Vampire Diaries Fashion - How to Dress Like Katherine Pierce

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Today, we have another installment of our Vampire Diaries fashion inspiration series. Over the past few weeks, we've showed you how to dress like Elena Gilbert, Caroline Forbes, and Bonnie Bennet, and recreate their styles on a college budget. This week, we'll spotlight Katherine Pierce‘s style.

Katherine's Style

Although she has a striking resemblance to Elena, Katherine definitely has her own style. Katherine opts for looks that reflect her personality - meaning she chooses pieces that are bold, chic and oozing confidence. Her style is definitely a little bit over-the-top sometimes, but you have to hand it to her - she knows how to command attention.

Whether you're a jeans and tank-top girl or have a closet full of stilettos, Katherine's style can offer a little inspiration for everyone.

The Vixen

Opting for form-fitting, barely-there dresses, Katherine is definitely not one to wear heavily printed or ruffled, girly frocks. Her dress style is all about sleek and chic sex appeal, always with an air of mystery.

To get her look, stock up on little black dresses with simple embellishments like lace or ribbon. Add a great pair of pumps and dramatic makeup to capture Katherine's dramatic style.


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The Victorian

Some of the most interesting outfits on Vampire Diaries come from the historical flashbacks. Lacy dresses and lush fabrics are often seen in these flashbacks, and they represent the epitome of Victorian elegance.

Sadly, we can't all wear gowns to class, but there are ways to include a little Victorian inspiration in your day-to-day looks. Look for pieces in light colors like blues and creams, delicate embellishments, and vintage (or vintage-inspired) jewelry to capture the look.


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The Tough Girl

Of all of the characters, Katherine's style is definitely the most scandalous and boundary-pushing. From tight leather pants and motorcycle jackets to sky-high heels, her looks are all about grabbing attention.

If head-to-toe leather isn't quite your style, try black jeans and a simple bright top. Dark skinny jeans are super versatile - you can pair them with booties and a bomber jacket for a night out or with flats and an oxford shirt for a lunch date. Definitely worth the investment!


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Tying it All Together

Katherine's style is all about confidence. Heels, skinny jeans and form-fitting dresses are her go-to pieces for day and night. If those over-the-top looks aren't quite your speed, take some inspiration from her period costumes. Either way, you can't go wrong.

What do you think of Katherine's look? Are these outfits that you'd try or are you a bigger fan of the other characters' styles? I love hearing your feedback each week, be sure to leave a comment!

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