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Hautelinks: Week of 12/18/14

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Hautelinks - your weekly source for the best of the web

* Perfect: Shay Mitchell acts out all the reactions you have while watching PLL.

* If you need inspiration to get through finals, look no further. Shonda Rhimes is one amazing woman.

* Did you guys hear? There’s a new CEO now in place at American Apparel, replacing ousted Dov Charney. What do you think of this decision?

* Fashionista ranks their best-dressed women of 2014. Agree/disagree with their picks?

* For beauty addicts, The Gloss breaks down the best celebrity makeup looks of the year. Which was your fave?

* This made me so happy: Jenny Slate singing “Landslide” as Marcel the Shell.

* Ellen epically takes down BIC’s “pens for women” – love!

* Along similar lines (because Ellen is a badass), here are 18 badass women you didn’t hear about in 2014.

* Speaking of kickass women, here are the best books written by women in 2014.

* Your Year in Review: 50 Questions to Help You Reflect, Appreciate, and Get Excited for 2015 via INTO MIND.

* This sweet Christmas proposal video will totally make you tear up.

* Speaking of Xmas, Sam Smith’s cover of ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ will get you in the spirit.

* Quiz time! Which reindeer are you actually? I got Blitzen, who apparently “gets s&*% done”. Oh Buzzfeed, you’re the best.

* For those gifts you need to wrap this weekend: 3 cute and unique gift wrapping ideas.

* Haha, this “Love Actually”-inspired choose-your-own-ending video is a wacky and bizarre take on an Xmas classic.

* This doe-eyed makeup look from xoVain is so pretty and perfect for holiday parties.

* The Natural Contour & Highlight, via The Beauty Department.

* For all of our natural-inclined readers, here are 11 chic natural beauty products that make wonderful gifts.

* For those of legal drinking age, Lauren Conrad has a thin mint holiday egg nog recipe that looks incredible.

* We’re pretty sure these are the most stylish twins on Instagram.

* Get into the holiday spirit from head to toe with this gingerbread house-inspired mani.

* ICYMI, we’re also blogging over at eBay this month. We’ve got holiday gift ideas for college students, tips on what to wear to holiday parties, and outfit formulas for New Year’s Eve, among other posts. Check ‘em if you haven’t!

* Not only are we kind of obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new album, but we are all about her new ‘do. Here’s how to accomplish the 1989 waves, via the Wonder Forest.

* Ooh, interesting: What your airplane seat of choice says about you. I’m definitely an aisle person – what about you?

* Food for thought on something we’ve discussed here on CF before: a Huffington Post writer recently asked herself, “Can I Be a Feminist and a Fashion-Lover?

* This Year’s Best Actors In 9 Kisses, via the NY Times.

* 10 Types of Odd Friendships You’re Probably a Part Of. This is incredibly detailed – wow!

* CF reader Aubrey sent in a piece she wrote for Thought Catalog on her first night away at college. I think we’ve all felt like this!

* If you’re in NYC during the holiday season, try the 2014 Holiday Window Crawl, which navigates you to the spectacular city storefronts

* Too cute: How a sheep wearing a Christmas sweater was reunited with his family.

* And finally, 13 smooshy cats on glass!!

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Trend Watch: Sequins

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Trend watch sequins
Photo Courtesy of ELLE: 1, 2, 3

Welcome to CF’s series, Trend Watch. From high fashion to street style, we’re covering all the latest trends, then showing you affordable ways to rock each look. This column is all about making super-trendy pieces work for the average college girl, so if you have a trend you would like to see featured here, leave a comment and let us know!

Every year around this time, women tend to pull every sequined piece they own out of their closets and department stores are filled with sequined clothes and accessories. We fully believe that sequins should not be restricted to holiday and NYE looks, since they can literally light up an everyday outfit.

Sequins can take your look to a whole new level and are so easy to pull off. Scroll down to learn how to add some fab sparkle into your look with these three sequined outfits:

Glittery Casual

Sequin skirt outfit
Blouse, Skirt, Tights, Cardigans, Shoes

For a simple yet glamorous outfit, opt for a sequined statement skirt. Pair it with more subtle and comfortable pieces, like this beautiful white blouse and this cashmere cardigan. Add a pair of thick tights to keep you extra warm. Finish the outfit with chic brown oxfords and you’ll have a casual everyday look that’s sure to make you stand out.

Everyday Sequins

Everyday sequin look
Blazer, Jeans, Blouse, Shoes

The second look features an outfit combination you have probably worn a thousand times, with one sparkly upgrade. Start by pairing gray skinny jeans with a basic black blouse, as well as sleek ankle boots. The showstopping element in this ensemble is this sequined gold blazer. It will definitely make you shine!

‘Tis the Season to Be Glittery

Sequin dress outfit
Dress, Clutch, Blazer, Shoes

For the last ensemble, I decided to go for the cliche Christmas/New Year’s look. I chose a pretty silver sequined body-con dress and paired it with a crisp white blazer for extra elegance. This glam look is completed with strappy pumps and a chic box clutch.

Tell Me What You Think:

Which of these three outfits is your favorite? What do you think about sequined clothes? Will you wear them this winter? Remember to tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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3 Glam Holiday Looks that Play with Color

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Glam holiday header

You’re free from school, work, and long walks to class in the elements (for a few weeks, anyway), so experimenting with your look is a fun thing to do over the holidays. It reminds your family, yourself, and your ex from high school just how fab you are.

Color play is a great way to experiment with your look. For these party-ready outfits, I picked out unique pieces in the same color family, then accessorized with bags and jewelry in fun hues.

Flirty Fuchsia

Glam holiday look black pink
Product Info: Skirt, Top, Shoes, Bag, Necklace

The accessories in this outfit take it from safe (albeit very cute!) and neutral to bright and punchy. Those heels are all personality in bright fuchsia with glitzy gold detailing. A kitschy cupcake bag and coin necklace keep the look pulled together with matching colors, but show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. And look hot doing it.

I love the silhouette of a full midi skirt and snug crop top. The waist is one of the most flattering parts of a woman’s body, and I love to see girls rock it! Keep the skirt modest and high-waisted and avoid bearing cleavage, and this look works for even a family affair.

Midnight Champagne

Glam holiday look blue gold
Product Info: Skirt, Top, Shoes, Earrings, Bag

Three words for you: pop, bubble, fizz. Red and green can have their day on holiday sweaters – my all time favorite color combo for the holidays is midnight blue and champagne. Barely there sandals, a sleek clutch, and long diamante earrings are über-sophisticated and stylish. An of-the-moment phrase clutch adds a peek of personality.

Embrace the midriff in a boxy top paired with a flowing pleated skirt for an appropriate but still party-ready ensemble. Want to add more bling? This would be the perfect outfit to try out a delicate gold body chain.

Silver and Red

Glam holiday look silver red
Product Info: Skirt, Top, Shoes, Bag, Earrings

This outfit is a bit more relaxed than the others, without sacrificing any of the “wow”-ing style factors. Cuffed ankle booties are a great transitional accessory, and bejeweled silver earrings are worth having for any special occasion. My favorite find for this look has to be this Kate Spade clutch (on sale, what what).

Burgundy and gray is a demure color scheme, but sparkly earrings, a jeweled top, and a bright, striped pop of pink and red are all so fun and unexpected. It really elevates the look to something you could wear to a friend gift-exchange or a dinner date. Not with your high school ex, but maybe Santa. Or… an elf. Do people date over the holidays? Wear this and let me know how it goes.

What do you think?

I love it when people dress up for the holidays – it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. What do you wear when it’s party time? Will you be trying out any of these color combinations or silhouettes? Let me know below, and happy shopping!

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