The New Classics: 20 Modern Pieces Every Girl Should Own – Part Two

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Editor's Note: This is part 2 of our series, The New Classics - Pieces Every Modern Girl Should Own. If you haven't read part one yet, see: The New Classics: 20 Modern Pieces Every Girl Should Own - Part One, then come back here for the second half!

I couldn't limit my New Classics list to just one post- 10 pieces just isn't enough. So today, I'm continuing my New Classics series with the final 10 modern classics that every girl needs in her wardrobe.

As I stated in Part One, whereas most “wardrobe classics” lists talk about items that have been popular for centuries, this post is about the new era of timeless pieces – OUR classics: the new wardrobe staples for this generation. While of course there will be some overlap with old-school “fashion classics” lists, this list focuses on the next generation of classics, and lists some newer pieces that every modern girl needs to own, as well as a few items that have been in style forever.

Without further ado, here are the final ten pieces...

11. Leather (or Faux Leather) Jacket

Rachel Bilson wearing a black leather jacket over a yellow dress

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I know most of you have probably forgotten about your favorite leather jacket over the past few months. After all, Summer isn't exactly their season. But when Autumn arrives, I know we'll all fall back on this wonderful staple.

Wear your leather (or faux leather) jacket with jeans, dresses, or skirts, buy cropped, long, or detailed styles, rock it in brown, black or grey... it's all good. While the denim jacket seems to go in and out every other season, the leather jacket will always be there to add a rock-chick edge to any look.

12. Floral Dress

Sienna Miller wearing a floral dress with a leather jacket

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Oh, florals, how we love you!! Although florals are often associated with Spring, the perfect little floral dress can be worn all year round - it's fab for winter with tights and ankle boots, layered under a cardigan or worn over a long-sleeved top. Floral dresses are effortlessly girly and available everywhere, meaning they're easy to get and usually super cheap!

13. Shorts

Lo Bosworth from The Hills wearing white shorts

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Perhaps the heading is a little vague, but I think every girl should have a pair of everyday shorts in her wardrobe - any style goes! They can be worn all year round (think tights for winter), and, let's face it: they're a lot more convenient and modesty-protecting than skirts, especially on windy days. There are so many types of shorts out there - from floral shorts to military shorts to high-waisted shorts and denim shorts, there are endless styles to choose from, meaning you're sure to find the right pair to fit your style.

14. Waist-Cinching Belts

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of Sex and The City movie wearing a green dress and black belt

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Again, "waist-cinching belts" is perhaps a pretty general heading, especially as belts have gone from chunky to studded to skinny to super skinny over the last few seasons, but the fact remains- the hourglass shape is timeless and will always be in. So whatever the style, a belt that cinches you in at the waist can make all the difference in any outfit.

15. Statement Scarves

Nicole Richie wearing a red scarf

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Gone are the days when you had to be cold to wear a scarf! As celebs like Nicole Richie have shown us, scarves can be worn all year round and can truly "make" an outfit. As with belts, scarf trends are always changing, but fortunately, scarves can be found so cheaply (have a look in your local vintage shop) that you can easily update your wardrobe for less than the price of your morning coffee!

16. Pearls

Taylor Momsen in Pearls

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No longer reserved just for your Grandma, the old-school pearl necklace is a great way to add an element of class to your outfit. Throw them on over jeans and a t-shirt or rock them with a girly dress and your outfit will instantly look kitschy-cool.

17. Classic (or Not-So-Classic) Blazer

Blake Lively wearing a floral blazer

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Whether you go for a slouchy boyfriend style, a girly floral blazer like Blake Lively's above, or a classic black fitted number, a well-fitting blazer will take you anywhere, and work with everything. Go for a neutral color like black or gray for every day, but don't be afraid of bright colors and prints for fun.

18. The LBD

Kristen Stewart wearing an LBD - little black dress

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As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, although this list is all about modern classics, I did include some old-school staples as well. And honestly, no "wardrobe classics" list would be complete without the LBD. You can literally throw it on with a pair of statement shoes and you're ready to go. The LBD never goes out of style; once you find the right one, you can wear it for life.

19. The Nautical Striped Top

Alexa Chung wearing a nautical striped top

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The nautical striped top is a many splendid thing. It manages to pack a bit more of a punch than your stand PWT, yet still goes with everything and looks perfectly effortless at all times. This little beauty will go under anything and is perfect for layering come winter. When it comes to investing in a nautical striped top, long-sleeved tops are the most classic and wearable, however, you can also rock a striped tank if that's more your style.

20. The Prom Dress

Dannii Minogue wearing a black and white striped dress

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Okay, I don't literally mean a prom dress; instead, I'm referring to any gorgeous little number that makes you stand out and feel fabulous. Your "prom dress" can be a lovely little bandeau that you wear in the daytime or a sexy LBD for evening, whatever makes you feel gorgeous and amazing. My favorite thing about a "prom dress" is that it is usually a stand alone piece- an outfit in itself. Just add your favorite pair of heels, and you're ready to make a statement.

What do you think?

So there you have it- the twenty "modern classic" pieces that I think every girl should own. Of course, this list is not conclusive- depending on your style, budget and tastes, you could find certain items surplus and your favorite pieces missing. As always, this post is meant to inspire you, not tell you what you HAVE to buy. Have fun with it and use it to express your unique sense of style!

So now I want to know your thoughts. Which of my "new classics" do you already own? Which are you planning to buy? What are your wardrobe classics? What pieces do you think every girl should have in her closet? Let us know in the comments!

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