New Year’s Eve Outfit Inspiration for Every Dress Code

Celebrate the end of 2020 (finally!!) in serious style.

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This post will show you some cute new year’s eve outfits for every dress code.

Merry Christmas to those of you celebrate this day and to those who don’t, happy Friday!

We’re less than one week away from the end of 2020, which means it’ll be over in what will feel like a month. And while we can only dream the seven plagues will stay behind in 2020, we still have reasons to celebrate.

More than ever, we should celebrate making it to another year, and what a year. I’m not a fan of handing out participation awards, but I think making it to 2021 makes us all winners. So, pop a bottle of sparkling and have a good social distanced time with your bubble.

We’re all in different situations, with different protocols in place, so everyone’s New Year’s Eve will look different this year. Just remember that if we want 2021 to go better than 2020, we have to adhere to those rules on New Year’s Eve and beyond.

All of that being said, it can be hard to decide what to wear when most of us won’t be celebrating how we would have hoped to this year. While NYE is the night everyone pulls out their sequins and rhinestones, what if your plans are to have a night in with your family? Or a zoom call with your friends? 

Whatever your plans are, chances to celebrate have been rare in 2020, so no matter the dress code, you should still wear clothes to mark the occasion. From chilling in your couch with a sequin gown to attending a social distanced party with your bubble in shimmery sweatpants, we’ve got you covered.

Tips on What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve outfits: Woman wearing a sequin dress for New Year's Eve

First, let’s get to a few very general tips on dressing for new year’s eve.

Regardless of whether you’re hitting the hottest club (those were the days) or just staying home to watch the ball drop on TV, infuse some sparkle into your New Year’s Eve outfit with these tips and suggestions:

  • When wearing a sequined or sparkly garment, keep your jewelry on the smaller, more minimal side. Unless you’re going for a more-is-more look, understated jewelry will balance your look.
  • Sequins are popular, but try experimenting with other fabrics that shine for a more unique look. For instance, in New Year’s Eve outfit 1 below, we use a velvet matching set and a shiny knit hat for a touch of glam sans-sequins.
  • Try one bright pop of color. In look three below, we pair a bright green dress with a bunch of neutral accessories. If you love color, this is a great way to stand out in your NYE outfit.
  • Take beauty risks. Changing up your usual makeup routine is a must for special nights out on the town. Try false eyelashes for an instant dose of glamor or put on a bold red lip color. It’s especially fun to

Now on to the New Year’s Eve outfits! Here is some outfit inspiration for all your NYE plans:

Cozy New Year’s Eve Outfit

New years eve outfits: Casual look for staying at home with velvet sweatpants and crop top, gold rings, fuzzy slippers, beanie hat

Products: Top, Beanie, Rings, Pants, Slippers

While we’ve all been wearing our money’s worth of our sweatpants over the past few months. It doesn’t mean they can’t look cute, though! This shimmering sweatpants and crop top set will make any casual event super festive and exciting.

Pair the sweats with equally comfy and glittery winter accessories, like this rose gold beanie and these gold slippers. You’ll feel so comfy and have so much fun, you’ll wonder why you ever dressed any other way for a party.

Rock 2020’s monochrome trend with your whole outfit by following one color tone like this shimmery gold to rose to chocolate look. Finish this NYE outfit off with some rings for an effortless cool vibe.

Casual New Year’s Eve Outfit

Crop tops and leggings are so freshman year 2018. The new casual has some new must haves. First, combat boots, because if they can handle combat, they might just handle New Year’s Eve celebrations. Second, straight white jeans, which are cute and classy, while still giving the edgy look you want.

Pair these basics with a sequin top to keep with the festive spirit, like this cute lace light blue one. Match the look with silver jewelry that brings out the sparkles in your top.

Don’t forget a comfy coat if you’re planning on being outside in the winter.

Casual Chic NYE Outfit

Casual chic new years eve outfit: Wide leg grey pants, white boots, sequin puff sleeve top, white crossbody bag

Products: Bag, Top, Pants, Earrings, Necklaces, Boots

Casual chic is the only way I go anywhere, to Walmart or to meet the Queen. Casual chic is never wrong. Why? Because you’re never overdressed nor underdressed.

For this casual chic New Year’s eve outfit, first, you need a little shimmer. This princess-inspired pink sequin top is the perfect item for NYE. Also, it’s very on trend for 2020, with puffy sleeves and a bustier neckline. Pair it with even more glitter, namely these low-key shimmery pants. 

Finish off your look with these ’70s meets western-inspired boots that have 2020 written all over them in the best way possible.

Chic NYE Outfit

Chic New Year's eve outfit for 2020: Green glitter sequin dress, white patterned tights, black ankle boots, embellished purse, glitter earrings

Products: Dress, Earrings, Tights, Boots, Bag

This dress almost makes me want to be overdressed for my at-home NYE celebrations. If you’re having a fancy social distanced event or party in your bubble, this is the way to go. 

With a sequin turquoise dress like this, you don’t want any coat getting in the way of you shining through the night, so keep yourself warm everywhere else. Some white tights will keep you cozy and will add an extra stylish vibe to your look. 

Finish off your look with western inspired accessories to remember 2020 in the best way possible. I love this contoured bag and the cowboy boots.

Whether your plans are casual, or chic, or casual chic, one of these outfits will get you there looking great. Even if you’re going to a super chill cozy NYE event, don’t forget to wear clothes that make you feel like celebrating.

Also, please remember to stay safe. Follow the rules wherever you are, so we have more reasons to celebrate. We’re almost there, and let’s be real, this is the longest countdown to NYE ever. 

What does your New Year’s eve outfit look like this year?

Which is your favorite outfit? What dress code is your NYE event? Be honest, how many sequin items do you have in your outfit?

28 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Outfit Inspiration for Every Dress Code”

  1. Does anyone think that a metallic purple ruffle top with black skinny dress pants and laced front high heals would be formal enough for a big party? I will also wear a basic purple bracelet. I have red wavy hair so will not do much there maybe a small braid in front on one side….will this be okay you think? havn’t been to a new years party since….15 years. HELP!!!!

  2. My New Years Eve plans aren’t set yet but I will probably wear black skinny jeans with a strapless black top I own. It’s satin on top and has a thick band of sequins underneath the bust. Under the best is a layer of tulle on top of the satin. Tulle is VERY me (I blame the years of ballet training!). I got it from Express about two years ago and have yet to wear it. I’m thinking NYE might as well be the day since black and sequins are very NYE apparel. I have a hot pair of silver pumps from Steve Madden but would that look stupid – black on black with silver pumps? Or I could wear regular dark wash jeans with the top and black pumps that have a subtle texture and sparkle. Ahh decisions, decisions…

  3. wow, good choices for NYE outfits ideas! 🙂
    my plan to to wear is glam tan short dress (from forever 21) with boyfriend blazer (from gap) along with black tights and rocker boots to give a bit more girlish with little rock vibe. 😉
    for that day, i’m going to out to celebrate with my close friends in milwaukee, wisc. and the boy I actually like is going to show up… as you can see why I’m wearing dress. haha.

  4. 🙁
    I just don’t know what to wear as I will start NYE with a dinner with the girls at a friend’s house which will be very very warm and cozy, and afterwards we will party in a barn. (Yes, I’m really from the country – my friends have farms with cows and we go to school by tractor – just kidding, we only do it sometimes 😛 )
    At this barn it will be unbelievabely cold, so I have to wear skinny jeans, boots, a party top and thousands of layers….. -.-
    I wish we would stay at a friend’s house…..
    Prospero ano y felicidad a todos! 🙂

  5. I totally agree with wearing an outfit that stands out! Mostly everyone else will be wearing black or glittery/shiny stuff, so a deep, royal color would definitely draw more eyes….which is always good when the countdown begins and it’s time to find a certain hottie!

  6. I love the classic LBD idea, I always went a lot more overboard with sequins and feathers on NYE but dressing it down in a girly LBD sounds really good this year! Pairing a short LBD with a pair of high rocker boots is also a great idea, especially here where it will be snowing.

  7. i have a short tiger dress from bebe and im wearing it with either black patent pumps or some rocker booties. Which shoes would you go with? Is it totally inappropriate to not wear black tights? honestly! I hate tights and I think they look weird on me but it is NYE and if i should have them on someone please tell me!!

  8. i am going to atlanta to watch the peach drop (hey, that’s just how we do!) but i’m not sure if i should dress up or just go dressy casual… i’ll be outside for a couple of hours, and it’s cold and rainy, but i’d hate to go looking too shabby (esp since i’m going with a bunch of guys!). suggestions????

    and to julie- i think that sounds cute, especially if you added some great earings! it all depends on whether or not it would bother you to be wearing pants while surrounded by people who may mostly be in skirts or dresses, though. be brave! 🙂

  9. i love the 2nd, 3rd and 5th ideas.
    for NYE i was going to wear this short, A-line, kelly green dress. it has emerald green satin on the neck and straps. i was going to wear it with black or silver pumps. Maybe i should ad black opaque tights!
    i like the top in the 2nd idea….i have a similar one in neon green(i could go 4 that 2)
    i must be the only chick without an LBD…….all my dresses are solid coloured.
    btw i LOVE the sequined tights!!!!!!(i want)


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