What to Wear on New Year's Eve

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The last day of 2008 is tomorrow (or if you're not in the US, it might be today), and that means new years parties, champagne popping and plenty of people to kiss at midnight. But what should you wear?

Here are some New Year's Eve outfit ideas. Ring in 2009 in style!

NYE Outfit #1

This one's a classic new years eve party look - a pretty dress with lots of silver accessories. This outfit would work as-is if you live somewhere warm, but you could always add tights and a jacket if it's cold where you live!

New Years Eve Outfit


Product Information: Earrings - $3.80 at Forever 21, Bracelet - $5.80 at Forever 21, Dress - $42.80 at Forever 21, Lela Rose Clutch - $14 at Payless, Patricia Field Shoes - $21 at Payless

NYE Outfit #2

This one's a little more casual than the first, perfect for a laid back night at a friend's. Of course, the heels make it a little more dressy, but you could always switch those for flats to dress down. Layer up a charm bracelet and enamel bangle and add a shiny gold necklace for some sparkle.

New Years Eve Outfit 2


Product Information: Bracelets - $6.50 and $5 at Charlotte Russe, Heels, Necklace, Blazer, and Bag - H&M, Tank - $12 at Topshop, Jeans - $68 at Charlotte Russe

NYE Outfit #3

This outfit is so much fun - it would be perfect for a club or night at the bars. A pair of dark wash skinnies works well with a ruffled pink tank and high heeled ankle booties. My favorite part of this outfit has to be the lip-shaped glitter purse - it's totally ridiculous in the best possible way. A lip-shaped bag? Perfect for NYE!

What to wear on New Years Eve


Product Information: Glitter Lips Bag - $36 at Topshop, Top & Bracelet - H&M, Earrings - $6 at Wet Seal, Ankle Booties - $30 at Forever 21

NYE Outfit #4

A super-trendy outfit that incorporates some of this winter's hottest styles. Let's see, patterned tights? Check. Gladiator heels? Check. Purple? Yup. Layered necklaces? A tulip skirt? Plaid? You can't get more on-trend than this look. I can definitely see myself wearing something like this. What about you?

Outfit idea for New Years Eve


Product Information: Dress - $90 at Topshop, Tights - $6.80 at Forever 21, Necklace - $10 at Wet Seal, Ring - $6.80 at Forever 21, Lela Rose Clutch - $22.99 at Payless, Gladiator-style heels - $18.99 at GoJane

What are you going to wear?

This year I'm not doing anything too fancy for NYE, so I'm probably just going to wear a pair of skinny jeans, some cute shoes, and a sparkly top. Finish that all off with a chain-strap bag, vintage leather jacket and my favorite new year's accessory of all - a cute boy to kiss at midnight!

What about you? What are you doing this NYE? What will you be wearing? I want to hear your plans and of course your outfit ideas!

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