3 Classic Christmas Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen — But Need To

‘Tis the season at last!

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It’s finally December, which means that even the staunchest of us have probably given in to Christmas spirit. There are a number of ways to celebrate this, the season of giving, hope, and reflection on what really matters. 

My favorite? Christmas movies

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The internet will soon be flooded with lists upon lists of all the Christmas movies you should watch, in sets of 10, 25, even 100 movies you just have to see this season

But ain’t nobody got time for that. 

So I’ve done the work for you. Having consumed popular, classic, and even indie Christmas movies for several years now, I know the best of the best — and definitely the best of what you haven’t seen yet. 

We all know that Elf and Arthur Christmas are great — but what about other movies? 

Read on for the three classic Christmas movies you probably haven’t seen yet… but definitely have to.

1. Christmas in Connecticut

Yes, this film is old. Yes, it’s even in black-and-white. But don’t check out yet!

Christmas in CT movie poster -- classic Christmas movies

About a woman who takes on a fake husband and fake baby (or…multiple fake babies) for the holiday, Christmas in Connecticut is, at its core, a hilarious comedy about maintaining a lie. Very seasonal, no? 

Still from Christmas in CT

The film is also about true love, being true to yourself, and, in case you were wondering, central heating. It includes wonderful one-liners, like “It’s very important to keep promises, especially to yourself,” and “Wouldn’t you look different if you’d swallowed a watch?”

Curious? Catch this one for free on Amazon Prime Instant Video, or rent from your preferred rental platform! 

2. The Bishop’s Wife

Ready for more black-and-white? 

The Bishop's Wife Movie Poster

Yet another beautiful classic, The Bishop’s Wife is, would you believe it, about the wife of a bishop, named Julia, who with her husband Henry (the bishop) are visited by an angel called Dudley (played by the swoon-worthy Cary Grant). 

This movie is about remembering what really matters, being thankful for what one has, and about making sure the people in your life know you care. It’s also a beautiful love story. 

Classic Christmas movies - still from The Bishop's Wife

It was released just two years after Christmas in Connecticut and earned an Oscar Best Picture nomination, among other nominations that year (including one win!). 

If you want a story that will help you remember that the Christmas season is about more than just presents and parties, this is it. You can rent The Bishop’s Wife from your favorite rental platform. 

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3. White Christmas

I saved the best for last. 

White Christmas movie poster

White Christmas is about…everything. Love, music, dancing, World War II, military veterans, family, friends, romance, second chances…the list goes on…

Full of color and beautiful music and dancing, White Christmas is about song-and-dance duo Bob Wallace and Phil Davis teaming up with sister song-and-dance duo Betty and Judy Haynes to put on a show that will help bring business to a war veteran’s Vermont inn. 

Still from White Christmas

It’s full of songs you probably know, like “White Christmas,” and songs you might not, like “Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep,” which earned the film an Oscar nomination. 

If nothing else, you should definitely watch the movie to marvel at Bing Crosby’s unnaturally blue eyes and laugh at Danny Kaye’s witty one-liners. 

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll love it. 

White Christmas is available on Netflix or for rental on your favorite platform!

What about you?

What holiday movies are your go-to? Do you have any favorites that are lesser-known? Have you seen one of the above movies? Did you like them? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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