What to Wear in Nashville – Outfit Guide & Style Tips

Find your inner cowgirl with a trip to Music City.

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This post will show you what to wear in Nashville, with cute Nashville outfits and packing tips.

I’ll confess. I’m a convert. After my pilgrimage to Music City earlier this year, I became a country music fan. And I’m not even embarrassed. I’m likely one of the few non-Americans who is a fan of country music, me and Keith Urban.

And honestly, perhaps it wasn’t the music itself, but the city of Nashville that made me fall in love with country music. If you’ve never been to Nashville, this is your sign to go! And if you hate country music, don’t worry, they’ll change your mind.

While Vegas and Miami get all the recognition for being party cities that attract college students year-round, Nashville is the most eccentric of them all. Nashville has such a distinct personality due to its country roots, and it makes the fashion around town to die for.

It almost feels like everyone is dressed up in a costume, you can be as eclectic as you’d like, and people won’t bat an eye. In that way, it’s like New York with cowboy hats.

And there’s so much to do outside of bar hopping on Broadway. You can try Nashville’s world-famous spicy fried chicken (be warned it is spicy), you can visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, or you can even go on a tractor ride.

My favorite destination? The Taco Bell is close to Broadway because even they had a country artist playing inside their venue! While you may think you’d rather hear your favorite songs played by the original artist, Nashville attracts the best music has to offer from around the country, so don’t be worried about the quality.

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What to Wear in Nashville – Quick Tips on What to Pack

With all these places to go, it also means there are a lot of outfits to plan before you go.

The first thing I’ll say, especially if you’re going out at night on Broadway, is to opt for comfort. And that means two things: comfortable shoes and summer clothes because it gets HOT.

Otherwise, here are a few fashion must-haves for your trip to Nashville:

  • Fringe: The haute couture of country living, fringe is exaggerated, it’s fun, and it’s edgy. It’s the Rockstar accessory you need for your visit to Music City.
  • Cowboy hats and boots: Don’t you dare show up at the airport in Nashville without cowboy boots on your feet and a cowboy hat on your head. Just kidding, wait and buy a discounted pair at one of the many boot stores in Nashville.
  • Rhinestones: What to wear in Nashville? Go for everything sparkly. No music star is a star without some bling. I’m pretty sure Dolly Parton would endorse that.
  • Pops of bold color: Nashville’s motto might as well go big or go home, or maybe that was just my friend group’s motto. Don’t be scared to stand out, this is your main character moment.
  • Farm animal print: I’m a big endorser of all kinds of animal print, but when it comes to Nashville you’ve got to get local. Would you find a zebra or a leopard in Tennessee? Probably not, but you will find cows. It’s a great thing cow print is in style now!

What to Wear in Nashville: Outfit Ideas

Now that you’ve got the basics down for what to wear in Nashville, it’s time to get some Nashville outfit inspiration for the trip that you better have been planning out through several open tabs.

Outfit 1: Night Out on Broadway

Outfit idea for Nashville: Denim shorts, pink gingham crop top, white cowboy boots, white studded belt, white cowboy hat, silver star necklace and earrings


The main reason people go to Nashville? Broadway. And rightly so. If you’re looking for a place to listen to live music, meet cool people and just have the time of your life with your friends, go to Broadway.

Your outfit for going out on Broadway has to be summer-ready because it gets crowded and hot in those venues, so denim shorts and a gingham top are perfect for the hot weather and country vibe. But you’ve got to get decked out with some shiny accessories: add a rhinestone belt and star-studded jewelry.

And of course, who can forget a cowboy hat and cowboy boots? Now you’re ready to hop on the mechanical bull for the ride of your life.

Outfit 2: Exploring Nashville

Nashville outfit for daytime: Suede fringe jacket, pink floral print mini dress, brown croissant pouch clutch, brown cowboy boots, gold jewelry


You should definitely dedicate a day to going to a spicy fried chicken restaurant with some live music. The atmosphere is great, the food is amazing, and it lets you see a bit more of Nashville.

A cute slip floral dress with cowboy boots has the perfect late 2000s Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood vibe we’re bringing back right now. Tan and brown accessories and some gold jewelry are the perfect pieces to complement the 2022 bohemian girl look.

Outfit 3: Tractor Tour

What to wear in Nashville: Outfit idea with orange cutout mini dress, black fringe leather jacket, black cowboy boots, black cowboy hat, blue square earrings, and stacked bracelets


Looking for a main character moment? Book a tractor ride with your friends. Honestly, this was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. You get a tour of the city on top of a tractor playing music with your closest friends. And trust me, the onboard entertainment cannot be missed.

Mix 2022 trends with country fashion for this look. First, grab the Cult Gaia-inspired dress in a bold color perfect for Nashville, then add some staple country accessories, namely fringe, cowboy hat, and boots.

Outfit 4: Music City Tour

Nashville outfit idea: Cow print flare pants, oversized band tee, white cowboy hat, red lipstick, white patent leather envelope clutch, pink hoop earrings, maroon leather boots


Despite it being a Country mecca, there’s something very rock and roll about Nashville. To be honest, that’s definitely the area where my Nashville style resides. The mix of edgy clothes with country fashion makes for some pretty eccentric looks.

Style a band t-shirt with animal print bottoms, like these cow print pants! Match with boots that may not be cowboy boots but come in a horseback riding boot color which is close enough. Finish off your look with a cowboy hat for country fashion and some pink accessories for rock and roll fashion.

Get as creative as you want when it comes to mixing and matching in Nashville!

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Nashville is a destination that can’t be missed, it’s a gem, a pocket of country culture with a very tolerant and accepting culture that makes for a great trip. Take your closest friends and spend your next weekend having the time of your life.

Especially now since Taylor Swift, the icon who had me listening to country music before I even liked country, is re-releasing her old songs.

Where would you most like to go in Nashville?

What’s your favorite Nashville outfit? So, when’s your trip? Let us know

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