Winter Accessories for College Girls: How to Stay Warm & Cozy on Campus

Make it a Warm Girl Winter with these stylish cold-weather accessories.

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This post will show you the best winter accessories for college girls under $90.

Winter Accessories for College Girls

So long, Hot Girl Summer. Warm Girl Winter is here!

The winter season has arrived, and with it, the cold weather… which isn’t so enjoyable when you have to walk across campus to get to class or your dorm on a daily basis.

That’s why I’ve rounded up over 20 of the best winter accessories for 2024 so that you can stay warm while still looking fashionable this season. Best of all, everything on this list is under $90, so you won’t have to break the bank, either!

Winter accessories are a great way to add trend appeal to your cold-weather outfits while also helping you stay that much warmer. And while it can feel challenging to show off your fashion sense when you’re bundling up for the cold, these on-trend winter accessories will assist you in doing just that.

So, get ready to take on the winter in style with these affordable, cozy, and functional cold-weather accessories that will keep you warm, dry, and looking cute all season long.

Winter Accessories for College Girls

Water-Resistant Backpack

If you are a student, a water-resistant backpack will be your best friend when you inevitably encounter rain, sleet, or snow when heading to class.

Considering you’re carrying important items — like a laptop, iPad, books, papers, etc. — that will be damaged if they get wet, a water-resistant backpack is the best way to keep your things protected (along with an umbrella, of course).

You can’t go wrong with this durable, stylish Fjällräven Kånken water-resistant backpack, which is a classic pick and comes in a bunch of different colors.


A printed knit scarf is a winter accessory that looks as stylish as it is functional. Of course, it will help you retain heat and keep you feeling toasty, but, as we mentioned in our post on how to wear a winter scarf, it can also upgrade your winter outfits.

When you’re all bundled up and wearing a big coat every day during the wintertime, it can feel near impossible to show off your sense of style. But by wearing a cute scarf, like with a houndstooth or plaid print, you’ll be able to add an eye-catching, fashionable element to your cold weather looks.

Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf is basically an even bigger, wider (and therefore, warmer) version of a regular scarf, making it a key cold-weather accessory.

Pick one with a plaid print featuring bold colors for a stylish look that will add character and trend appeal to your winter outfits.

Chunky Oversized Scarf

Take it up a notch with an even bigger, chunkier scarf. This “extra chunky, extra big” scarf is sure to keep you from being cold, thanks to its oversized silhouette and fuzzy fabric. Its long tassels also add a playful touch.

Hooded Scarf

One of the most ingenious winter accessories (IMO) is the hooded scarf. It’s exactly what it sounds like — a scarf with a hood. This one is made with a soft, fleece material and has an extra-wide design to keep you extra warm.

I’m especially into this red hue, which happens to be the hottest color of the season, but it’s available in three other shades, as well.

Beanie Hats

IDK about you, but I live in beanie hats once the temperatures outside start dropping! They are so cozy yet look so cool. They are also amazing for covering up a bad hair day and/or if you are behind on your hair-washing schedule (IYKYK).

Obviously, there are a ton of beanie hats to choose from, but if you’re just starting your beanie hat collection (because, trust me, you can’t ever have enough), I’d suggest opting for a classic ribbed knit beanie in a neutral color to match the majority of your wardrobe. After that, venture into bright colors, fun prints, or cool graphics.

Pom Pom Hat

Another fun beanie hat option? One with a pom pom! These can either be knit poms (like the one above) or poms made with faux fur. Both are equally cute and wintery! I also adore this hat’s cable knit design.

Beret Hat

Channel your inner French girl with a beret hat. This hat gives off classic French girl style — and fun fact, berets did originate in France… back in the 1800s!

A beret will elevate your winter outfits and make you look polished, especially when paired with a long structured coat and some chunky boots.

Sherpa Baseball Hat

If you love wearing baseball hats, this pick is for you. Regular baseball hats don’t quite cut it in the cold, so upgrade yours with one that has a fuzzy sherpa fabrication. It will retain more heat than a cotton or nylon cap and looks adorably teddy-inspired.


We tend to underestimate how brutal the cold can be for our hands… having frozen fingers is not fun! (And makes it difficult to text or do anything on a touchscreen phone).

That’s why everyone could use a pair of gloves during the winter, especially a pair with texting capabilities. These touchscreen-friendly knit gloves will allow you to use your phone or other touchscreen items on campus while keeping your hands warm and providing an anti-slip grip. They also come in a TON of different colors and patterns, giving you plenty of options to pick from.


If you aren’t concerned about using a touchscreen while out in the cold, go for some plush, fleece-lined mittens. Your hands will stay warm and toasty in mittens, especially these, which have a soft fleece lining and feature a hint of cashmere in their knit material.

Ear Muffs

What’s cuter than some faux fur earmuffs?! This adorable cold-weather accessory is a perfect way to keep your ears warm while also showing off your sense of style.

Another bonus? Earmuffs are less likely to mess up your hairstyle the way beanie hats can, so consider wearing these (rather than a hat) on days that you have a hairstyle you want to preserve.

Knit Headband

Similar to earmuffs but with a slightly sportier vibe, a knit headband is another great way to keep your ears warm in the cold.

Whether you wear it to class or on a winter Hot Girl Walk, it will help keep your hair out of your face and it also gives you the ability to wear your hair up (which you can’t do with a hat!).

Warm-Lined Leggings

Every college girl needs some basic black leggings in her wardrobe, but if you go to college anywhere that experiences cold winters, you *also* need some warm-lined leggings. Trust me, these are a game-changer!

These thermal leggings are lined with fleece to keep you extra warm and can be worn on their own with an oversized sweater or sweatshirt or layered underneath looser pants for added warmth when it’s very cold outside. Base layers are crucial if you are heading out in winter weather, and fleece-lined leggings are a great place to start.


If you don’t want to give up skirts and dresses during the winter, tights are going to be a must-have for you. Take it a step further with some thermal tights, which are made specifically for cold weather.

These solid color knitted Heattech tights offer heat retention and heat absorption, and even have deodorizing and odor control features. Best of all, they won’t make you look bulky thanks to their thinly knit design, and feature a high-rise design that will keep your midsection warm, too.

Sherpa Bucket Hat

One of my favorite cold weather trends this season is sherpa bucket hats. These have such a fashion-forward vibe and will transform any outfit — even a laid-back sweat set — into a cool, street-style look.

This faux leather and sherpa bucket hat is an especially great find, as it is reversible, giving you two different looks with one hat.

Faux Fur Hat

Calling all faux fur lovers! Faux fur hats are another major trend for the season, and there’s no denying that these make you look luxe.

This faux fur large bucket hat is made with ultra-plush faux fur for a standout look. The fluffy material will also keep you extra warm and snug.

Detached Hood

A hood can make a huge difference in staying warm while outside in the cold, but of course, not every jacket has one. With a detachable hood, this is no longer an issue!

Turn any coat or jacket into a hooded one with this detachable nylon hood that is lightweight but will keep you that much warmer. This will also come in clutch if it starts raining or snowing while you’re out and about on campus.


A scarf and a hood combined? Sign us up!

A snood is the best of both worlds and a great option you can throw in your school bag and pull out whenever you need it (e.g. when walking to your next class across campus).

The chunky knit material of this snood will help you keep warm and also looks adorable.

Hoodie Balaclava

If you’re not into nylon or knits, try this hoodie balaclava instead. This detached hood will give you the feeling of your favorite cozy hoodie minus the bulk.

It is fleece-lined, has an adjustable drawstring opening, and comes in six different shades, so you’re sure to find a favorite.

Layering Sweater Vest

Designed especially for layering, this cropped layering sweater vest is a stylish way to add warmth to your winter outfits.

With a cropped, loose-fitting design, boxy fit, and distressed look, this soft knit vest is easy to wear over long-sleeve tops, turtlenecks, and even other sweaters (so long as they aren’t super chunky).

Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are one of the most forgotten-about winter accessories, which is why I am here to remind you what a huge difference these can make when you’re out in the cold!

While you can also get rechargeable hand warmers, I tend to forget to recharge them, so I recommend the classic, good ol’ air-activated kind. Stick a pack in your pocket and simply shake them when you are ready to activate the heat.

Do note that they take 15 – 30 minutes to heat up, so you may want to start the activation process before your class ends and you head out into the cold. If you do this in the morning, they may last you the rest of the school day since they stay warm for up to 10 hours!

Warm Socks

Another winter accessory that is often underestimated? Socks. You’d be surprised at how much heat can be lost from your feet, which is why investing in some ultra-warm socks for wintertime is a necessity.

Look for socks that are thermal, wool-blend, and/or insulated — this six-pack of socks is all of the above! They are super thick and designed for the winter; wear them with your boots all season long for maximum warmth.

Knee-High Socks

For an even warmer sock option, try over-the-knee or knee-high socks. Whether you wear them under your jeans or over your leggings, these Merino wool knee-high socks are made for winter days and feature stretch, tension, and arch support; plus, they are naturally moisture-wicking.

If you’re going to be wearing knee-high boots, tall socks are especially a must!

Faux Fur Boot Toppers

Give your winter boots a whole new look with some faux fur boot toppers. These will add warmth to your ankles while also giving your boots a winterized look that is so cute. They are the perfect way to add a little something extra to your outfits this season without breaking the bank!

Leg Warmers

Layering is the key to staying warm during cold seasons — from head to toe. Just like you may wear base layers under your clothing, you can layer up your socks with some thick, scrunchy leg warmers.

These knit leg warmers come in fashion-forward colors like red, ballet pink, and pine green, so they make for a stylish finishing touch to your winter outfits.

Ugg Boot Guard Covers

Want to wear your cozy Ugg boots but are afraid to ruin them in the snow or rain? That’s when silicone boot covers come in handy!

Slip these boot guard covers over your Uggs, and you’ll be able to take on the inclement weather with ease.

What do you think of our winter accessories guide?

Which winter accessories are your favorite? What do you wear to stay warm on campus? Leave a comment and let us know!

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