Biker Shorts Outfit Ideas – Styling Tips for the Perfect Look

Here are the best outfit ideas for biker shorts!

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Biker shorts from princess polly with a mini bag and oversized blue sweatshirt
Princess Polly

If you have been following fashion in the last few years, you know that biker shorts are insanely popular. A few years ago biker shorts became the new go-to clothing item for casual outfits and now they’re simply a summer essential.

Far from just an athleisure staple, these days, biker shorts can be worn with anything!

Beyond its versatility, there is so much to love about this trend. Not only are biker shorts comfortable, but also nowadays you can get them in any color or design imaginable.

Even though my personal favorite is the classic all-black biker short, I also like to mix it up with some cute pink biker shorts from time to time.

If you have never worn biker shorts before or are looking for new ways to style your outfits with biker shorts, this post will show you 15 ideas for what to wear with biker shorts this year. Read on to check them out!

What to Wear with Biker Shorts: 15 Biker Shorts Outfit Ideas

1. With a Flannel Shirt

Biker shorts from prettylittlething styled with a white tee and oversized flannel
Outfit via PrettyLittleThing

A common favorite in fashion right now is the oversized button-down shirt. This is a trendy fashion item that will also look good with some biker shorts!

So, if you are considering how to style your biker shorts, purchase an oversized flannel shirt like this cute green one to wear over the top of a bike shorts and tee combo. I love flannel because it can be worn all year round and adds color and pattern to your outfit.

2. With an Oversized Sweatshirt

What to wear with biker shorts: Oversized sweatshirt and bike shorts outfit from princess polly
Outfit via Princess Polly

My favorite thing to wear with my biker shorts is an oversized sweatshirt! Not only do oversized sweatshirts look adorable with biker shorts, but they’re so comfortable. You will be reaching for this outfit combination all the time.

If you are looking for the perfect oversized sweatshirt to pair with your biker shorts, I recommend going for one with a cute graphic on the front, like this yacht club oversized sweatshirt.

3. With a Trendy Scarf Top

Scarf top from princess polly paired with black bike shorts and heels
Outfit via Princess Polly

Here’s another way I wear my biker shorts in the summer months, and it’s perfect for dressy events. Just wear your biker shorts with a scarf top!

Scarf tops are another popular fashion trend, so pairing them with biker shorts will make you look fashionable. Add of-the-moment high heeled flip flops to incorporate three summer trends in one outfit.

4. As part of a Matching Set

Matching set from princess polly in light blue
Outfit via Princess Polly

Of course, you have probably also seen this popular trend, which is the matching set with biker shorts. I love matching sets because they give you an effortless outfit while also making you look like you have your life together.

Looking for the perfect matching set? You don’t have to spend a lot! Check out this pretty blue matching set from Princess Polly that comes with a crop top and matching biker shorts.

5. With a Halter Top

Halter top from princess polly paired with cobalt blue bike shorts
Outfit via Princess Polly

You may already own a halter top because they are a trendy fashion item right now! But, you may not have thought about pairing yours with some biker shorts, as seen above.

Halter tops and biker shorts are an unexpected pairing, but they look amazing together. This combo is especially perfect for a fun event like a party or get-together with your friends in the summer months.

If you are looking for a cute halter top to wear with your biker shorts, I recommend this halter top, which comes in this pretty (and trendy) ’70s-inspired design.

6. With an Oversized Graphic Tee or Top

Graphic tee from princess polly paired with black bike shorts and a trench
Outfit via Princess Polly

Graphic tees are perpetual fashion favorites, and they go with just about everything in your closet. Naturally, this includes biker shorts!

Anything goes with this look, but I prefer my graphic tees oversized when I pair them with bike shorts. This gives the outfit a relaxed, comfortable, early ’90s-inspired vibe. Layer on your favorite jacket for extra interest!

7. With a Bikini Top

Bikini top from princess polly paired with yellow bike shorts and a bucket hat
Outfit via Princess Polly

One way that you may not have thought to style your biker shorts is with a bikini top. Are you going to the beach or a pool party? If so, you should consider rocking some biker shorts with your bikini top!

This is a new and trendy way to style your beachy looks and is a perfect outfit to add to your summer rotation. (Trust me, once you try it, you’ll love it.) If you want the perfect bikini top to pair with your biker shorts, I love this printed triangle bikini top for a sweet and girly vibe.

8. With a Leather Jacket

Biker shorts from prettylittlething paired with a sweatshirt and leather jacket
Outfit via PrettyLittleThing

If it is chillier where you live, you may be struggling to figure out what to wear with biker shorts that will keep you warm, but also have you looking super trendy.

Don’t worry because I have the perfect outfit for you! All you need is a cute leather jacket like this one and some biker shorts to give you a trendy outfit that will also work in the cooler weather. You could do a million variations on this and they would all look amazing!

9. With a Cropped Tee

Cropped tee from princess polly with patterned biker shorts, sunglasses, and mini bag
Outfit via Princess Polly

These days, almost everyone owns at least one cropped tee. So why not pair yours with some biker shorts this season?

Biker shorts are generally high-waisted, so they’re ideal for pairing with biker shorts if you want a cute outfit that doesn’t show your entire stomach. Add a cute crossbody bag and your favorite summer shades, then finish with trendy dad sandals.

10. With a Muscle Tee

Muscle tee from princess polly with black bike shorts and crossbody bag
Outfit via Princess Polly

I love wearing my biker shorts with muscle tees! The combo is comfortable and effortless, perfect for days when you need to run errands.

Also, if you are going out that evening, you can just add some jewelry and other accessories to make the look perfect for a party or bar. A white muscle-tank like this one is my go-to but you can’t go wrong with any color.

11. With a Workout Top for the Gym

Workout top from urban outfitters
Outfit via Urban Outfitters

Have you been looking for workout clothes, but are not sure what to buy this season? If so, biker shorts are perfect for you!

Biker shorts are very popular at the gym, especially if you pair them with a coordinating workout top like this one.

12. With a Blazer

Biker shorts from prettylittlething
Outfit via PrettyLittleThing

Are you obsessed with blazers? Guess what: They look amazing with biker shorts!

To create a cute outfit using a blazer and biker shorts, I recommend going for an oversized blazer like this one. Wear it over a crop top or tee with your biker shorts for a cute and trendy outfit.

This is one of those cool girl outfit combos that you’ll see all over Instagram and TikTok, and it could not be easier to put together. Once you try it, you’ll be reaching for it all the time.

13. With a Cami Top

Bike shorts and matching cami top from cotton on
Outfit via Cotton On

If you want a super simple but trendy way to style your biker shorts, I recommend just purchasing a cute cami top to wear with your shorts like this one!

You will love this outfit for everyday activities because it is easy to put together and you will also be super comfy.

14. With a Sports Bra

Sports bra from urban outfitters with matching bike shorts
Outfit via Urban Outfitters

If you are looking for another idea for what to wear with biker shorts at the gym, I would consider wearing some cute biker shorts with a sports bra, as seen above.

This will give you a trendy and comfy workout outfit that will keep you super motivated to hit the gym.

15. With a Long Sleeve Top

Long sleeve top from princess polly
Outfit via Princess Polly

If you are looking for a more casual pairing for your biker shorts, you can totally rock them with a cute cardigan or long-sleeve top like this one.

Nowadays, biker shorts can be worn with just about anything, and they will still give you a trendy outfit, so don’t feel like you have to wear something athletic in style to create a cute outfit.

I’m obsessed with this combo: It gives off an effortlessly chic feel that’s perfect for the summer season.

What do you wear with biker shorts?

What will you be wearing with your biker shorts? Which outfit idea are you excited to try?

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