Would You Wear... a Floppy Sun Hat?

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Vanessa Hudgens, Keri Russell and Rachel McAdams wearing big sun hats. Photo Credit: 1, 2, 3

What's the chicest way to protect yourself from the sun this summer? Floppy sun hats, of course! Everyone from celebs to stylish college students and beach-goers have been donning these babies - and we've featured them twice here over the past week. (See our post, Fashion Challenge: Wear a Floppy Sun Hat for tips on styling, and Fabulous Find of the Week: Forever 21 Floppy Hat for outfit ideas!)

It's safe to say that we're totally in love with these summer staples. Not only are they great for keeping your face in the shade, you can't argue with the cute factor they bring to any outfit.

If you're wondering what to wear a wide-brim sun hat with, the answer is: everything! It's difficult to go wrong with a sundress and hat, but one of these can also dress up a casual t-shirt and shorts (like Keri Russell, pictured middle-above). I absolutely love this look, and I know many other college girls who do, too!


More floppy sun hats. Photo Credit: 1, 2

Now you know where I stand, what do you think?

We've talked a lot about these hats over the past few days, but now it's time to share YOUR opinion! Are you a fan of wide-brim, floppy sun hats? Would you wear this trend? Do you think you'd rock the look with a cute sundress or another style? Let us know with a comment!

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