Vampire Diaries Fashion - How to Dress Like Elena Gilbert

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elena from vampire diaries

From all of your comments and emails, it's become pretty obvious that many of you guys are huge fans of the TV show Vampire Diaries, so with the end of the One Tree Hill fashion series, it seemed only fitting to switch gears to another much-requested series. Over the next few weeks, I'll be breaking down fashionable looks inspired by this popular show.

I'm going to kick this series off with Elena, who is really a quintessential student (besides the whole being in love with a vampire thing). She has a great casual style that we can all incorporate into our own wardrobes - read on to learn how!

About Elena's Style

Natural hair and make-up, jeans, sneakers, tanks and t-shirts - Elena's wardrobe is all about casual wardrobe classics that, when put together, perfectly reflect her personality.

She also opts for leather jackets and loves to wear deep hues of purple, green and red. In addition, she pairs most of her looks with a classic pair of black Chuck Taylors. Although the rich colors she wears are meant to mirror the fantasy and mystery of the show, they just also happen to be super flattering.

Bomber Jackets

In only a couple of seasons, Elena has rocked countless different jackets. The majority of her outerwear consists of leather jackets in either bomber or motorcycle style, and in a range of colors, from cream to black. What I love about leather jackets is that they are really versatile and come in a ton of different cuts and colors, each combination with its own unique vibe.

The trick to pulling off a bomber jacket like Elena is to really focus on finding a jacket with a great fit. If it's too long or baggy, you risk looking more like you borrowed your boyfriend's jacket - ideally, you want your jacket to fit like it was custom-made for you.

Also, color is important when it comes to leather (and faux-leather) jackets. If you aren't adventurous enough to invest in a cream-colored style, opt for a piece in basic black - it will go with pretty much everything and the fabric and embellishments of the jacket will be more subtle against a darker backdrop.

bomber jacket

Product Information (Left to Right): Forever 21, ASOS, Charlotte Russe, Charlotte Russe

Deep Colors

Okay, I admit it - I've featured almost every jewel-tone shade at one point or another while writing for CF. And for good reason: Deep colors are go-to favorites for celebrities, designers and TV costume departments (and me!) because they're flattering on almost every skin tone and hair color.

In Elena's case, these luxe colors not only complement her chocolate-brown hair, but they also echo the drama and mood of Vampire Diaries. Although most of her wardrobe consists cotton henleys and camis, a rich color like purple adds an instant touch of warmth to even the most basic pieces - it's the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe.


Product Information: 3/4 Sleeve Henley - Splendid, Ruffle Tank - Delias, 3-Piece Henley Set - Splendid, Purple Tank - Jessica Simpson, V-Neck - American Eagle

Jeans and Converse

The most important element of Elena's wardrobe is definitely her denim collection. She's adventurous, athletic and has a little bit of an unpredictable life, and jeans are the perfect way to balance style and practicality. There was one aspect of her looks that struck me as unique - she's often seen in flared jeans. It seems that skinny fit jeans have become the norm in pop culture and on college campuses, but Elena shows that flared jeans and pants are still trendy and stylish.

While skinny jeans are great for tucking into boots, flared and boot-cut styles work with everything from sandals, to flats, to sneakers - you definitely get your money's worth when you buy a pair!


Product Information: Converse Sneakers - Kohls, Jeans (Left to Right) - Forever 21, Delias, Delias

Elena's Beauty Routine

elena from vampire diaries beauty

Although her beauty routine is pretty simple, there are a few basic tools to use that will really help you capture Elena's look.

  • Stay away from harsh black eye make-up. Instead, opt for chocolate brown eye liner and mascara.
  • Keep the lips simple - clear lip gloss or chapstick with a little bit of a shine is all you need.
  • Use just a little bit of concealer to hide any blemishes or under-eye darkness, but don't go crazy with foundation. Elena is all about the natural look.
  • For a more formal occasion, brush a gold or taupe color eye shadow across your eye lids - no crazy colors!

Tying it All Together

Are you a fan of Vampire Diaries? What do you think of Elena's style? Are you a jeans-and-tee kind of girl or more dressy? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions - be sure to leave a comment!

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