The Cutest Ways to Wear a Scarf This Winter

Here are the best tips for styling your favorite scarves this winter!

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White Fox Boutique winter scarf
Scarf via White Fox

Scarves are one of my favorite ways to accessorize my winter outfits. You may only think that scarves are used to help keep you warm, but you can also totally use them to take your winter outfits to the next level.

When picking out a winter scarf to go with your outfits, you should consider the scarf’s fabric (there are some different options that I’ll detail below) and how you’ll tie it (I’ll share some ideas for this below, too).

So, if you are interested in the different types of scarves that you can wear this winter and how to style them with your outfits, read on for the details!

Which type of scarf is best for you?

1. Wool

If you are looking to stay extra warm this winter, you may want to consider going for a wool scarf! Wool scarves are the best option to help you keep warm, and they are extra comfy to wear.

With a wool scarf like this plaid one, you will definitely stay warm through the cold while also being super comfy!

2. Cashmere

For those of us looking for something luxurious and super soft, you may be interested in getting a cashmere scarf like this one!

This scarf from Amazon is 100% cashmere, which is super hard to find at a good price point! But this scarf is very affordable at under $20. And you can trust that this scarf will also keep you warm in the winter months as well.

3. Silk

If you are going for a scarf that is a bit lighter, you might want to check out this silk scarf. Silk is a lighter material, so it won’t give you as much warmth as other scarves, such as a wool scarf.

However, this type of scarf will be perfect for those of us who are looking to add something stylish to our looks because you can get a silk scarf in so many different colors and/or patterns!

This type of scarf will also be perfect for those of us who live where it is a bit chillier but not too cold.

4. Cotton

Another scarf that works great for mild winters is a cotton scarf like this one.

Cotton is a good scarf material because it’s breathable yet warm. However, it doesn’t wick moisture the way wool does, so it’s not a great choice for cold and wet conditions.

However, if you live in a milder climate, you’ll love the comfort and affordability of cotton scarves like this one!

Basic Ways to Style Your Scarf

1. Classic Knot

How to Tie a Scarf - Classic Knot

When deciding how to style your scarf, you should know that there are actually many ways that you can do it!

The classic knot is probably the most common type of style you have seen people wear with their scarves.

To tie your scarf this way, you will want to wrap it around your head and then tie it into a tidy knot, as shown in the video. Super simple and super cute.

2. Infinity Loop

10 Ways to Wear an Infinity/ Circle Scarf | Eva Chung

An Infinity loop scarf is another classic scarf style that you may be looking to try this winter.

For those of us who have never seen an infinity loop scarf, it is basically a scarf that goes directly over your head and looks like a circle scarf. But it doesn’t stop there — you can then style the loop into tons of different cute looks.

If you are interested, just check out this video with several different ways that you can get an infinity loop scarf look!

3. French Knot

How To French Knot Your Scarf: Fiber Flux Minute Makes

The French knot is also another type of way to style your scarf in a knot which is pretty popular! The French knot is a little bit more of a complicated style, so you will want to check out this video tutorial to see how to do it.

The French knot style will work perfectly for those of us who want to do a knot look with our scarf but want something a bit more creative than the classic knot.

This one is so chic and gives off those old-money vibes.

4. European Loop

How to Tie a Scarf in the European Loop Style

Another common way of styling a scarf is the European loop. And, if you have not seen this type of style before, it is actually very simple!

To achieve this type of way of styling a scarf, you need to just wrap both sides of the scarf around your neck in one direction and then put the ends through the loop that is created. (See the video for a quick example.)

This will give you a simple but cute way to add something stylish to your winter outfits!

Creative Ways to Style Your Scarf

1. Scarf Bow

How To Tie A Bow Scarf Tutorial

If you are interested in getting creative with your scarf styles, you might want to check out this super cute bow scarf tutorial!

FYI, bows are going to be everywhere in 2024, so this is a perfect scarf style to try right now.

This is one of my favorite ways to add a scarf to any winter outfit to make it look more fun. If you have never tried styling a bow scarf before, I definitely recommend checking out this video tutorial to get the look.

2. Waterfall Scarf

Talbots How To Tie A Scarf: The Waterfall

Another more creative but also easy way to style a scarf is the scarf waterfall look!

With the scarf waterfall look, you will be styling your scarf in a way so that it drapes in the front of your outfit. It has boho vibes and goes great with an edgy sense of style as well.

3. Hooded Scarf

CROCHET: Easy Hooded Scarf With Pockets, Step by Step Tutorial, Crochet Pattern

A hooded scarf is also a creative way for people to style scarves with their outfits! This is a bit more of a fun type of scarf look and it does require a specific hooded scarf style for best results.

This style is great if you just want one piece to double as a scarf and hat — fewer pieces to lose on campus, honestly.

4. Scarf Necklace

How To Tie A Scarf Necklace | Brooks Brothers

Another fun way to add a scarf to your winter outfits is by using it as a necklace! If you have a smaller scarf, or maybe even a silk scarf, this will be a great addition to your winter outfits.

To see exactly how to make a scarf necklace to style with your winter outfits, definitely check out this video tutorial!

5. Blanket Scarf

How to style / tie a blanket scarf

If you need a thicker scarf to keep you warm this winter, you may be curious about styling a blanket scarf!

A blanket scarf is larger, thicker, and comfier than your standard scarf, which makes it perfect for the colder weather. And you can totally style it to look cute with your winter outfits, as shown in this video!

Tips for Styling a Winter Scarf

Scarves photo from Unsplash

1. Find what size/style is best for you

An important part about picking out what scarf to wear this winter is determining what size and style of scarf is best for you.

So, make sure to consider the above examples when picking out your scarf to wear this winter season!

2. Show off your style

What We're Wearing When It's Cold!! ❄️ (Cute Outfits + Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm)

Another thing you will want to consider is how your scarf will look with your outfits. Scarves are essential accessories for winter and they add so much to any look.

So, make sure to find a stylish scarf with some fun colors or patterns to add to your ‘fits.

3. Check the weather

Lastly, make sure that you consider the weather when picking out your scarf this season!

If it is very chilly where you live, you will want to opt for a thicker and warmer scarf, like a wool scarf, to provide optimal insulation from the elements.

However, if the cold weather is not as harsh, you can go for a lighter material like cotton and still feel comfy and cute.

How will you be styling your scarf this winter?

Which type of scarf is your favorite? How do you like to wear your scarves during the wintertime?

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