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Hautelinks: Week of 9/18/14

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* In case you didn’t know, Vogue has been doing an awesome all-in-one-take interview series called 73 Questions. Their latest interview subject? Anna Wintour herself.

* From xoVain, 3 Ways to Style Short Hair So It Isn’t All Up in Your Face.

* With London Fashion Week now over, ELLE breaks down the wacky trends you might have missed from LFW.

* Speaking of Fashion Month, imagine wearing the same, simple outfit every day of Fashion Week — one brave soul tries it out!

* While we’re talking, weird fashion week outfits, it’s hard to beat this guy’s Waldo costume.

* ’90s kids, get excited: Coca-Cola is bringing back Surge!

* Bookmark for the weekend: 11 Fashion Documentaries to Watch on Netflix.

* Speaking of which, here are 8 healthy exercises you can do while watching Netflix.

* Great idea for college students: How to Power Nap for All-Day Energy, via HuffPo.

* <3 <3 17 Things That Happen When You’ve Been Friends with Someone Forever, via Thought Catalog.

* LOL: Why Starbucks never gets your name right.

* Hypable has a list of some of J.K. Rowling’s most AMAZING twitter moments.

* If College Freshmen Were Honest on Move-In Day. Haha!

* Memories! Refinery 29 shares the very first outfit pics taken by your favorite fashion bloggers.

* Also from Refinery, the broke girl’s guide to fall makeup.

* Inspiring Quotes for All Women from Women of Color, via HelloGiggles.

* Also from HelloGiggles, the single life in pop culture vs real life. Haha!

* One more from HelloGiggles: What Jess from New Girl Taught Us About Friendship.

* First, for Hills fans who have been waiting with baited breath for Lauren Conrad’s wedding (The dress! The flowers! The anticipation!), here is the official post from her website on the event. The site says that more details are coming soon – we can’t wait!

* Really sweet: This Artist Turns Her 2-Year-Old’s Doodles Into Gorgeous Paintings.

* Aaah, speaking of sweet: Dad and Daughter Dance to “Shake It Off”. Too much cute!

* More cute kids: These youngsters took the cake at NYFW.

* Dear bargain lovers, thanks to an app you can now scan an object’s barcode and see a list of stores that offer it for cheaper. (Let us know if you’ve tried it!)

* DIY alert: Studs & Pearls shows you how to give any shirt a glam update.

* Quiz: Which fashion job is right for you? We’ll gladly take Meryl Streep’s job in the Devil Wears Prada… that’s all.

* If school has you stressed, here are 2 sites to help: First, “Do Nothing for Two Minutes” will force you to relax with a fun challenge. Second, will give you a break for your specified time period, featuring calming sounds of your choice. (Takes a minute to load, but worth it!)

* From Bustle, the 9 ways Lisa Simpson is a feminist icon.

* Hmm, we just discovered (and are fascinated by) The Listserve: You sign up via email and every day a person is chosen at random via “email lottery” to address the other subscribers.

* Warning, this may make you cry (but it’s very worth clicking): Mothers Shave Heads to Aid Childrens’ Cancer Care.

* Woah, the human brain is so amazing: Man Wakes Up From Coma, Can Speak Mandarin.

* And finally… dogs in a photo booth!

* Okay, one more: Stoats are the CUTEST! Possibly EVER.

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Fashion Inspiration: Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”


Taylor swift shake it off ballerinas
Photo Credit: Screenshot

Taylor Swift is back on the scene with brand new music, and this time she’s… completely pop?! “Shake It Off” is the first single from T-Swift’s upcoming studio album “1989.” Not only is the album coming out this fall (October 27th, to be exact), but it will also be her “first documented, official pop album.” The single is light, upbeat, carries a great message, and it’s hard to resist shaking along to the beat!

In the music video, Taylor is endearingly awkward as she tries to move along with professional dancers – obviously being the odd one out, but still having fun. From ballerinas to a twerk team, the various dance groups get to show off their impressive skills, and some fans even get to shake it with Taylor. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out below:

The elaborate costumes and uniforms seen throughout the video serve as fantastic sources of fashion inspiration. Below, I’ve created four outfits inspired by the song and music video for “Shake it Off.” Scroll down to see them!

Never Miss a Beat

Shake it off hip hop
Product Information: Top, Pants, JacketShoes, Hat

In one of her first outfits, Taylor tries an old school hip-hop/break-dancer look on for size. Although the outfit is based on an older style, the individual pieces featured in the video are very current and wearable.

You can get this cool look with trendy faux leather pants, a varsity-style jacket, and a graphic tee. Some sneakers, like these black ones that are similar to Taylor’s, and a matching hat complete the ensemble (minus the boombox, of course).

Lightning on My Feet

Shake it off ballerina
Product Information: TopSkirt, Shoes, Headband, Lipstick, Mascara

Because this outfit is inspired by the dainty ballerinas, these white ballet flats with lace and bow details are a no-brainer. Pair them with an embroidered white skirt and embellished top to achieve the graceful and effortless vibe of a ballerina without having to sport a full-on tutu.

For most people, casually wearing a tiara is not a realistic option, so a sparkly rhinestone headband is a chic alternative. Neutral-pink lips and dark flirty eyelashes polish off this elegant look.

Dancing on My Own

Shake it off all black
Product Information: Top, PantsShoes, Bag, Lipstick, Nail Polish

Whether or not Taylor gathered direct inspiration from Audrey Hepburn’s Funny Face outfit, this all black look is truly classic. She wears a very simple silhouette consisting of skinny pants, a 3/4-sleeve top, and pointed flats as she jams with the backup band.

Taylor’s signature red lipstick comes into play, along with some dark gold nail polish. As an added bonus, a cute red handbag fits the ensemble perfectly and incorporates another pop of color.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Shake it off cheerleader outfit
Product Information: Top, Skirt, Shoes, Bow, Lipstick

It’s hard to pull off a cheerleader getup without it looking too much like a Halloween costume or like you belong to an actual cheer squad, but when you take away all of the extra stripes and frills you get something very clean and modern.

This stripped-down look consists of a basic white crop top, a royal blue skater skirt, and a pair of white canvas Keds. Once again, Taylor rocks those red lips, as well as some colorful hair bows that match her outfit.

What do you think?

How do you like Taylor’s new single? Are you looking forward to her upcoming album? Would you wear any of these outfits? Which look is your favorite? Would you like to see more posts like this in the future? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sponsored: Class to Party Outfit Ideas with SOREL



One of my favorite college wardrobe staples is a good pair of tall brown boots. With school starting up again, it’s officially boot season – and I’ve been loving my newest pair, courtesy of SOREL. Their boots are bold, beautiful, and luxurious, while still being incredibly functional.


The Slimboot walks the line between stylish and tough. With socks, these boots fit like a dream. Tall, brown boots like these are the easiest thing to wear with just about anything. Plus, they’re waterproof. Can you say dream come true?

Below, I’ll show you how I’m styling these gorgeous boots for outfits that’ll take you from class to a night out in a flash.

1. Indigo Ease


It doesn’t get much easier than a white top and jeans, but to make things more stylish, add pants in a fun fall color and try a white top with interesting details, like crochet and scalloped edges. Stylish, versatile and easy–perfect for early morning classes.

Infinity scarves are a great way to add color, and are perfect if you’re scarf-knot challenged, like yours truly.

2. Crunching Leaves

Black skort tan sweater sorel boots

Since I live life on the edge, I do things like check my groceries out in the self-checkout line, wear un-matching socks, and mix black and brown. I actually prefer tan rather than white on my skin tone, so this color combination has been one of my favorites for looking effortlessly chic.

Asymmetrical skorts transport me to a runway, and they look great with a tall pair of boots.

No matter if your idea of a party is going downtown, crunching leaves on your way to class, or baking snickerdoodles with your sweetheart, this outfit has you covered.

3. Transitional Layers

Blue floral kimono brown sorel boots black tank

Kimonos are a great way to incorporate patterns into a wardrobe. They’re lightweight, making them perfect for the dog days of summer when it’s warm during the day and chilly at night.

Once again, I’m breaking some old-school rules sporting black, brown and navy, but as you can see, the look is both rustic and fall-appropriate. We say, be bold, break the rules, and mix neutrals to your heart’s content.

4. Modern Nature


While we’re talking about patterns, can I say this wild mixture of geometric patterns is gorgeous? Those brass studs make me want to dance with joy.

I paired this skirt with everyone’s favorite shirt, the universal white pocket tee. For a dose of color, I’m wearing a turquoise stone necklace, one of my favorite accessories.

To keep proportions from looking out of place, I recommend wearing taller boots with shorter hems.

Plus! #1Boot3Ways on CF’s Insta!

SOREL boots on campus - College Fashion

Want even more ideas on how to style these awesome SOREL boots? Check out CF’s Instagram account, where I’ll be participating in the #1Boot3Ways challenge and styling these boots in three completely different looks. See you there!

What’s your favorite way to wear boots?

Let us know by leaving a comment below. Thanks to SOREL for the amazing boots and be sure to pick up your own pair! I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by SOREL and the boots were provided for free. The opinions, as always, are our own. For more information, please see our Disclosure page.

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