3 DIY Holiday Gift Baskets for Everyone You Love

Take stocking stuffers to the next level and make a DIY gift basket!

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Christmas gift basket with red and green bows and pom poms

Maybe you waited too long to start your holiday shopping and now you aren’t sure whether your gifts will arrive in time. Or you panicked because you didn’t know the perfect gift for that one friend who dabbles in everything. The bottom line is that you need to figure out how to pull a last-minute gift together. And you want this gift to dazzle.

If this is you, consider making a DIY gift basket out of things that you can find in any store! No more frustration because that perfect gift is sold out.

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Here are three gift basket ideas to get you started. You should be able to find all of the components at your local mall or shopping center. Oh, and these aren’t mutually exclusive categories – mix-and-match to fit your friend/roommate/sisters’ unique personality!

The On-the-Go Gal

Gifts for the on-the-go gal

Products: Tumbler – Nordstrom | Face Masks – Sephora | Key Fob – Nordstrom | Charger Wristlet – Macy’s | Planner – Calendars.com

Your super busy friends will appreciate stuff to keep them organized and a little something special to help them relax.

A 2017 planner guarantees they’ll be organized in style this coming year. A key fob is great for making sure that those loose keys and mini cards don’t get lost. I’m obsessed with this wristlet with a built in portable charger, but you can always opt for the standard portable charger, which fits inside any bag. Of course, no on-the-go gal is ready to leave the house without sustenance, which is why a tumbler is perfect. Finally, face masks remind your do-everything friend to take a night off every once in a while.

The “Netflix & Chill”er

Gifts for homebodies

Products: Marquee Letter – Target | Potted Plant – Lou & Grey | Fuzzy Socks – Forever 21 | Candle – Amazon | Novel – Amazon

For your friend who prefers a night in Netflixing with wine, get her space ready with these gifts!

A marquee light is shockingly affordable, and is great for lighting up a dark room. If you know someone with a green thumb, these plants come in a bag and are easy to set up. Plus, there are some other adorable and delicious-smelling varieties. Fuzzy socks are a must if you want to get cozy in the winter, and she’ll need a candle to set the mood. If you know a reader, get them their favorite book in hard copy, or a novel you think they’d enjoy!

The Party Animal

Gifts for the party animal

Products: Flask – Neiman Marcus | Manicure Kit – Lord & Taylor | Necklace – Bauble Bar | Sequin Clutch – Dorothy Perkins | Disposable Camera (similar) – Urban Outfitters

For the girl who loves being social, make her night even more special!

If your giftee is 21-plus, a funny flask is always appreciated, whether it makes it out on the town or not. Manicure kits ensure your friend is looking her best, without spending a ton of cash. Jazz her up with a special statement necklace and a(nother) sequin clutch that can be rotated in and out with outfits. Finally, include a disposable camera for old-school memories that can be displayed forever.

Would you be excited to receive a gift basket?

Which one would you most like to receive? Know of any other stocking stuffers that would be great as part of a gift basket? Let’s talk in the comments!

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