way to your own Juicy clothes.

I also love her videos on cool ways to style men’s clothing. Like turning an oversized button-down into a chic dress and a polo into a cute coat with just a few snips here and there.

Yuyan (@itsyuyan)

I’ve always struggled to define my style in a specific way and that’s why I love Yuyan. She experiments with different styles and doesn’t let herself be defined by a specific aesthetic.  

While she’s full of tips on how to take cute pictures, I live for her TikToks, which show where she buys her clothes

My personal favorite video is how she styles silk scarves, which are super in this summer.

There are so many amazing style icons in the making on TikTok. I couldn’t fit them all, but these are the accounts I keep on going back to when I don’t know what to wear to do pretty much nothing.

Tips to Help You Upgrade Your Style

  • Master the Hashtag Game: Follow hashtags like #fashiontok, #OOTD, #grwm, #outfits, #fashion, and #style. Discover emerging trends and hidden gems.
  • Shop Vintage: You can find the best stuff if you’re willing to thrift! From statement jackets to quirky accessories, look for cool vintage pieces to upgrade your looks.
  • DIY and Upcycle: Breathe new life into old clothes with DIY projects and alterations. If you’re willing to experiment, there’s so much you can do.
  • Confidence is Key: Above all, remember that fashion is about feeling good in your own skin. Rock your personal style with confidence and own every look!

With these tips and your new squad of TikTok fashion influencers, you’ll be serving looks in no time! So get ready to experiment, have fun, and express yourself through fashion.

Have any great styling tips? Well why don’t you join the ranks of these TikTok stars with a viral video of your own?

Who’s your favorite TikTok fashion influencer?

Did we forget any must watch fashionistas? What’s your best style tip that should be on TikTok? Let us know

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