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Looks on Campus: Mallory – University of Georgia

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Mallory is one of those girls whose smile immediately attracts your attention and it reflects her sparkling, bright personality. Her style also really caught my eye – I adore her clean, classic, and comfortable style that proves you can dress comfy in college and still look adorable!

Who’s That Girl?

Fall fashion trends at the University of Georgia

Name: Mallory

School: University of Georgia

Class Standing: Sophomore, Class of 2017

Major: Nutrition Science, Pre-Pharmacy

Hometown: Winder, GA

Let’s Talk Fashion

Who or what inspires your style? “I follow a lot of fashion bloggers on Instagram and Pinterest and I like the way that they dress. Essentially, I try to emulate their styles. I will notice pieces that they wear and compare them to what I already have in my wardrobe to see if I have anything similar to emulate them.”

Where do you like to shop? J. Crew and Anthropologie are my favorites, but I like to shop their clearance sections. J. Crew is very timeless and you can wear it forever without it going out of style. I love their jewelry, too! Anthropologie’s selection is so different to me and you wouldn’t really see it at other places. Also, I really like T.J. Maxx.”

Why did you choose this particular outfit? “I like fall clothes and this outfit gives off warm, fall vibes. It’s one of my favorite outfits that I brought here and the chambray shirt is my favorite piece. Its polka dots help it stand out from other chambrays and the rest of the outfit, and I love how versatile it is.”

What fashion advice would you give to other students looking to improve their style? “Wear things that you like and are comfortable in. Be classy and presentable because you need to respect yourself and your body. Dress for success and don’t just throw on another T-shirt and pair of shorts for class. I’m going to dress up if I have a test coming up because I think if I look good and feel good I’m going to do well.”

What are your favorite trends right now? “I like ponchos! All the people I follow on Instagram and Pinterest are wearing them and I even just ordered one. I really like scarves and big jewelry, too, because they add a lot to whatever outfit you’re wearing and really make a statement.”

How do you like to spend your free time? “I really love going to my family’s lake house and skiing. I slalom and have always wanted to compete, but never got around to it. Also, I spend a lot of time hiking and taking pictures of landscapes and other settings, because I love being outdoors. My family just went to Utah and Arches National Park and it was amazing!”

If you could raid anyone’s closet who would it be and why? “Sarah Vickers – sarahkjp on Instagram. I love all of her clothes. All of her outfits are so perfect, well put-together, and always on point.”

Elements of Mallory’s Outfit

1. Monogrammed Necklace

College student with monogrammed necklace

Mallory’s red ring and gold monogrammed necklace from Etsy bring out the warmer fall tones that are peeking through the many trees on campus. These little details look classic and sophisticated, and do not overwhelm her on-trend ensemble.

2. Fall Layers

Utility vest and chambray top

Mallory wore warmer layers to protect herself from the fast-approaching chill, and we love how she mixed cooler shades of blue and green. The zippered vest and dotted button-down create a streamlined look that draws the eye from head to toe.

3. Boots & Socks

Lace up boots and knit socks

These cozy G.H. Bass & Co. socks peek out of Mallory’s boots and make her entire look a little bit comfier. Combined with her Steve Madden boots, purchased at DSW, the whole outfit takes on a rustic tone.

Do you love Mallory’s fall outfit?

What do you think of combat boots with knit socks peeking out? Do you love her vest and cool tones? What are you wearing to class this fall? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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Outfits Under $100: Halloween Costumes You Can Wear to Class

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Photo Credit

Temperatures have taken a nosedive and pumpkins are decorating stoops, which can only mean one thing: Halloween is just around the corner. This year, Halloween falls on a Friday, which is equal parts fantastic and tricky. You likely have parties and events to attend, yet you still have to go to school and work during the daytime.

Some students walk around campus in full costume, but we love the idea of the costumeless costume for daytime. Generally you can make this outfit work with pieces you already have in your closet or ones you will reuse time and time again.

Inspired by a costume, you can celebrate the Halloween spirit all day during classes without being over-the-top. Below are four outfit ideas that ring in at under $100 each.

Leopard Lady – $91.92

Product Information: Dress – Black Five, Shoes – H&M, Tights – H&M, Ears – Modcloth, Eyeliner – ELF

We are willing to bet you have some animal print tucked away in your closet. If not, this drop-waisted leopard dress is a chic and versatile addition to any wardrobe. This piece would be phenomenal with a pair of opaque black tights and chunky-heeled booties.

To turn this look into a classroom-appropriate cheetah, add lacy cat ears. Liquid eyeliner is the final touch you need to go prowling around campus.

Olivia Pope – $98.92

Product Information: Dress – Target, Coat – Black Five, Shoes – Forever 21, Earrings – H&M, Nail Polish – ELF

Olivia Pope is the best workplace inspiration you could ever want. If you work in a corporate environment, seek out pieces that remind you of your fixer friend. A sheath dress is quintessential Olivia. She also often wraps herself in luxurious fabrics, like the beautiful gray coat above.

Bold, blue pumps make a statement and pearl earrings are the only accessory you need. Liv always keeps her nails perfectly manicured, so a coat of neutral polish is the perfect finishing touch.

Lara Croft – $86.25

Lara Croft Halloween Costume
Product Information: Tank – H&M, Jacket – Amazon, Jeans – Boohoo, Shoes – Wet Seal

Casual Friday meets Halloween in this look. If you’ve got labs or informal classes, Lara Croft is a fantastic source of fashion inspiration for a cool girl with a get-it-done attitude.

A roughed-up pair of dark-colored jeans paired with a white tank top make the perfect base for this outfit. Forgo the accessories and instead rock a pair of combat boots with an anorak jacket.

Jailbird – $88.59

Jailbird Halloween costume
Product Information: Dress – Abercrombie & Fitch, Boots – 6PM, Earrings – Nasty Gal, Lipstick – Target

For an old-school jailbird-inspired outfit, grab this long-sleeved striped dress. Rock it with a pair of buckled boots for an added edge and a pair of steel gray hoop earrings. Freshen up this look with a swipe of bright pink lipstick. You rebel, you.

What do you wear to class on Halloween day?

Do you dress in costume-inspired outfits for Halloween day? Which of these looks is your favorite? What are you wearing this Halloween? We are dying to know, so let us know in the comments below!

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Fashion Inspiration: Threadsence’s “Dark Romance” Lookbook


Dark romance lookbook title
Photo via Threadsence

Even though I don’t dress up and trick-or-treat for Halloween anymore, I still like getting into the dark, spooky mood of the holiday and channeling it in my style in more subtle ways. Threadsence’s new lookbook, “Dark Romance,” is perfect for just that – it’s all about rich, dark colors, romantic lace and florals, and edgy touches.

It’s the perfect lookbook to inspire you for an after-dark outing on a chilly October night – and it might even give you ideas for a more chic, modern Halloween costume! Read on for three outfits inspired by the lookbook and suggestions for when and where to wear them:

Look #1

Dark romance lookbook 1

This first look is seductive with a bohemian touch. My version dresses it up a bit, which makes this look perfect for a Halloween party or date (or maybe as the basis for a vampire/witch costume). Start with a high-low burgundy skirt and a cropped black top, then add a pair of sleek black knee-high boots. To complete the look with a romantic flair, grab a sparkly pendant necklace, a lace print clutch, and some deep red lipstick.

Red hi lo skirt black crop top
Products: Skirt, Top, Boots, Clutch, Necklace, Lipstick

Look #2

Dark romance lookbook 2

This second ensemble also leans towards bohemian, but with a slightly vintage feel (and to me it screams “stylish witch costume” if you just switch out the hat and add a broomstick). Start by layering a black long-sleeve tee under a strappy, dark floral dress. Fall-ify it with cozy knit socks, chunky lace-up boots, and a floppy felt hat. Lastly, accessorize with boho jewelry, like a dangly pendant necklace and an intricate silver ring.

Floral dress black tee hat
Products: Dress, Tee, Boots, Hat, Socks, Necklace, Ring

Look #3

Dark romance lookbook 3

This versatile outfit is casual enough to wear to class, but could also work for a fall date or weekend outing. Contrast the “dark romance” of a black lace dress with a cozy white sweater, then add some color with a pair of casual red booties. For accessories, a hand harness adds a trendy and edgy touch, while jeweled earrings help glam up the look. Don’t forget to grab a faux leather bucket bag on your way out the door.

Black lace dress white sweater
Products: Sweater, Dress, Boots, Hand Harness, Earrings, Bag


What do you think of Threadsence’s lookbook? Which outfit is your favorite? Would you turn one of these looks into a Halloween costume? Let us know in the comments!

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