6 New Years Resolution Ideas (& Actionable Ways to Actually Achieve Them)

So you can finally accomplish those goals this year.

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It’s a new year, and for many of us that means creating New Years resolutions for the coming months. However, these resolutions can sometimes fall to the wayside as the sparkle of the new year eventually fades.

To continue following your new years goals, it can be helpful to have a source of inspiration to help you remember why you made the resolution in the first place.

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To help you stay inspired, I’ve found a variety of DIY and how to videos that correspond with six popular New Years resolutions! Whether you need new years resolution ideas or just creative ways to achieve yours, read on:

1. If You Want to Travel More…

It takes money to travel, so why not DIY a cute box to store your travel funds? This is the perfect place to put your spare change, and you’ll be able to watch as your savings add up!

How to Pack like a Pro | Pack with ME 4 Day Carry-On Trip | Travel Organization Hacks | Miss Louie

Watching packing videos always makes me want to go on a trip! If your goal is to travel more this year, watching packing videos and travel vlogs could be a way to help motivate you to make your travel dreams a reality!

2. If You Want to Spend More Time Being Creative…

Easy Upcycled Wall Art Ideas

DIY gallery walls are perfect for adding some creativity to your dorm room! The ideas are endless, and this is something that you can work on throughout the year.

THRIFT FLIP NO SEW // We turn OLD clothes into NEW!

Thrifting has become a popular creative hobby, and there are so many easy ways to transform your new finds.

3. If You’ve Finally Decided to be More Organized…

2020 Bullet Journal Set Up + January Plan With Me 💫

If you’ve never tried out bullet journaling, the beginning of the year is a great time to start!

Bullet journals require only an empty notebook and some pens. (Here’s how to set one up, step by step.) The great thing about this type of journal is that you can create pages for literally anything. This is a creative way to track your progress as you work towards your goals.

Get organized with dollar store items!!

If your dorm is a mess, try watching some organizational DIYs to get some inspiration to reorganize your space!

4. If Self Care Will Be a Priority This Year…

Meditation For Inner Peace - Yoga With Adriene

College can be stressful, and it’s easy to forget to slow down and simply relax. Fortunately, there are so many meditation videos out there to help you with this anytime and anywhere.


When I think of self care, I think of face masks. But a face mask routine can be unrealistically expensive over time. The solution? DIY your own masks! You’ll be practicing a form of self care while also knowing exactly what you’re putting on your face.

5. If You Want to Up Your Insta Game…

How to ALWAYS Look Good in Photos + Take BOMB INSTAGRAM PICTURES ♡

Improving your Instagram is a popular new years resolution idea here at CF. If you love taking photos but need some new ideas, try watching some videos to get new ideas for poses!

20 CREATIVE PHOTO IDEAS in 300 SECONDS (that you can do at home)

Another way to work towards improving your feed is to get inspiration from existing photos. Find photos with colors or props that you like, and try using them as inspiration for your own unique photos.

6. If You Want to be More Environmentally Friendly…

5 DIY Projects That Will Help You Be More Eco-Friendly

Being eco-friendly is one of the most popular new years resolution ideas. It’s great because there are so many little ways to be more environmentally friendly! Videos like this might even inspire you to come up with your own ideas for a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


Another idea would be to start out focusing on making a particular part of your routine, like your lunch, more eco-friendly. When you’re able to show your personality with a reusable lunch bag, you won’t miss plastic bags!

What are Your New Years Resolutions?

Which of these new years resolution ideas is your favorite? How do you stay inspired to follow your resolutions?

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