18 Winter Jackets Worn by Real New Yorkers

If they can wear these, so can you!

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Woman wearing a yellow coat and black rounded hat

Hello, fellow fashionistas; I’m baack! For those of you who don’t know, I had the opportunity this December to spend some time in our nation’s fashion capital, New York.

As you may have guessed, it was every fashion lover’s dream trip. Besides watching Hamilton for the first time and getting to wear out my treasured cold-weather boots on the regular (remember, I’m from Florida), I finally got to experience NY street style in person.

Though any aspect of a stylish New Yorker’s wardrobe merits its own fashion article, what really caught my eye was the winter outerwear I spotted on the streets. From Broadway to Brooklyn, the items that I saw cloak the no-doubt equally fabulous street clothes of NY’s finest were edgy, glamorous, and definitely inspired. It was winter apparel at its best.

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So, how can you copy the effortlessly rad winter style of the Big Apple? Keep reading for some under-$100 shopping suggestions guaranteed to elevate your look from big city knockoff to true NYC knockout.

#1: Bomber Jackets

Products: 1 – Forever 21 | 2 – Forever 21 | 3 – Forever 21 | 4 – Nordstrom | 5 – Nordstrom | 6 – Wet Seal

The dictionary definition of sumptuous has to be “an exceptionally satin-y, embroidered bomber jacket.”

If you want to stay in with the fashion crowd, I highly recommend indulging in this trend. What makes this style particularly special—and, in my book, revolutionary—is that the bomber look is equally popular with both guys and gals. So if you’re really vibing with a men’s bomber jacket, like this little ditty here, feel free to wear it out as your own (so long as it fits).

#2: Fur Coats*

Products: 7 – Nordstrom | 8 – Zara | 9 – Amazon | 10 – Amazon | 11 – Forever 21 | 12 – Forever 21

*For the purpose of finding relatively inexpensive shopping options (and for the sake of all cute and fluffy mammals in existence), all items shown above are faux fur.

Quick—if you’ve ever wanted to look like a member of the Russian aristocracy or Empire’s very own Cookie Lyon, here’s your chance! To take your outfit from drab to fab, there’s truly nothing better than a top-notch fur coat. A quarter of the Fifth Avenue shoppers I saw wore these puppies out (disclaimer: not made out of real puppies, I promise), and if you know what’s good, so will you.

#3: Animal Print

Products: 13 –Chico’s | 14 – Missguided | 15 – H&M | 16 – Nordstrom  | 17 – Amazon | 18 – Amazon

This winter, animal prints were all the rage on the NYC streets.

Once restricted to the likes of Fran Drescher (who we love, don’t get us wrong) and woefully out-of-touch grandmas, the animal print trend has only grown stronger within the past couple of years. Blame it on the ’90s comeback or the rise in popularity of animated, animal-centric pictures, but whatever the cause, this look doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Join the trend by investing in an animal print jacket of your own! Make sure that it’s the fiercest one you’ve ever seen, and you’ll be sure to stand out wherever you are—except a jungle, of course. (My personal pick? #15.)

Ready to rock your new winter jacket?

Tell me which piece was your favorite in the comments box.

Or, if you’re still in between two or more jackets or coats, feel free to ask for my two cents on the matter. (I can’t guarantee best results, but I can promise to do my best and try!) And if you have any ideas for my next fashion article, feel free to reach out through my social media @annaburbano or with a simple comment below.

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

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