The Queen’s Gambit Fashion – How to Copy Beth Harmon’s Outfits

Chess isn’t the only trend this show started.

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This article will teach you everything you need to know about The Queen’s Gabmit fashion and how to dress like Beth Harmon.

It really took 2020 to get the whole world interested in chess. But I was sold on The Queen’s Gambit when I caught a glimpse of the 1960s fashion.

The limited series that has become the most-watched series on Netflix to date follows the story of an orphaned girl, Beth Harmon, with an incredible talent for chess. The role is perfectly played by my new style crush, Anya Taylor-Joy, and the series as whole features many other incredible actors.

Now you might be thinking, “Chess? Really? Is this what it’s come to?” But trust me; you won’t be able to stop watching this one. And you might even consider learning how to play chess. I mean, I didn’t, but that’s because I was interested in learning about Beth Harmon’s outfits.

The 1960s don’t receive the amount of nostalgic fashion love granted to the ’70s and ’90s, and after watching this series, I’m not quite sure why. Yes, the clothes do take a much more minimalistic and neutral tone, but this show has truly brought a youthfulness to the elegant trends of the decade.

The first episodes might have you wondering what I’m talking about, as Beth only wears similar variations of a pinafore dress, but as she matures, so does her style. We suddenly find ourselves in a Prada-like aesthetic: the symmetry, the geometry, the beige, the color blocking, must I say more? Obviously, I’ve been obsessed with replicating this style, and here’s how you can too. 

The Queen’s Gambit Fashion: Beth Harmon’s Style 101

First of all, keep these trends in mind as the overarching themes throughout Beth Harmon’s outfits:

  • Neutral colors: stick to white, black, and different shades of brown. Any use of color is muted, which isn’t necessarily representative of the 1960s, more so of the aesthetic of the show.
  • Checkered prints: We are, in fact, watching a show about chess, and there is no shortage of reminders of that fact.
  • Collars: from pussy bows to peter pan collars, there is a big focus on what Beth wears around her neck, which makes sense since she’s playing chess and all we see is above a table.
  • Simplicity: Beth always looks sharp and at the top of her game, and when she doesn’t, it’s because she’s spiraling. So, when taking fashion advice from her, your outfit always has to look cohesive.

Also, here are some ideas for replicating her full look, including hair and makeup:

  • Beth always parts her hair to the side, and it’s perfectly kept, voluminous and shiny, with one full, bold color running through.
  • Makeup: sharply defined lips, full brows, red blush, and perfect eyeliner.

Here is how you can copy Beth’s looks from The Queen’s Gambit:

The Queen’s Gambit Outfits

Ending Scene Look

The Queen's Gambit fashion: Black and white outfit inspired by Beth Harmon's style in the last scene of the series


Yes, I’m going to start with the last scene because perfection hasn’t yet left my mind. Beth ventures off in a fully white ensemble, with the exception of a roll-neck black shirt (which makes several appearances throughout the series). 

To copy her style, you’ll need all-white everything: a long coat, straight pants, gloves, go-go-ish boots, and of course, a beret. The outerwear inspiration is perfect and right in time for this winter.

Finish off your look with a raspberry lip tint. This one from Glossier will give you the natural stained look Beth has in The Queen’s Gambit.

A-line and pussy bow tie

While Beth doesn’t wear this specific outfit, it’s a mixture of some of her most loved styles. 

First of all, nothing says the ’60s like an A-line skirt and a pussy bow tie. Pair these pieces with a framed, simple bag like this one that gives major Prada vibes. Beth also loves wearing loafer-inspired shoes and a ’60s favorite: silk scarves on her head.

Lastly, the only form of laid-back fashion Beth wears is her collection of oversized cardigans. And, well, it is sweater weather outside right now.

Chess fashion

As Beth continuously competes in chess tournaments, we are blessed with endless outerwear inspiration, as seen in this look.

In this outfit, the checkered coat, an ode to Beth’s passion and career, is matched with a muted ruffled bag of the same tone. Continuing her love for color blocking, the rest of Beth’s outfit is black. As per usual, she wears a black top underneath with matching black gloves.

The simplicity of her looks really shows how you don’t have to pile on the prints and patterns to look stylish and sophisticated.

The new athleisure

This is actually my favorite look of the bunch. While I don’t play squash, racquetball, or whatever you want to call it, because I’m scared I’ll hit the ball right back into my face, this outfit almost makes me want to risk it. 

This summer, the chic tennis trend was everywhere. It seems like it’s here to stay as an extension of athleisure, and frankly, it’s a lot cuter. While extremely simple, you can’t ever go wrong with a white polo shirt and a perfectly tailored black skirt. 

But what I truly love about this outfit is the cohesion brought about by both the crew socks and the headband. The look is clean, simple, and very ’60s.

What do you think of my The Queen’s Gambit fashion guide?

I can’t wait for more of these trends to hit the stores, because I can’t get enough of the effortlessness of Beth Harmon’s style. Now, if you haven’t seen The Queen’s Gambit yet, I highly recommend and if you have, watch it again for even more style inspiration. 

What is your favorite 1960’s trend from The Queen’s Gambit, you’re hoping makes a comeback? What outfit are you most excited to try? Be honest, did you actually learn to play chess?

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