Would You Wear... a Bodysuit?

Spice up summer with a sassy one-piece.
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Product Information: Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21

We have to admit, out of all the hot summer trends, we are really into bodysuits. A bodysuit is a one-piece made from any material. Leotards are more specific in terms of fabric and shape. Bodysuits have similar characteristics, but can be long-sleeve, turtleneck, or made of anything, including silk, spandex, or cotton. 

Yes, they may be difficult when you need to use the restroom, but we say the struggle is worth it. They don't bunch up in weird places and can look ultra-chic, especially during the summer months. When paired with high-waisted denim or a short A-line skirt, this style couldn't look any hotter. 


Product Information: Urban Outfitters, Lulu's, ASOS

What do you think of bodysuits?

Would you rock this trend? Which style above do you like? How would you wear a bodysuit? You have got to leave a comment below, because we really want to know your thoughts on this one!

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