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Hautelinks: Week of 1/29/15

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Hautelinks - your weekly source for the best of the web

* To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This, via the New York Times. This is so crazy!

* So inspiring: Today is not over yet.

* More inspiration: Awesome quotes from 100 extraordinary women.

* xoVain has an innovative way to apply false lashes – it sounded weird at first but now I want to try it.

* Stressed? These GIFs will fix you up.

* Oooh, love this: What the cheapest stuff at each fashion house looks like, via The Gloss.

* A little inspiration for those wanting to live in a new city: Why I Moved to California 3 Times, from City Leaper.

* Too funny — if you’re a really, REALLY big Benedict Cumberbatch fan, you can now get his face printed on leggings.

* Buzzfeed has some interesting facts about how hit songs become hits.

* We should all just take a minute to acknowledge how much Emma Stone is killing awards season fashion so far.

* Speaking of Emmas we love, Emma Watson is slated to star as Belle, making all of our Harry Potter and Disney-loving dreams come true.

* Also princess-related: If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair. Truth!

* The Cut shares the secret behind Lupita Nyong’o’s flawless red lips.

* If any of you are studying abroad in London (or are among our awesome UK readers!), you’ll want to go see this exhibit in May.

* Here’s proof that everyone should be swooning over Eddie Redmayne.

* Refinery 29 discusses mani cam snubs at the SAG Awards. Is the mani cam officially done?

* If you, like us, were slammed with snow this week, here are some cozy recipes to make when it’s snowy and gross outside.

* From ELLE: Snow Day? Spa Day!

* SO freaking excited for this: All-female Ghostbusters reboot cast revealed!

* 17 Signs You Suffer from Resting Sadface, via Buzzfeed.

* Also from Buzzfeed, 21 Struggles Every Talkative Person Knows to Be True.

* With spring break coming up, it’s time to get back to perfecting your beach waves. Yay!

* Glamour has an interesting guide to color meanings and how you can use them in your outfits.

* Our friend Grace at The Stripe (formerly Stripes + Sequins) did a great roundup of cute, non-tacky Valentine’s Day gifts. Send this to your significant other stat!

* Wow, this was eye-opening: Changing ideal body shapes through time.

* Here’s the trailer for a new Netflix series created/written by Tina Fey. This looks really good!

* Holy S#*%, I Interviewed the President, via Medium. (This is a long read, but so, so worth it.)

* Favorite Feminist Books (Video) via Climbthestacks on Youtube.

* * Potential trigger * Wow, this is a long and emotional read but here’s one of the best articles we’ve seen about the UVA case, from a UVA alum.

* On a much, much, infinitely lighter note, xoVain has some cute and creative ways to cover a zit.

* From Huffington Post: How all the seasons of American Horror Story are connected.

* Also from HuffPo, a beautiful story about a 90 year old student in Kenya. Wow. This is awesome.

* So cool! The story of the 10 year old hero who used sign language to help a deaf crash victim.

* The Man Repeller shows you how to reuse a holiday dress for a co-op or internship, or cute for class.

* This Buzzfeed post is super awesome because it combines our two favorite things, fashion and reading, with cute illustrations to boot.

* Will #SmearForSmear become the new ALS ice bucket challenge?

* Admiring eyeshadow palettes from afar is one of our favorite pastimes, and Byrdie hooks it up with some picks for brown eyes.

* The stages of rushing a sorority as told by sloths. This brings out the Kristen Bell in all of us.

* Haha, problems Carrie Bradshaw wouldn’t have to deal with today. Welcome to the future!

* These 10 incredible and little-known travel destinations are going on our bucket lists.

* Need a little motivation for getting to the gym? Thought Catalog has you covered.

* <3 <3 Small cat from Poorly Drawn Lines goes on an adventure.

* And finally, no one show this to my cat. She cannot know how much more luxuriously she could be living…

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Girl About Town: What to Wear on a Fancy Night Out

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Photo: ELLE

When it comes to a night out on the town, there’s always the pressing question of what to wear. Last time, we focused on style ideas for more casual venues, and this time around we’ve rounded up some cute ways to amp up your fashion game when you’re headed out to a dressier occasion.

Keep reading to see what to wear out to a nice restaurant, a cocktail lounge, and a nightclub.

Nice Restaurant

What to wear to a nice restaurant
Product Information: Top, Ponte Pants, Boots, Satchel, Ponytail Holder, Earrings, Eyeshadow Stick

Whether you’re headed out on a romantic dinner date or a fun Restaurant Week meal with your friends, your outfit can make or break the night. I’m being totally serious here, guys. Ever worn an uncomfortably tight dress and had to eschew the last delicious bites of dessert for genuine fear of breaking the zipper? Or spilled soy sauce all over a brand new cream-colored blouse? Or set a billowy sleeve afire with one of those little ambiance-setting tea candles? (Okay, the last one hasn’t happened to me… yet, but you get the point.)

A cute, dark-colored blouse in a washable fabric is super-comfy but looks put-together, especially when paired with sleek over-the-knee riding boots. I’m all for a good pair of leggings or ponte pants, as long as they pass the opaque-even-when-bending-over/no VPL/no camel-toe test. Trust me, it’s a better look than secretly unbuttoning your jeans under the table because you’re too full, and then forgetting to re-button before you stand up.

Complete your look with a structured satchel and trendy ear cuffs. Forget the statement lip (who wants to worry about getting the dreaded lip-ring when you could be focusing on your tasty entree instead?) and go for a smokey eye instead – the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick is pricey, but it’s a worthy investment. I’ve been using mine (in Khaki) every day since I purchased it and it’s fantastic.

Cocktail Lounge

What to wear to a cocktail lounge
Product Information: Blazer, Top, Skirt, Boots, Necklace, Wristlet

Something like a hybrid of an upscale restaurant and a subdued nightclub, the cocktail lounge is a great place to relax and engage in some sort of intellectually stimulating conversation with a mysterious stranger. Or, you know, watch other people do that. I had no idea such places even existed until a friend dragged me to a fancy hotel bar downtown one night. The clientele for cocktail lounges where I live skews a bit older; think more young professional than co-ed.

At first, I was a little intimidated whenever I went to that lounge – everyone seemed so hip and cool! – but it also felt exciting to pretend to be more grown-up than I really felt. And most importantly, it gave me a chance to dress up!

For the cocktail lounge, go for tasteful glamour. Instead of full-on sequins, opt for a shimmery yet conservative pencil skirt. Throw on a simple black blazer and breezy tank, then jazz it up with a pair of killer ankle boots and an elegant pendant. Last but not least, a geometric wristlet looks sophisticated but will keep your hands free.


what to wear to a nightclub
Product Information: Jumpsuit, Heels, Jacket, Clutch, Lipstick, Brow Gel

The ritual of getting ready for a night at the club is half the fun! While the bandage dress, tank and bodycon skirt, and flowy top with jeans outfit formulas are tried-and-true favorites, why not spice up your night with a more unexpected look?

A sleek, well-fitting jumpsuit is sexy and daring without showing too much skin. Plus, a monochromatic jumpsuit visually lengthens your body, making you look taller and slimmer. Just make sure that it fits well: it should skim your body without bunching up at the crotch area. If you prefer keeping your shoulders covered, a lightweight kimono-style jacket or a thin cardigan look cute but won’t make you overheat on the dance floor.

Keep the drama going with your accessories: a pair of cutout heels and a tough knuckle clutch will definitely turn heads! Strong brows are still a hot trend, and you can never go wrong with a vampy red lip.

What did you think?

Would you wear these outfits? What’s your go-to formula for dressing up? Tell me your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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Trend Watch: Art-Inspired Graphic Tops


Header graphic art tops
Photos Courtesy of: 1. Forever 21, 2. Uniqlo, 3. Forever 21

Graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts have always been around; they are the perfect foundation for a casual outfit. There’s the ever popular band tee, as well as tops with typography, cartoons, and cities plastered on them. Been there, done that. We need a new take on the classic graphic wear and this latest trend is so the answer.

Fashionistas who love art, look here! We can now wear artwork created by well-known artists via retail store collaborations. These fashion stores are giving us affordable artwork we can proudly wear in public (versus on our bedroom wall for only us to see). These art-inspired graphic tops give us a new spin and add a little zip to our wardrobes.

Check out the outfits below for some inspiration on how to wear an artist’s graphic top.

Andy Warhol

Warhol Pink Sweatshirt
Product Information: Sweatshirt, Bag, SandalsOveralls

Andy Warhol is one of the most iconic artists of our time with instantaneously recognizable works of art. Pair this hot pink sweatshirt underneath overalls for a comfortable, on-trend look. Wear one of the straps of the overalls off the shoulder so the graphic on the sweatshirt can be displayed. Go bananas (literally) as you carry your books in this fun Andy Warhol tote bag.

Julian Opie

Julian opie tank top look
Product Information: Tank Top, Boots, Jeans, Faux Fur Coat, Bracelet, Heels

The neutral colors in this outfit will have you thinking about spring. Pair this simple yet cool Julian Opie tank with light denim for a fresh and edgy ensemble. Add a faux fur coat and boots to head to class, then switch into black pumps for a day-to-night look.

Keith Haring

Keith Haring Crop Top
Product Information: Coat, Bag, Crop Top, EarringsJeans, Shoes

This outfit packs a punch with Keith Haring’s bold print and a vibrant red backpack. Stand out on your way to class by pairing this distinct crop top with slouchy denim and slip-ons. It’s an effortlessly stylish look that’s sure to turn heads.

Let me know your thoughts!

What do you think about this unique trend? Do you have an artist that you’d love to see a collaboration with? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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