Would You Wear... Fringe Sleeves?

Just try not to get tangled.
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Product Information: Nasty Gal, Tobi, Topshop

Whether it's a jacket embellished with fringe sleeves or a rock n' roll tee with shredded arms, fringe sleeves are the hottest new way to adorn your top. Boho style goes hand-in-hand with summer and the '70s are trending in a major way this year, and this is one of the coolest ways to wear both trends. 

Some fringe styles actually take the place of sleeves (see the dresses above-middle & below-right), which instantly classes up the trend. We can't get enough of this one either way. Classy or concert vibes, fringe sleeves are on our summer must-have list. 


Product Information: ASOS, Shopbop, Forever 21

Totally cool or a tangled mess waiting to happen? 

Would you wear this trend? If so, which style above do you like best? Comment below and let us know! 

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