Looks on Campus: Brandi – Grand Valley State University

We never met any crochet we didn’t like.

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Instant outfit formula: crochet duster + choker + high-waisted jeans. Brandi taught me this trick by showing off her sassy look today.

Vanessa Hudgens is one of Brandi’s biggest style inspirations and it’s easy to see her influence in this look. This free spirit style is festival-ready!

This Grand Valley State University student wears a coral crochet duster vest, a patterned black and gold wrap top, high-waisted skinny jeans, and grey booties.

Brandi 101

Name: Brandi

School: Grand Valley State University

Major: Film and Video  

Year: Graduate 

Hometown: Wyoming, MI

Let’s Talk Fashion

Who or what inspires your style? “Vanessa Hudgens. I love her Instagram account. She has such fun, free vibes that I aspire to have.”

Where do you like to shop? Buckle and Target. I always find the cutest clothes at both of those places.”

How would you describe your sense of style? “One time I had a person tell me they thought I dressed ’80s grunge – which I feel like I used to – but now I would say a hint of boho is in there as well.”

Why did you choose this particular outfit? “Because I thought it flattered me!”

What fashion advice would you give to other students looking to improve their style? “Take risks! Try everything because you [just] might like it.”

What are your favorite trends right now? “Layering with necklaces. Chokers and flannels are also very fun to wear.”

Do you have any favorite fashion designers and if so who? “Not really. I just wear what I like, and feel good in, and what I get inspired by.”

What do you do for fun? “I love being outside. I actually work at Cabela’s right now. I really enjoy hiking and traveling.”

If you could raid anyone’s closet who would it be and why? “I would raid Vanessa Hudgens’s closet. She has the coolest clothes and I would love to wear them. She just has that festival, free spirit look that I admire.”

Elements of Leslie’s Outfit

1. Crochet Duster Vest

Brandi wears a long, coral, crochet duster vest with fringe at the bottom.

If you love to layer but live in a scorching state, crochet duster vests like Brandi’s are a stylish compromise. From jeans to shorts to dresses, they are fun to play around with and look great with nearly everything. Brandi’s coral version has long fringe at the bottom; can anyone say Coachella?

2. High-Waisted Jeans  

Brandi wears high-waisted medium-wash denim jeans cuffed.

The right jean can take any look from simple to chic. High-waisted pants like the ones in Brandi’s pic are remarkably easy to find. This particular pair has a three-button closure and a bit of distressing.

3. Floral Wrap Top

Brandi's black wrap shirt has a gold, blue, and pink paisley pattern.

Finding tops with cute designs can be hard sometimes, but according to Brandi, “Buckle has so many different tops for every occasion that are crazy cute and will look good on anyone!” See, above.

4. Grey Booties

Brandi wears grey heeled booties with zippers.

Even though it’s summer, a pair of booties can still be the right choice! Brandi’s pair are grey with zippers and chunky heels which she shows off by cuffing her jeans. 

5. Mixed Necklaces

This student wears a black stretchy choker necklace and a simple gold moon pendant.

Brandi manages to flawlessly combine a ’90s retro stretchy choker with a gold moon pendant necklace. These two vibes are inherently different, giving her outfit flavor.

Now we want to know what you think!

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