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Inspired by... Marie Antoinette

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How to dress like Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is a movie that portrays the rich life of one of France's most famous queens. If you haven't seen this movie, rent it immediately! You'll be captivated by the lavishness of Marie Antoinette's royal lifestyle, including everything from eloquent banquets to breathtaking gowns with tiers and tiers of pastel fabrics.

Elements of Fashion in Marie Antoinette:

There are many fashion motifs in Marie Antoinette, all of which will trigger inspiration and awe. I will review some of the most prominent elements of fashion within the movie, along with my modern interpretations.

If you haven't seen the film, I hope to give you a taste of the costumes in this film, and maybe inspire you to go rent it! If you have seen the movie, my wish is that you recall the intricacy of the ensembles and maybe find a way to create your own modern translation!

The Marie Antoinette Color Palette


The color palette of this movie is definitely in the pastel range. For neutrals, ivory is the most prominent, whereas other popular colors include baby blue, light pink, and mint green.

Marie Antoinette Fashion

My Interpretation:

Pastels are usually spring colors; however, for my interpretation I tried to incorporate a pastel piece with fall/winter hues for a look you could wear right now. (Just add your favorite coat!)

How to dress like Marie Antoinette

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Volume and Proportion


The garments in this movie have a lot of volume. From men's puffy sleeves to hoop-style skirts, bigger was definitely better during that era. Even their hair styles were full!

Tips on how to dress like Marie Antoinette

My Interpretation:

I think the best way to pull off this look is to have one piece that has a lot of volume. I chose to do a full skirt in my look with a ruffled bottom! Other options could include puffy sleeves on a cocoon jacket or a fuller hairstyle for a change!

How to dress like Marie Antoinette

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Embellishments and Details


Every outfit in the movie has such fine detail - the artistry and craftsmanship are very inspiring. One of the most noticeable elements in the movie is the use of embellishments, including lace and beading. It's all very over-the-top and fabulous!

Marie Antoinette

My Interpretation:

Again, keep the embellishment focused to one garment and accompany that piece with neutral accents. Remember: less is more!

Marie Antoinette outfit

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Floral Motifs


Florals are used everywhere in the movie and are reminiscent of the famous French royal gardens.

Marie Antoinette screencap

My Interpretation:

For my interpretation of the Marie Antoinette floral look, I wanted to juxtapose a floral with something more edgy to make it modern. I chose to pair a floral dress with over-the-knee boots. To keep the look fresh and modern, go with floral prints that have larger, more exaggerated flowers. Smaller floral prints can sometimes look too much like something from a baby nursery.

Outfit inspired by Marie Antoinette

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Your Thoughts?

Are you inspired by Marie Antoinette? Which of the Marie Antoinette elements do you like best? How would you interpret a traditional style like this one into a contemporary version for your everyday life? Tell me with a comment!

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