A Solution to Your Fashion Woes: Minimalism

Do more with less and never run out of clothes to wear.

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minimalist outfit inspiration

I find myself endlessly shopping for clothes. Even when I’ve just bought something new, I find myself staring into a closet filled to the brim, muttering “I have nothing to wear.” Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there. And for most of us, it’s not that we don’t have anything to wear, but that we just can’t seem to find the common thread (no pun intended) between the pieces in our wardrobes. This leaves our newly shopped pieces collecting dust in the back of our wardrobes as we re-wear the same outfit for the 100th time.

Having too many options can be overwhelming. That “dream” closet filled with clothes to the ceiling may actually be a nightmare. In fact, a closet with fewer, complementing pieces may work better. Yes, I propose that minimalism is the solution to this common fashion woe.

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How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

When building a minimalist wardrobe, first find the neutrals within your existing wardrobe. It’s not only about the monochromatic palette of black and white. Think of your own classic pieces in neutral shades like beige, white, gray, black and navy. Avoid using this as an excuse to shop for more clothes.

Once you have found some pieces in your wardrobe, start by building an outfit around these neutral pieces. Focus on the shape and form of your pieces to see what works together. Then consider adding accessories, some prints and maybe a bright lip color later on. If you’re going to shop, I recommend investing in classic pieces and working from there.

Minimalist Outfit Ideas

Need some inspiration? Check out the ensembles below:

Ensemble #1

minimalist outfit inspiration

Products: Sweater, Skirt, Boots

Add some flair to your minimal look by experimenting with pieces in different textures such as a cotton rib-knit sweater and a faux leather skirt. Textures add interest to a simple look.

Ensemble #2

minimalist outfit inspiration

Products: Shirt, Shoes, Pants

Play with cool accents like these beige metallic shoes to add a twist to your clean and simple look.

Ensemble #3

minimalist outfit inspiration

Products: Dress, Necklace, Boots

You can avoid the black and white monochromatic look by sticking to a neutral palette. The khaki green of the dress and almond brown of the boots can complement almost any other piece in your wardrobe.

What do you think?

Minimalism can help you save money and time. Add your own personal touch and soon you’ll have a mixable wardrobe to build the perfect outfits around.

What do you think? Would you try minimalism? How do you solve the problem of “a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear”? Tell us in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “A Solution to Your Fashion Woes: Minimalism”

    • That is my struggle as well. So the first step is to figure out what your color palette is. What colors pop out in your closet the most? What do you reach for first? Then, having a few pieces in those colors, and good investment neutrals, everything will go together. I love colored denim, so I’ve almost completely limited my color buying to pants, save my new burgundy boyfriend tee. If you have one or two colors you lean toward the most, think about a monochrome look with that color. But focus on your neutral basics, this is the foundation for all wardrobes. Then you can focus on your complementing colors. Aim for two signature colors, and two seasonal. At least 3 classic pieces for every 1 trendy. Try to only have 1 trendy piece per season.

  1. I love ensemble #2. Chambray is a minimalism lifesaver for me. The shoes are a great addition. Metallic as a neutral accent, works just like differing textures. Genius.


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